Building Confidence and Self-Esteem as a Mompreneur (in 5 STEPS!)

queen tv Mar 04, 2021

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem as a Mompreneur

(in 5 STEPS!)

Wanna build self-confidence and self-esteem and gain confidence in business as a mompreneur? Whether you’re a working mom or entrepreneur mom, this video will show you EXACTLY how to improve self-esteem, and the confidence hacks to boost confidence and taken from lessons from our favorite teachers...OUR KIDS!

Watch this video and overcome low self-esteem, build confidence in your business, and get the BEST personal development for business women (or as we call you...QUEENS!)

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Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell ...

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Twerk it to Werk, Werk, Werk, Werk, Werk it.

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2021

Did it bother you that I spelled “werk” wrong? 

I mean, I’m probably the WORST at grammar and correct spelling, but intentionally spelling a word wrong to be cool like Rhianna is both liberating and at the same time, I want to go back and fix the glaring spelling, right now.


It’s funny when you start to become hyper self-aware of your sh-tuff.

As Dr. Gabor Mate says in his book When the Body Says No - our book of the month for our Mindful Monarchs Members - 

“There is no true responsibility without awareness...People are deprived of the opportunity to become truly responsible...The more we can learn about ourselves, the less prone we are to become passive victims.”


Otherwise, we’re just cleaning the surface.

Kinda like dusting off the deck of the Titanic. 

The ship may be sinking, but - hey! - at least it’s clean. 

How often...

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The One Marketing Strategy You Need to Succeed

queen tv Mar 02, 2021

Put the journal down. Put the course on pause. STOP...wait! Before you sign up for that next certification program.

And check yo’self.

Are you doing these...things...because you believe you “have to” do them or are “supposed to” do them or “should” do them to be successful?

This is the difference between taking ALIGNED action. 

And following the rules.

(I mean, didn’t you start building your business to NOT follow other people’s rules? Or is that just me?)

Having coached good-hearted, high-achieving, visionary leaders and entrepreneurs for the past 5 years, I have seen more entrepreneurs WILLINGLY give their souls over to the latest “guru” or “marketing strategy” just because someone positioned themselves strong enough to be in the space where…get this…

THEY make you believe THEY have the answer.

Heck, maybe even YOU believe that THEY have the answer...instead of YOU.

In your soul.


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How to Start a Business with $0 AND A BABY!

queen tv Mar 01, 2021

How to Start a Business With $0 AND A BABY!

Wanna start a business without any money AND you have a baby on the way or a family to support? This video will be shifting your mindset for your business and show you how to start a business from scratch with no money, and how to build a successful business and have a baby. If you’re a mompreneur, entrepreneur mom, or working mom and are looking for a real way to start your business with no money, I’m going to be shifting your mindset for success to show you all you need to know about creating a business and making a baby - and how they are practically the EXACT SAME THING.

To start a business, this entrepreneur mindset shift will help you make money in your business now. Watch this video and start building your business with no money (and with or without a baby), today!

#entrepreneurmindset #startingabusiness #buildyourempire #crownyourself



Shift from the solopreneur...

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The SECRET to making a business (and a Baby!)

queen tv Mar 01, 2021

How uncomfortable did that subject line make you feel? Because here’s the thing about creative energy - it can get you feeling uncomfortable. Vulnerable. Open. Raw. 

And, GASP! Clutch your pearls grandma...AUTHENTICALLY ALIGNED AND ALIVE!

That’s what sexual energy is.

Napoleon Hill called it “sexual transmutation” in his book, Think and Grow Rich.

And there is so much shame, societally, that we are taught to have around this sexual energy.

Because how often have you had an idea for a book or a movie or a business or a new strategy and you shared it with people and they thought…

It was no good.

Or it was too weird.

Or that it would never become anything.

And if you ACCEPT these perceptions, then suddenly you suppress your sexual energy with shame. 

There’s also so much CONFUSION that can happen around this sexual, creative energy.

This is the same energy that makes people think they are in love in the workplace when they are working...

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How to Keep Going (EVEN when You’re Seeing Results)

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2021

How often do you have a habit or a practice in place that feels SOOOOOOOO GOOD? I mean, doing this thing makes your body feel ALIVE, vibrant...AH-MAZING!

But for some reason...somewhere along the just...STOP. DOING. IT. 

What gives? 

Fear, duh. 

Typically, having coached high-achieving entrepreneurs and leaders for the past it’s just because we’ve lost the container of having a fear-based drive to do it. 

The problem was...YOU SAW RESULTS.

Wait? Isn’t that what you wanted right? 

Yep, exactly. 

You don’t feel the need to go to the gym AS OFTEN if you’ve lost those ten pounds. 

You don’t feel the need to continue to prospect for clients AS OFTEN after you’ve hit a $10K month.

So you stop or slow down the intensity in which you chased the goal


From away from what you don’t want…

Like being 10 pounds...

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When Love and Leadership Make a Business Baby

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2021

Ever wonder why so many people fall out of love with their business? Or their job? Or their career? 

I mean, you studied for it. 

You trained for it. 

You probably achieved so much in it already.

So what gives?

Typically, having coached high-achieving multi-passionate leaders for the past 5 years, I’ve found that it’s not the job or the business or the career that grows weary.

It’s their motivation strategy.

You start a business or job or a career to move you AWAY from pain.

You DON’T want to feel constrained by a job you start a business!

You DON’T want to be you start a career or a new job!

You started something because of something you DIDN’T want. But eventually, that motivation will only go so far.

Think of it like this…

You can hit the gas running while looking in the rearview mirror shaking the dust of what you DON’T want for only so long. 

You can’t drive forward for the long...

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What’s Your Fantasy?

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2021

CONFESSION TIME: I love me some dirty rap.

Oh yes, I mean my white girl booty can get down and Christina Agularia style diiiiiirrrty with Ludacris, Nikki Minaj, and some WOP when the mood strikes. 

(If you’re with me on this, please let me know )

One of my faves is Ludacris' “What’s Yo’ Fantasy,” I mean whooooo, baby it’s already sending off the dopamine secretion in my body. (Yes, that is a real thing...just THINKING about a song that gets you in the mood will trigger the dopamine in your brain.)

So here’s the thing about fantasy…


No.1 - To Move AWAY from Pain

No.2 - To Move TOWARD Pleasure

Having coached 5, 6, and 7-figure high-achieving leaders for nearly the past 5 years, I have seen more people be motivated by No.1 (PAIN) than by No.2 (Pleasure).

You DON’T want to be stuck making only 5-figures anymore...that’s PAINFUL!

You DON’T want to be stuck feeling...

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7 Entrepreneurship Lessons from Elders' React Rock (aka MY DAD!!)

queen tv Feb 22, 2021

7 Entrepreneurship Lessons from Elders' React Rock (aka MY DAD!!)

From the Fine Brothers’ Elders React to 40+ years of lessons in entrepreneurship growing a business in Los Angeles, my dad, Rock MacKenzie Gritz, taught me many entrepreneurship tips...all while my dad was an addict. 

While you may know him from FineBros, this video gives you a behind-the-elder look at my dad’s entrepreneurship advice to growing a multi-million dollar business, and if you’re looking for help in setting boundaries in relationships, how to forgive your parents, how to be more generous, how to grow your business in your zone of genius, or how to go from solopreneur to CEO, this video will show you the life and entrepreneurship lessons that my dad taught me during his life.

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Finding the Courage to Youtube

queen tv Feb 22, 2021

OMG! OMG! It’s here. It’s out. It’s live. It’s freaking scary. It’s freaking happening. It’s freaking done.

There’s no going back now.

Because that is what happens every time you up-level - every time you grow beyond your current capacity.

You change who you are at your core.

It’s your choice to decide...

To choose...

You choose how life changes you.

As Holocaust survivor, Victor Frankl says, “Between cause and effect there is a space, a gap to choose your reaction.” 


For in his passing, I was contacted by THOUSANDS of his fans from Elders React. 

They shared memories and moments of how through that viral show, he brought them so much joy. 

For many, he was the grandpa they had wished they had.

For others, he was just “that crazy guy” on Youtube...


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