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Kimberly Spencer is an award-winning high-performance coach and trainer, Amazon best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and the founder of and CEO of Communication Queens, helping visionary leaders transform their self-limiting stories, build their empire, stand out purposefully, and create a body, business, and life that rules.

From her entrepreneurial beginnings at five selling bags of glitter-water to her neighbors, to becoming an award-winning screenwriter, certified Pilates instructor, Miss Congeniality, and having a successful exit as president of an e-commerce company, Kimberly is proof that it's better to make your own mold than to conform to someone else's. With 2X multiple award-nominated top podcasts for her businesses, Crown Yourself and Communication Queen, Kimberly is elevating the conversation for visionary leaders to get their voices heard.

A warrior for human's infinite possibility and an unsinkable optimist, this boy mom of two, is on a quest to revolutionize mindsets from fear to faith so that you stand in your power. Her work has been featured on Netflix, The CW, ESPN, Chicken Soup for the Soul, NPR, Thrive Global, CNBC, and Forbes.

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"Becoming a Warrior for Possibility"

"I had Kimberly on the podcast and she gave exceptional value. Couldn't recommend her highly enough. Not only did she give tons of great information, she also helped me personally. Keep doing what you're doing, Kimberly!"

Thomas Green
Ethical Marketing Service Podcast

"Kimberly is a guest you want to have on your show. She definitely is passionate about what she's doing and loves to share the knowledge that she has accumulated over the years. If you are looking for an awesome guest, look no further."

Rich LaMonica
The Misfitnation Podcast

"Kimberly joined my podcast Bulimia Sucks! She was incredible and is a dynamic, content-rich speaker. Talking about different viewpoints and barriers that people experience was enlightening. I highly recommend you invite Kimberly to be a guest as she will bring spectacular value to your audience."

Kate Hudson Hall
Bulimia Sucks! Podcast

"Wow, what a pleasure it was to have Kimberly on my podcast. She was humble, funny, professional, personal, and inspiring. Would recommend her to anyone."

Victoria Kleinsman
Break Free From Binge Eating Podcast

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Kimberly Spencer

Entrepreneur, Founder, 2X Boy Mom, and Unsinkable Optimist



Crown Yourself LLC

Transforming Subconscious Stories One Leader at a Time


Communication Queens LLC

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