The three fears of entrepreneurs

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2020

Watch out, because I’ve got a bone to pick (and yeah, it’s because I picked it raw and real in the first 1.5 years in my business.)

You see, back then I was doing all the things - blogging, photoshoot, website design, creating products (that no one wanted), investing in tech, like, everything...

Except for making money.

My husband even had a joke back then, that I couldn’t get 15 minutes into a Netflix show without whipping open my computer and getting to work.

Fast forward till now...

And I just finished watching 2 glorious hours of Ancient Aliens...sans computer, and sans baby.

I enjoyed every single second of it. No laptop. No phone. No kiddo even (he was in school.)

Here’s the thing...

It will keep you stuck in the easy.

It will keep you trapped in the Groundhog Day of the pervasive world for work’s sake.

It will keep you trapped in fire fighting mode, when, really, the fire is just the REAL stuff you know you SHOULD be...

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You CAN'T steal this.

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2020

It boggles my mind when I see this come up in business - stealing customers. 

Gasp! Oh no, say it ain’t so! 

And not in a “How could someone do that to someone else?”

No, no, no…

It’s in a “how can someone think it’s even possible to “steal” a client?”

Like, do you own them?

Are you their master? And are they your slave?

Because dear Lord, if we head down that road, we’re headed for trouble.

This is a belief that stems 100% from scarcity and fear. 

And, really, when you question it, it’s not logical. 

I’ve seen this problem pop up from time to time in every industry, and especially with service-based professionals as they cling desperately to their clientele labeling them as “mine” and should they dare consider leaving them, there are gnarly scare tactics thrown their way.

Ummm...yeah, been in those types of relationships and they’re called controlling.


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What it really means when you're "too busy"

Uncategorized Nov 12, 2020

When I was younger I used to PRIDE myself on being busy, “Better busy than bored,” I’d announce, beaming at my packed schedule with massive gratitude. 

I looooved what I was doing. I felt in alignment, so being “busy” never bothered me because it fueled me on a soul level (and work also allowed me to escape dealing with things in my romantic relationships - but that’s another story for another day).

It was about a year into teaching Pilates that I was blessed with a paradigm shift around “busyness.”

I had two clients…

One, a mother of two grown children, both in high school, both with their own cars. She was fully supported by her ex-husband, had no job, no business...and was the most STRESSED OUT HUMAN that I have ever met in my life still to this day.

She would come into her 10 AM Private Pilates sessions with me - her body tight, constricted, with a bloated stress belly to boot. She would complain about how...

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My kryptonite.

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2020

If negativity is your kryptonite too, keep reading.

Because hot dang, I feel frankly worn from these past few weeks. You too?

Thank God for Spike, my partner, and my support when I’m in the middle of a “Hurri-Kim” of crap feelings. 

Fortunately, I’ve cultivated the tools over years and years of work to recognize, acknowledge, shift and break-through - but dang, when you’re in it it’s like the breaking down of your being.

What happens when you get stabbed with your own kryptonite? 


Wait - what? Do you mean I’m not PERFECT?

Trying to pretend that shadow doesn’t exist only makes the monster under the bed get bigger and bigger in your head.

I learned this the hard way after I gave birth to Declan. 

I was doing all the things in my business, it was growing. My mindset as a...

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So you say you want freedom?

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2020

“Do you fling yourself off a cliff and expect to fly to Hawaii?” I asked my client.

She stared at me perplexedly, “ would die.”

“Exactly!” I exclaimed. 

You see...

Having worked with 5,6, and 7-figure entrepreneurs for the past 4 years, and having been an entrepreneur for the past 12 years, I’ve found the number one reason why people start their own businesses - freedom.

Hey, it was my reason too. 

So the entrepreneur flings herself off the cliff with the Braveheart-worthy battle cry of FREEEEEEEEEEDOM into the wide world of entrepreneurship, expecting just that…

Only to be surprised by the crash landing on the rocks below. 

So she picks herself up, wringing her hands through her hair as to “why God, why” is she not feeling even a smidge free. 

Why does everyone else on Instagram seem to be doing sooooo much better than me?

Why is so and so-and-so so much more successful? 

And then, the...

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What recession?

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2020

Remember back in 2007 when that recession hit? 

I had just started freelancing as a Pilates instructor. I was working primarily at one studio and within one year, I had become the highest paid, youngest instructor at the studio. 

I went from making smoothies at BodyWorks for $8.75 an hour to a $55,000 year! I was enraptured! 

“So this is what big-time feel like?” I thought. Haha. 

Awww, what a cute little entrepreneur I was back then. 

But here’s the other thought I continued to think that served me POWERFULLY throughout a decade of entrepreneurship. 

What recession? 


I heard people talking about it. I remember hearing my parents mentioning it a few times. I knew it was something “out there.” I had just simply, consciously or unconsciously, decided it wasn’t going to be IN HERE.

You know, up in my mind. 

I was UNAVAILABLE for anything less than profit and prosperity. 

And I continued to...

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The #1 reason why people hire you.

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2020

“Why would anyone want to hire me? There are so many others in my industry. I just feel like I don’t compare.”

“You’re right,” I said.

Her mouth dropped open. I don’t think my client was expecting me to agree with her when she was so used to me challenging her excuses. 

“Your industry is rapidly growing,” I continued, ”And, yes, there are definitely people way ahead of you, making more money, with larger followings.”

“So how do I break through?” she asked. I could feel her frustration through the Zoom screen.

“Perhaps that’s the wrong question. Let me ask you this...

Why did you hire me?”

Without even a pause, “Well, your energy, and your background, and how you’ve helped other people. I just felt like you would GET me.”


I’ve polled enough clients and received enough testimonials to know that it is not about how much money I have made, how many...

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Make it work.

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2020

After I cleaned up my mindset, there are only a few reality shows I will watch now - Queer Eye, Shark Tank, and Project Runway. I have always loved the creativity of high fashion. 

And sure, hasn’t every princess ALSO dreamed of becoming a runway model? 

On Project Runway, whenever the pressure is on and the contestants are trying to figure out creating an outfit, there’s always a time when Tim Gunn pops into the workroom to advise and council - basically, he’s like their fashion coach. 

His signature line is this…

“Make it work.” 


Make it into reality. 

Or as my client, who just went from $25K months to $50K months says, “Just fucking do it.” 

And that’s exactly it.

That’s exactly why my client’s income doubled while working together.

He just fucking did the work.

He made it work.


In fact, even if...

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Why You Don't Need to Be “Fixed”

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2020

Have you ever looked for that next thing to “complete” you? Maybe it was another certification or degree? Or that ONE magic thing that you need that will CHANGE EVERYTHING? 

Maybe it’s another course, or another coach or another THING- something outside of you that you THINK you need to “fix” you.

And I gotta tell ya... you’re looking in all the wrong spots. 

There is no magic cure.

There is no fix.

There is no one coach, no one program, no one guru, no one book, no one tool, no one solution to “fix” you or your business. 

You have everything you need inside of you right now.

True transformation, true change only comes from one place - YOU. 

I spent nearly three decades of my life trying to be that “thing” for someone else - my dad. Maybe if I was skinny enough? Maybe if I was smart enough? Maybe if I got enough good grades? Then he’d change. 

None of that worked. 

One of the greatest...

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Are you listening to a BUSY-Ness Consultant or a Busy Consultant

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2020

One of the trends I absolutely hate in my industry as a coach is seeing coaches with LITTLE TO NO business experience in their coaching business, suddenly turns into a “business coach” because they realized it was more lucrative.

Yet, they had no past successful business...and no proven results of what works.

They have no track record or results. 

So they give their clients all this busy-work - post on social media, rebrand, build your website, show up on Insta Stories every single day, do podcasts, and do more podcasts, launch a Youtube channel, provide value much value

...tons of value

...without truly knowing the business. 

They spit out regurgitated info with fancy acronyms like I.C.A. and K.P.I.’s and use catch-all phrases out of business development books.

But they’re still stuck making 3-4 figures a month. Wah. Wah. 

They sure are good at giving out STUFF to do though. You’ll be busier than ever with them. 

But will you...

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