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Uncategorized Jun 10, 2020

This isn’t just happening in America. This is a Civil Rights movement around the world. 


We popped up to Brisbane this weekend to visit our friends for wine-tasting and light tourism. (COVID restrictions have significantly been lifting in Australia - no one wears masks, nor have they ever, and now, you can eat at restaurants with less than 10 people, as well as host gatherings in your home with ten or fewer people. Only 100 deaths in the total country of 24 million people. They’re doing something right!)


As we were on the train, I heard three kids (I say kids, but they were in their twenties), talking about supporting the protest.


“Protest,” I thought. And that’s when I heard them say they were going to support black lives matter. When we arrived in Brisbane I cannot tell you how pleased I was to experience the vibes of people awakening and standing for black lives matter together. We walked down streets...

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How to Promote Your Business in Tough Times

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2020

Right now with everything going on with the greatest civil rights movement in the history of the US - 50 states standing for justice FOR black lives matter - it feels wrong to promote anything - my business included.


Do I still believe it is your social responsibility to keep selling?   percent.


Do I still believe that it’s essential to our economy to keep our businesses going and growing right now if you have an online-based business? ….Especially now. 10000% yes.


Do I still believe that by growing your business you will be able to make MORE of a difference by being able to donate more to causes to support people of color? Absolutely.


Do I still believe that by growing your business, you will be able to make MORE of a difference by creating an extraordinary, diverse, anti-racist company culture, that teaches, preaches, and lives it’s company’s values of diversity, discovery, and acceptance? YAS! YAS! YAS!


Do I still...

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A Pattern Interrupt for Humanity

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2020

I wish I could say that I had the words these past few weeks. A shift has been needed in the world and in ourselves.


COVID gave us an opportunity to reflect on what’s most important to us. For some, it gave us a chance to align and reconnect with our families. For others, it brought into stark contrast our own escapist tactics and feelings that have been repressed or suppressed, waiting to be released “when the kids graduate.” 


For some, it gave us a swift kick in the pants to pivot, realign our businesses, shift into miraculous overdrive with our productivity and creativity. And my revolutionaries - Meredith, Stuart, Kala - holy moly how proud I am of you for how you have pivoted and adapted your businesses and entire industries!!!


For others, it realigned TF out of us, to what we want, and to what the future holds for us and our industries. Is it even a business you want to be in? Is it even an industry that’s going to be...

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How to Dig Deep When Quitting Just Isn’t an Option

Uncategorized May 26, 2020

Even I have days where I want to quit, where I wonder what's the f*ing point in all this work. 


Where I literally question EVERYTHING and want to choose the easy road, where the questions tickle my mind…


Maybe I could be normal?

Maybe I could just settle for another job, something that I didn't really care about and allow my art and creativity and absolutely love for what I do go to the back burner or go onto simmer?


Maybe I could tone it down and not have such big dreams? 

Maybe I could TRY, desperately, to quiet the voice inside of me that pushes me on to do MORE, have MORE, be MORE?

Because with passion for potential comes PAIN when people don’t recognize that their DREAM IS POSSIBLE. 

When they finally throw in the towel and settle for mediocrity instead of backing themselves on the grounds of certainty, safety, and the construct of “a sure thing”…


When really, let’s be honest,...

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Choose Joy and Give ZERO Trash Trucks About It

Uncategorized May 25, 2020

Declan‘s “trucks” really sounds it’s rhyming f-bomb. Thing is, trash trucks are currently his favorite thing on the planet. Every morning at our place in the Gold Coast we have at least three to six pass-and-collects by our giant floor to ceiling windows...beginning at 6:14 AM. And while the windows provide a world-class surround-sound experience earlier than I would like at that moment (I’m still in my quiet-hours of morning routine + getting stuff done), Declan is ecstatic, enraptured in over-the-moon jubilation over these waste vehicles.


I mean, picture Mick Jagger or Tony Robbins or Lady Gaga style fandom, and that is my son - a garbage truck groupie. 


Unapologetic for his unabashed love of waste receptacle vehicles. 

And the joy he experiences...EVERY. SINGLE. the BEST cup of Decky you could ever have. 

His joy got me thinking…

When did we start corralling our excitement for the little...

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Remove YOU from Your Sales Process

Uncategorized May 20, 2020

You know when you find that movie or that show. You know…that one. The one that you just can’t stop thinking about it. When you’re chatting with your fellow socially distanced mates, the Netflix recommendation just pours out of your mouth amidst thirty “OMG, OMG, you have to watch this!” And, “It’s soo good,” which is appropriately said on repeat because the show just leaves you in awe, inspired, on the edge of your seat, excited for the next one, eager to enjoy it.

Now think about how you promote your products and services. When you talk about it, do you talk about it with the same level of excitement and joy? Does it have the same amount of “OMG’S” and “It’s soooo good!” You have to watch this, do that, buy now, or any other CTA.

Both are buying conversations. Persuasion is persuasion. 

Here’s the thing…


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How to Make a Healthy Business Baby

Uncategorized May 19, 2020

“You’re frustrated.” I could see it in her eyes, as they welled up with tears about to cry. 

She’d done all the visualizing. She’d journaled and future-casted, prayed, entered the astral-plane, dropped into the 5-D. She’d created more vision boards in 1 year than most do in their lifetime. She meditated, constantly, incessantly, daily. She raised her vibe, tapped into the frequency, experienced the Divine. She’d gone through therapy, reiki, sound-healing, trauma counseling, prayer-circles, support groups. She’d taken classes in neuroscience, courses in mindset, courses in Miracles. She’d surrounded herself with quartzes and played Solfeggio Hz frequencies every hour. She’d invested in herself, buying programs, hiring mentors, coaches, doing masterminds. She’d built landing pages, hosted summits, focused on “list” building.

“You’re damn right I’m frustrated…wait, no,...

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The Literary Love Affair: A Creative’s Journey Back to the Quill

Uncategorized May 15, 2020

I’m in love. Before coming to Australia, I felt like something was off like I wasn’t being congruent with who I I was missing something. Ever felt like that?


Like, OMG, I’ve created everything I’ve ever wanted - a business I adore, with a family I absolutely love, an awesome Queen team, able to travel the world, live the #laptoplifetstyle - but....why am I not more motivated to go for more? What’s missing in my life? 

In the past, I’ve gone down the rabbit hole searching for all those answers in all the wrong places - in men, in food, in looking a certain way, in needing validation from other people. All fruitless, meaningless dead ends.

It’s easy to start swinging for the fences, throwing spaghetti against a wall in moments like this. Maybe this thing! Maybe this thing! Oh, shiny! Maybe this!

But it’s never a thing, it’s about WHO YOU BE. 

And if your present self is out of alignment with...

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Applying Pressure to Climb the Pyramid of Creativity

Uncategorized May 14, 2020

Feeling the pressure to perform right now - to do more in your business? To push harder? Does it feel like it’s stretching the walls of what you thought you were capable of?


...But, if we’re being honest, you like it...the pressure. 


When it’s the right amount, it’s a rush to see what you can create, accomplish, and what can flow forward when there are external pressures - time, money, deadlines. 


When an idea penetrates your mind, and it is the pressure that allows for the oh-so-good orgasm of genius to flow from your mind into physical reality.




During physical labor, there is the pressure of contractions, just as there are inevitably contractions throughout creation until what you’ve created is birthed into physical reality. Meaning…


The book is published.

The show is on Netflix.


The offer is...

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Experiencing the Creative, Sexual Energy of Manifestation

Uncategorized May 13, 2020

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t get started because you didn’t have any creative ideas? Have you ever dallied down the dark spiral of feeling uninspired, waiting, hoping, praying, NAY! BEGGING to the gods on high for some spark of inspiration? For some light to shine forth upon you from the heavens showering you with genius? 


Sometimes a light comes on. Sometimes a switch is flicked in the midst of “not doing anything” and a pure stroke of brilliance whacks you like a lightning bolt.


...But more often than not, you gotta sit your butt down do the freaking work.




Sometimes you’re not in the mood, not really inspired to do it, but a kiss here, a touch there, a little flirtation, and once the making out starts, you’re like “Okay, I’m game.” 



And then after,...

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