Uncategorized Dec 15, 2020

In honor of being nominated for “Best of the Best” for the Erin Strayer show, I was thinking of what I could do that would totally celebrate with you! 

Like I want to give you the greatest gift, more than any other sugar daddy on Instagram has ever offered me ;) (Oh yeah, even while pregnant that stuff still happens.)

We had some other plans in the pipeline - but I was

Whenever that happens, I know there is a massive alignment check. 

Either it’s the offer.

Or the product.

Or me.

I explore all avenues. 

On my Queen Team meeting this week with our Members’ Manager, Marie, it hit me. 

It was the offer and the product.

What I had planned on putting out this week for you, just didn’t ring Christmas cheer - especially after the year we’ve all had.

So I checked in, prayed, asked for guidance and this came to me in the shower this morning…

Go for the Gold. 

Suddenly I knew exactly...

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Uncategorized Dec 14, 2020

Wanna know the funny thing about showing up as your raw, real, most authentic self? 

It works. 

It pays. 

And it even gets nominated!

This week we found out we’ve been nominated for the Best of the Best of the Erin Strayer Show, as my episode was one of the TOP DOWNLOADED 3 years of the show!

I remember when I closed the deal to be on this show...fresh from my shower and in my bathrobe.

I’ll admit, I thought I would have enough time to get dressed for my first meeting with this show producer. She was conducting a pre-interview to see if I’d be a good fit for her show, which was syndicated on a ton of platforms. 

This really felt like the big time back in 2019 for me. 

I knew I needed a relaxing bath before my day, because (if you haven’t tried it, it’s a really fulfilling way to start out your day like a Queen.)

And I wasn’t willing to compromise that. Why would you? #QueenStatus

The meeting was set for 6:45...

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How to Lead Your Business with Faith and Vision

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2020

Two years ago, I did an interview on the Erin Strayer Show. I do a lot of interviews these days, at least 2-3 a week for different shows, summits, speaking gigs, so sometimes, it can feel like a blur when you’re constantly in the go-go-go of the grind. 

But I never forgot about Erin. (I’ll tell you why tomorrow. )

Turns I find out that in 3 years of her show, my episode has become one of her MOST WATCHED EPISODES EVER!!!

And now, we’re nominated for the “Best of the Best” Awards!

THIS is the beauty of living + running your empire with vision.

You never know where one interview 2 years ago will take you.

You never know when a person you met 2 months ago will become a client.

You never know when those deposits you have put in, day in and day, out to your business will pay off.

One of the things I see that trips up entrepreneurs, especially in the start-up stages in the beginning is shortsightedness.

Just because you’re not bringing...

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Who's the Boss?

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2020

Could you imagine having a boss who lets you slide? 

Didn’t make a sale this week? 

BOSS: “’s okay, you did your best. I’m sure you’ll do better next week.”

Didn’t handle that customer issue? Didn’t close that BIG sale?

BOSS: “You know what, we can always get more customers. That’s okay.”

Didn’t complete or, heck, even start that project that’s you KNOW you need to do?

BOSS: “You know’s not THAT important. You can always get to it next week. Here’s a bottle of wine. Take the weekend off. You tried hard.”

Heck no! 

Your BOSS would be fired by THEIR boss...who would then fire you.

Yet, when we get into working for ourselves, it’s easy for us to be the slacking “cool” boss that lets you slide on your commitments to yourself.

One of the greatest questions I ask my clients is this:

“Would the Future You - the one who has the...

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2020: The Year of Doubling

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2020

It was two weeks ago, I was sitting at the kitchen table of our AirBnB, pulling document after document of proof of my income to show to the rental company for our new place. I even needed a letter from my accountant stating the growth of my company.

FYI, Australia doesn’t mess around when it comes to proving you can pay your bills. 

As I was reviewing my numbers, it was then that it hit me…

“Holy shit...I did it!” 

I leaped up from my chair and ran into Spike. “I did it!”

We doubled our income this year.

We doubled our profit this year.

And then, we doubled our profit again. (Found that one out from my accountant’s lovely letter. Thanks, Jerra!)

We’re on track for a 150% growth in 2020. 

This is the number I screamed from the top of my lungs at Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery way back in January.

I felt this growth in my BONES.

After we settled into our new place (yes, we got the apartment...woot-woot!), I started...

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Settling for fine? 🤦🏼‍♀️

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2020

One of the biggest obstacles that I’ve seen to a successful client’s greatness is their comfort level.

Especially when you’ve achieved a lot, especially when you’ve had several significant wins under your belt, especially when you’ve been able to grow, scale, accomplish goals of impressive heights - there is a height, an altitude that is comfortable.


We wanted not to do that. Right, Icarus?

So we coast at an altitude that suits us - nice bottles of wine, nice home, nice life - no real NEED for change.

Except that it’s stirring in your soul begging to be unleashed.

Except for every day you’re going through the motions, you feel like a part of you slightly died or worse, dimmed.

Except that your purpose, that THING, that dream, that unreasonable, seemingly impossible thing that you don’t currently know how to do is tugging at your heart like a toddler pulling your hand “Faster, mommy, faster,”...

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How’s your energy these days?

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2020

Can you believe we are in DECEMBER? What? What time is it? What day is it? The fact that we are still here now in Australia, and have been since March, still dazzles me.  


This year has been, for many, an emotional rollercoaster. So I just wanted to check-in. 

How’s your energy these days?

Your emotions are a powerful guidance tool to gauge your energy.

Feeling low? Rundown? 

You may be in a state of apathy or guilt or grief. (And no one would blame you.)

Feeling anxious? Scared? Uncertain of where the next dollar’s going to come from? 

You may be feeling emotions of anger or fear. Or, hell, maybe a little pride even, like you SHOULD be farther along right now. 

It’s easy for our emotions to start spinning stories in our heads that cause us to lose track of the present moment.

I grew up not knowing a lot about emotions. They were just labeled as “bad.” Or I was...

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Release to receive

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2020


We tend to set the bar pretty darn high for how life/business/our bodies “should be. 

In the past, I’ve had this expectancy of what I “should” be making or “should” be doing around the holidays. 

So many shoulds.

You should have turkey on Thanksgiving. 

You should sell on Black Friday.

You should be making more money.


And operating with expectancy - being in the STATE of anticipation. 

Your STATE is the vibration you hold. It’s the emotions you experience. 

Having coached high achievers for the past 4 years, and, as I’ve been one my entire life, I’ve typically found that an anticipatory state is fraught with anxiety, fear, and lack.

It’s a state in which the thing you want -...

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Connect Deeper this Season

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2020

For the first time in 2 years, I chose to NOT do like the rest of the world. 

Every year over Thanksgiving in the past, I have been glued to my computer frantically creating content and a Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer that, frankly, never really was in alignment, to begin with.

I’ll be honest. I created a lot of them out of a “scarcity mindset” - and I learned a hard lesson when you do that. 

They sold a whopping zero. Two years in a row. 

Yes, one year selling zero is a fluke. Two is a pattern.

So this year, between moving into our new place - an actual apartment not an AirBnB - and jumping through all the hoops that went into that...


No one needs more stuff right now. 

We need more CONNECTIONS.

True deep, meaningful connection and growth.

Connection with yourself.

Connection to what you want and desire.


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Lose Yourself to Gain Everything.

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2020

Confession time: Eminem has helped unlock my soul since 2009. 

To this day, Lose Yourself still gives me chills. It is a song that when it comes on, the volume goes all the way up, and suddenly this Fire Rabbit (if you’re familiar with Chinese astrology and a proper double entendre with Eminem’s character in 8 Mile) comes out. 

She is fierce. 

She is driven.

She is freaking powerful. 

Ever have a song that taps you into who you KNOW you are and can be at your soul?

I remember back at the beginning of 2019, Spike, Decky, and I were headed for our yearly review on the beach - Decky, being two was only there for the swings and sweet potato fries. 

As we were driving down the PCH, Lose Yourself by Eminem came on, and of course, Spike and I threw it down...because that’s how us Spencer’s roll, yo!

It hit me then, that while 2018 was a year of many amazing firsts, many dreams coming true even, it paradoxically was the year of many...

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