Surviving the Winter: How to Thrive in Challenging Business Seasons


I'm excited to share some insights from our latest podcast episode, where we explored the concept of understanding the seasons of your life and business.


Nature's Seasons as Life's Metaphor: Just as nature has its seasons, so do our bodies, businesses, and relationships. Winter is a time for rest, spring for growth, summer for passion, and autumn for reaping rewards. Recognizing and embracing the season you're in is key to navigating life's ups and downs.

Personal Journey: I shared my postpartum journey, a winter season of rest and repair, followed by a spring of growth and passion. This personal experience highlighted the importance of acknowledging and honoring our body's seasons.

Business Seasons: The same concept applies to our careers and businesses. A break from a corporate job can be a winter season, while actively pursuing new opportunities can be a summer season.

Winter in Business: Winter can feel destructive and challenging, but surviving it can lead to...

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Unleashing Your Inner Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur with Boyd Petersen


Have you ever wondered how you can “do it all”? Do you have so many different roles and possibilities - author, speaker, coach, mentor, investor, artist - and don’t know how to “niche down?”

Then I am thrilled for you to listen to this episode with the multi-passionate entrepreneur, Boyd Petersen. Boyd is not only a business profit coach & magazine owner, but also a children's book author, a sci-fi author, and the founder of a social media agency!


Here are some key takeaways you’ll get from this convo:


Balancing Multiple Passions: Discover how you can allocate time for each passion with Boyd’s system of time blocking for your creative pursuits. 

The Journey to Becoming a Best-Selling Author: With six business books and two fiction books under his belt, Boyd shares his secrets to delivering multiple book babies with consistency. 

‍‍ The Power of Community: Learn how you can leverage your social...

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Unleash your true potential: Embracing your multi-passionate identity


You are expansive, immense, a Divine, infinite being encased in a human meat-sack of a body, so how in the heck can you contort yourself into - gasp! - just one mold?!

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur myself, whose changed careers a few times in the past two decades - from screenwriter to Pilates instructor to president of an e-commerce startup to coaching to CEO, to mom, wife, health and fitness lover, writer, content creator, podcaster - I could go on, but I think you get the point, I get the challenge of that dreaded question…

“So what do you do?”

Especially when you know your infinite superpower; that really, with enough time and energy, you have infinite possibilities as to who you could be! 

But, living in this 3-D world, it’s essential that you know how to define that “special sauce” that is the thing that you do so epically well.

Does it make you who you are? Somewhat.

After all, every experience IS shaping and evolves...

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Unleashing the Power of Neurodiversity: How Natalie Wallace conquered network marketing with ADHD


I'm thrilled to share with you the latest episode of the Crown Yourself podcast, where I had the pleasure of hosting Natalie Wallace, a successful network marketer and a beacon of hope for those with ADHD or neurodiversity.


Success Despite Neurodiversity: Natalie's story is a testament to the fact that neurodiversity doesn't hinder success. She's living proof that with the right mindset and strategies, you can achieve your dreams, regardless of your diagnosis.

The Secret Sauce to Success: Natalie attributes her success to aligning with the right mentorship and leadership. She emphasizes the importance of finding mentors who have achieved success in all areas of life, as their values and coaching can greatly impact one's success.

Habits that Foster Success: Natalie shares her successful habits, such as hyper organization, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and focusing on long-term effects rather than immediate gratification. She also highlights the importance of...

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Accountability Unleashed: Embracing Your Power to Create Change


I'm thrilled to share some exciting insights from my recent podcast episode where we dove deep into the concept of accountability. This episode is a game-changer, and I can't wait for you to listen!


Accountability to Your Highest Self: We often look for accountability from external sources, but the real magic happens when we hold ourselves accountable to our highest self. I shared an exercise that I use with my clients to envision their best selves and imagine achieving their goals. It's a powerful shift in perception that can lead to incredible results.


The Future of Coaching: I mentioned Brendan Burchard's prediction about the future of coaching - AI replacing accountability coaches. It's a fascinating concept that emphasizes the importance of intrinsic motivation and personal commitment.


‍ Personal Transformation: I posed a thought-provoking question - would your future self fire you based on your current output and quality of work? It's a call...

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Transforming Consciousness: Detaching with Love for Personal and Parental Growth


I'm Kimberly Spencer, your host of Crown Yourself podcast, and I'm thrilled to share with you some insights from my latest episode. This one is a deeply personal journey, a tale of transformation, love, and the profound impact of motherhood.


The Birth of a Mother: My son Declan has been a phenomenal force in my life. His arrival not only birthed him into the world but also birthed me into a deeper sense of motherhood. It's a magical bond that has the power to transmute and transform.

Love vs. Attachment: This episode delves into the difference between love and attachment. Detachment doesn't mean not loving, but rather freeing ourselves from the energy that binds us to others. It's a concept inspired by Buddha's teaching that the root of suffering is attachment.

Facing Fears and Challenges: As a new mother, I faced my share of fears and challenges, including a potential diagnosis for Declan. This journey led me to healing and growth, and I'm excited to share...

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Jan “JOY” Hoath's Inspiring Journey: From Cancer Scare to Embracing Joy


I'm thrilled to share with you the latest episode of our podcast where we had the pleasure of hosting Jan “JOY” Hoath, the "Queen of Joy". This episode is a deep dive into the essence of joy, and how it can be found even in the darkest corners of our lives.


Here are some key takeaways:


  • The Depths of Joy: Jan and I discussed the importance of experiencing pain and suffering to truly appreciate and cultivate joy. It's not about the joy we have at the end, but the joy we cultivate throughout our journey.


  • Froot Loop Moments: Jan shared a touching story about her son's cancer scare and how a simple act of ordering Froot Loops brought them joy amidst fear and uncertainty. It's a reminder that joy can be found in the smallest of moments.


  • Taking Ownership: We discussed the power of taking responsibility for our experiences and outcomes. It's not about blaming ourselves, but recognizing that we have the ability to choose how we respond...
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The Marathon Mindset: How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Push Through the Finish Line

crown yourself podcast Jul 25, 2023


While the rest of the world may be seeing your highlight reel and your smiles and your good side - even if you post about the challenges you’ve faced - no one really knows what you go through.


Not really. 


…Not unless they are with you day after day watching you put in the miles of hard work, diligence, effort, love, sacrifice, joy, pleasure, and facing your pain, your heart, your challenges, and those moments when you are your most courageous self.


Doing hard things.


I can't think of a better metaphor for life, business, and our current times, actually, than marathon running.


And after 26,2 miles and countless hours of training mid-move, I am honored to finally bring this episode forth to, hopefully, shave a few miles off of your route.


Here's a sneak peek into what you can expect:


‍The Marathon Metaphor: I discuss how marathon running serves as a metaphor for taking on challenges and persevering until...

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Laughing Through Adversity: Jen Coken's Hilarious Take on Life and Cancer

crown yourself podcast Jul 19, 2023


Imagine a pandemic, business meltdown, and cancer…at the same time…and still being able to have a sense of humor through it all. Well, that is my guest in a delightful nut-shell on the Crown Yourself podcast.

For Jen Coken, humor was her North Star, along with a clear set of principles that have taken her from boobs to bust and bouncing back better than ever…with a movie!

I am so honored to pull this podcast episode from the archives and bring it forth into the beautiful renewed light of transformation that happens when you can laugh at the devil and reveal your true power - resilient AF and gloriously gritty.

Jen’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience and grit, and I'm excited to share some of the key takeaways from our conversation: 

  • The Power of Connection: Our paths crossed through a group called the Dames, and it was there that we exchanged our big asks. While I couldn't connect Jen to Oprah, I did manage to connect her to a...
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Embracing Initiations: How Shifts in Identity Lead to Personal Growth and Sovereignty


Long ago, in ancient cultures, rites of passage were performed for various transformations. You're probably familiar with the ones for birth, death, and weddings...but what about those everyday challenges? Business challenges? 

Here's the thing...

It's not a challenge. It's an initiation. 

These past 6-months, moving - again - just this time, into our dream home, I have faced one of the greatest initiations of my life as we have settled into a whole new level.

In this episode, I explore how initiations are not just limited to secret societies or occult practices but are deeply woven into our everyday lives.

From becoming a first-time parent to hitting a new income level in business, each initiation marks the beginning of something new and often involves challenges and discomfort. But, it's through these initiations that we grow, transform, and claim sovereignty over our lives.

Here are some key takeaways from the episode:

  • The Power of Initiations: Initiations...
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