Client celebrations of transformation that make you want to jump up, spin around, high-give, and fist-bump yourself! I am honored to have had the privilege to guide, coach, and mentor so many extraordinary sovereign souls. Let's write your own sovereign success story.

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I can see your dreams achieved, sometimes even before you can. 

Call it my superpower. I have an uncanny (dare, I say "magical") HD Projector ability to see your possibility as soon you speak it into reality. I hold the vision for you, through the challenges, when you walk through the dark valleys of transformation.

And it's my job to guide you, into your becoming. I don't force "my way" onto how you "should" do it.

Together, we unlock YOUR subconscious success strategy - the one that's always been within you all along. Just like Dorothy and her heels, we bring you home.

Back to the remembrance and embodiment of your Divine, innate sovereignty.

You've always had the power. Let me help you unlock it. 

Let's Create Your Own Success Story

"“Within 3 months of working with Kimberly, we achieved our 1-year goal of $ 4 million in bids in our third year as a company! I can't for what the rest of the year holds for us. I look forward to my sessions every week with Kimberly!”"

Dana Oatis
CEO, Key Interior Services

"In one year working with Kimberly, we became the #1 business in our industry in the UK. Because of this, my business has enabled me to do something I wanted to do all my life - I fulfilled a dream from my childhood and bought myself a plane. Thank you Kimberly for being a pivotal part of my journey."

Stuart Morris
CEO, International College of Professional Celebrants

"Working with Kim one-on-one has been one of the most transformative experiences in my adult life. In one year I closed $554,000 in sales. and got engaged!"

Jessica McCann
CEO, Fundraise Higher

Sylvia Lambrechts

Quality Improvement Programs Manager + Operations Support, UCLA

"Kimberly's positive attitude and sparkly personality are infectious! The minute I met Kimberly I felt right at home...that's because she possesses a wisdom and intelligence that makes you feel like you can instantly trust her. Kimberly just knows how to work with you, what makes you tick, how to effectively communicate, and ultimately push you to that higher, best self that has been there all along.  She truly cares about her clients!

Working with Kimberly has been eye-opening and life-changing. The lessons I have learned have been invaluable. Within 3-months of working together, I landed my dream job, with the ability to travel, and a $12,000 raise!"

Jason Medley

CEO, Thrively

"I have a huge recommendation to give you...that is of the one and the only Kimberly Spencer. If you're looking for an immediate change in your life, if you're looking for someone to elevate all areas, to give you a kick in the butt, but also give you the tools, and the habits, and the formula for success, then you need a partner and you need to coach with Kim. Thank you so much and sign up today!"

Bonnie Strati

Director of Ops, Yoga Sports Center

"Words cannot express how grateful I am to have met Kimberly. I chose to work with her because of her no-nonsense attitude that I needed to push me to the next level.

My last life coach got me through a point in my life but I knew she wasn’t the one to push me to the next level within my career or even to take me as far as I have gone with Kimberly in these past weeks/months. I have learned a tremendous amount, and much of it is ingrained in me at this point. Through thin and mostly THICK Kimberly stood by me and didn’t let me give up, and there were times I was ready to throw it all in.

Kimberly taught me to celebrate what I do in my life! To stop and CELEBRATE those amazing moments. I have stood up more for myself and what I want in the past few months than in 52 years!!!"

Leann Hall

Real Estate Investing Consultant

"Kimberly has a compassionate heart and straight forward approach, the combination is fabulous.  Her coaching helped me find enjoyable loving ways to approach a difficult circumstance that I know I wouldn't have found on my own. Thank you, Kimberly."

Vondell Richmond

Business Trainer + Real Estate Investor

"I'm FREE! And, I had my first $10,000 per month after working with Kimberly! I recommend everyone dealing with limits in their life or career to work with her.

I would like to say THANK YOU to Kimberly for helping me break through my limiting beliefs around my income and value as an artist. Before working with Kimberly, I would get stopped in my footsteps around what my fees should be. I felt overall like a fraud as I'd brought into the "starving artist" myth. I used to be ashamed of my arts degree as I felt a sense of judgment from others and myself. After our session on shedding limiting beliefs, I was shocked at how much mental clarity I had & how unstoppable I became. She even took what came up in my session and turned it into an incantation. I now use it daily to remind myself who I truly am vs those old beliefs I'd been carrying around for years. Thanks and continued success!"

Kyle Hebert

 Voice Actor, "Wreck-It Ralph"

"Kim is a fantastic coach!  I’ve been working with Kimberly Spencer for the past couple of years. Not only does she know her stuff about the body, but her energy and encouragement have garnered a positive change, physically and mentally. Her goal is to help you reach your own goal.

A great attitude, personality, and humor make working with Kimberly a no-brainer! She knows her stuff and her energy is infectious. I would recommend her to anyone." 

Emily Danyel 

Owner, Tri-Booking Management

“I started working with Kimberly because I realized I didn’t have much to show for the first 40 years of my life. I wanted to make the second half of my life better than the first and to get paid to do the things I have wanted to do and love doing. Since working with working with Kimberly, I have learned that I don’t want to just sit by the side and take the easy jobs. I want to challenge myself. I have learned that it is okay to have dreams and to go after them. I am the only one holding me back. My new belief is that I can do whatever I want to! The way may not always be easy but at least I know the path I want to travel now! Thank you!”

Rachel J. Newall

Writer + Stand-Up Comedian

"I want to be Kimberly Spencer when I grow up. Her beauty, charisma and compassion make her seem unbelievable upon first meeting: 'Did I just meet my fairy godmother?' I found myself asking. Two years later, I'm still holding out hope that she is.

Kimberly changed my life. Her courageous example helped me to finally find the strength to overcome my eating disorder. Making that change has dramatically improved every aspect of my life. I've switched careers, found love, and done things I thought were impossible - with many thanks to Kimberly Spencer."

Heather Harris

Founder + Massage Therapist, Dordéan Massage

"I can't say enough about how Kimberly Spencer has jumpstarted my life. I am learning how to create what I want and how I am totally in charge of my life. Kimberly helped me realize that there is no need to sacrifice yourself to feel and be accepted and loved. You create the will to be a leader of your life by putting that crown on your head."

Melissa Wang

Social Media Manager

"You know how when you find THE best anything, you will follow them to the ends of the earth? Well, Kimberly is that person for my needs! She's passionate about helping you achieve your goals. She also has such a positive attitude that is so infectious that you can't help but feel invigorated and happy. For the first time in a while, I am comfortable in my skin. I cannot recommend Kimberly enough."

Sanjay Sabnani

CEO of Crowdgather, Inc.

"Working with Kimberly Spencer taught me so much about my body, myself, and my ability to push past my limits. I am grateful to her for her comprehensive knowledge of physiology, nutrition, and common sense. Her constant state of cheerfulness is pretty contagious. I believe everyone can use a little Kim in their lives and would highly recommend her."

Randi Strong

Choreographer + Dancer on "So You Think You Can Dance"

"I just want to give a huge shout-out and 'thank you' to Kimberly Spencer for being the absolute sweetest. She helped me, particularly through a very personal problem...it's not a problem anymore, though...thanks to her. She was very caring and super supportive.

I would definitely recommend anyone to go see her if you want to take your life where you want it to go. Thanks, Kimberly! You're the sweetest!"

Dr. Beatriz Hernandez-Tupta

Chiropractor + CEO of Back Benders, Inc.

"Kimberly Spencer is one of those rare Renaissance women. She wears many hats and wears them all well. She is dedicated, observant, persistent, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable. She encourages one to ride the edge of the mind-body connection. She has helped me reach goals and set new ones. I feel so blessed to have met her. She has helped me in so many ways and I will forever be appreciative!!!!"

Rosana Ayala

Regional Account Manager at United Health Care Group

"Working with Kimberly Spencer has been amazing! She is small in stature, but her knowledge and experience are extremely expansive! Her skill set is unending.”

Jaycie Sullivan

Administrative Assistant at Oxnard College

"Kimberly's technique and attitude to motivate any individual is that of a constant upbeat nature. She is a professional, and works hard for all of her client's goals."

Christine Solvia

Clinical Quality Manager at ACES

“Kimberly's infectious energy and enthusiasm will keep you coming back for more! She is simply inspiring and has helped me to become stronger and more comfortable in my body. Kimberly is such a great motivator!"

Sabeena Bubber

Mortgage Investment Banker, XEVA Mortgage

"I have been going through a difficult time the last couple of years with a divorce. Kimberly helped me to look inward and get over the anger, sadness, and guilt I have been feeling for the last couple of years.

I am now working towards a new happier and rewarding life. Thank you so much for all your help!"

Kelly Woo

Paralegal + Administrative Assistant

“Kimberly is ever cheerful and always encouraging. I always look forward to my sessions with her. I always feel refreshed and invigorated. She will help you work towards any goals you’re striving to achieve. I can tell all the hard work is paying off."

Lillian Sanchez

Senior Utility Accountant at LADWP

"Kimberly helped me transform my life, and my body and achieve my goals. She is an awesome trainer and coach. I highly recommend her to anyone just starting or anyone who needs that extra push to achieve a greater goal! You won’t be disappointed!”

Rebecca Laboriel

Human Rights Advocate

"Kimberly has an amazing gift for knowing who her clients are and what specific needs they have and ultimately how to motivate that person to take it to the next level. Thank you Kimberly for putting up with my whining and my outrageous excuses to move me forward not only physically but personally."

Dani Stockdale

CEO of The Portable Classroom

"Kimberly Spencer will transform your body, clear your mind, and leave you wanting to come back for so much more! I am loving every minute with my fearless leader, Kimberly."

Amanda Conrad

Graphic Designer + Host of Balance Out  the Bad Podcast

"Kimberly is simply the best. She's such a pro, helping me get stronger, more flexible, and leaner, all with such an understanding and cheerful heart.

She cares for her clients and will help coach you through any issues you may have that can be holding you back from being your best. I tell everyone about Kimberly and highly recommend training with her."

Nickola Mascis

Owner of Farmer's Insurance Group

"Kimberly Spencer taught me that through hard work and determination, exercise would make a difference. She always has given 100% of herself! She is truly an inspiration!”

Kelly Gappa

Hair Stylist, Madison Avenue Salon

"Thanks for always kicking my ass...in the best way possible."

Shall We Create Your Next Chapter Together?

You know, the one where you stage a revolution against fear, usurping your doubts, banning self-criticism from your kingdom, as you seize your throne and rise into your reign? And...where you then go forth and create the most glorious empire of peace and prosperity your lineage has ever known.

Some Other Referrals from Awesome Sovereign Souls

Who I've worked with, but not in the same capacity as a coach/trainer.

Joyce Giraud

Producer + "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Alumn

"I believe Kimberly possesses these values -- independence, beauty, intelligence, ambition, and inspiration (among others) -- with the potential to be a role model for young women all around the world."

Mark Hefti

Writer + Producer, The Hallmark Channel

"Kimberly Spencer is an all-around talent who excels at everything she puts her mind to. I'm expecting many great things from her as more people begin to discover the depths of her talent!"

Jessica Dowdeswell

Miss Australia 2014

"Kimberly Spencer is doing a wonderful thing by teaching ladies to love themselves, to be the best version of themselves, to be strong and not to apologize for who they are and what they have to offer to the world. She walks the walk and truly shines wherever she goes, which makes taking her advice so much easier because she is living proof that accepting who you is the best way to live. 

I now know that I can create a healthy fitness plan for me that works for me so I can continue to strut my stuff in every aspect of my life. Thanks Kimberly!”

Jessica Raymond

CEO, Recovery Warriors

"Kimberly Spencer is all about helping people live a happy, healthy, and fit life."

Derek Taylor Kent

Children's Book Author of "Scary School"

"Kimberly is a true pro!"

What is the Crown Yourself Difference?


It's not just "vibes" and "energy" or "money mindset." It's strategy too. It's "YES, AND," both. Kimberly combines multiple modalities from Neurolinguistic Programming, Somatic Attachment Therapy, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy®, Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release™, and Certified High Performance Coaching®,  into her signature Queen-B(usiness) Coaching curriculum so that no matter what you're facing week after week, you rise.

Combined with a world-class #YASQUEEN cheering section for your highest potential, and enveloped in the energy of INFINITE possibility, within 3-12 months, you will look around and notice your life, body, and business has completely transformed beyond what you imagined. 

And it all starts with a powerful conversation...

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