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With more than 120,000 downloads in 45 countries, Kimberly Spencer has interviewed hundreds of conscious leaders and entrepreneurs on this viral, Global  Top 2% Podcast, who are transforming the realm of possibility. Some of our favorites include former Blinkbar CEO, Tirzah Shirai, QVC gem, Lia Valencia Key, and Walk with Sally CEO, Tash Brooks

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Our listeners are the walking transformation stories, the revolutionaries, the visionary leaders who see the world for not just what is present in our current reality, but what is possible. You'll learn how to shift subconscious beliefs, understand your emotional frequency, navigate high-performance decision-making like a Queen, and tap into your Divine purpose through the power of your business.

clarity• confidence • courage • contagious energy
conscious leadership principles + practical action 

"The Crown Yourself podcast is like no other. As a woman who does it all and balances family and business , she is a true inspiration! Her guests tell real stories of how women from all walks of life have turned their ideas into empires. It’s empowering and gives the everyday woman the tips and tools needed to wear the crown and be the queen of any entrepreneurial endeavor."


"Queen of crowns!! Listening to Kimberly is like calling up your best friend who always has your back and reminds you to put back on your crown and carry on with your fabulous self. She offers a wealth of wisdom (some really cool guests!) mixed full-stop permission to be you. Her podcast is guaranteed to give you a boast!"


"Kim’s amazing knowledge & energy to match make listening to Crown Yourself an added bonus to the day!"


"Thank you Kimberly for your uplifting and straightforward truth when it comes to our self-worth. Love how you capture the audience of women especially how you reach out to those who don’t have self-confidence, self-worth, self-love, or even respect for themselves. I also find this to be very inspirational!! 💕 Strong is Beautiful 💕"


"Kimberly Spencer is truly radiant and real as she herself is not afraid to go “there” in her podcast for the benefit of all while keeping the light on for the unlimited possibilities! She promotes a way of life, leadership, entrepreneurship, and business that is refreshing, uplifting, and invigorating as you journey along with her and her guests to arrive at a new level to “crown yourself”! It was a pleasure and honor to be one of her featured guest experts to contribute to this conversation. I eagerly look forward to more of what sparkly Kimberly and her radiant podcast have to offer!"

Jan Hoath

"This podcast is amazing and it has inspired me to do great things! I’m a big fan now and look forward to more of this!!!🤷🏾‍♂️😊"


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I am all about bringing the game-changers, disruptors, and difference-makers, who are choosing to align their pursuits with their purpose, and who show up courageously, aligning all the roles in their life, into one glorious show-stopping story that inspires and uplifts others. 

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