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the princess and the b May 17, 2022

Ever had a conversation that went like this…

“You did a great job, but…”

“That was wonderful, but…”

“I love you, but…”


Whether it’s on a podcast interview, in a conversation with your partner, or while on a sales conversation with your customer, a “but” is a wicked weapon that, when used appropriately can wield powerful influence.

However, most people don’t use “but” effectively.

While butts are beautiful and should be well appreciated…

When a “but’ butts into your language, it can put a dent in your ability to influence and persuade.

Learning when, where, and how to use the word “but” effectively will transform your ability to communicate what you want, WITHOUT the other person getting defensive, on guard, or put off by your linguistic booty getting in the way...which is EXACTLY what I show you how to do in this podcast episode.

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Podcasting Zone of Genius vs. Podcasting Zone of Excellence

queen tv May 16, 2022

Podcasting Zone of Genius vs. Podcasting Zone of Excellence

This week is a very special week because, on May 20, Communication Queens opens for enrollment.

And we’re celebrating you with an entire 10 days of epic podcasting content.

Whether you already have a podcast of your own, your want to be a guest on other people’s podcasts or you want to learn more about how you can use podcasting as a powerful customer generation strategy, EVERY DAY I’ll be delivering FREE content on Queen TV to show you how.

Today we’re breaking down your podcasting Zone of Genius.

Having coached business owners for the past 5 years, I have seen a DIRECT correlation between the amount of MONEY a business owner is making and the amount of TIME she spends in her Zone of Genius.

NOTICE: I did NOT say the amount of time she spends working IN her business. In fact - and this is going to seem quite counterintuitive to your programming - I’ve seen more business owners make MORE money...

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Why Your Podcast isn't Making Money (but You're ALWAYS BUSY!)

queen tv May 16, 2022

Why Your Podcast isn't Making Money (but You're ALWAYS BUSY!)

Spinning your wheels. Throwing spaghetti against a wall. Producing and putting things out there…AND…


And while crickets suck when it comes to your marketing…

It’s even worse when the crickets don’t CONVERT into sweet sweet dollars in your bank account.

Here’s the thing:

I have seen a direct correlation between the amount of income a business owner is making and the amount of time she is spending in her Zone of Genius.

So when you start a podcast, you’re adding multiple different roles into your business: editor, producer, distributor, marketer.

Podcasts can be a fantastic way to build community.

They can also be a giant time-suck AWAY from you operating in your Zone of Genius.

In this episode of Queen TV, I’m not only going to share monetization strategies to help your podcast make more money, but I’ll also be breaking down why your podcast isn't...

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If youโ€™re going to build it, build it to last.

Uncategorized May 12, 2022

Short-term thinking is expensive. So many new business owners, and especially new coaches, are out there grasping at straws for the latest marketing tactic, always on the grind for their next client…

But few really stop the immediate money-making hustle to $10K months to think about what will their business look like in 3…5…10 years?

And much to their detriment. For if you aren’t making time NOW to build the business you want to build, what makes y0ou think that you’ll have the business you want when you reach

Just because your business is doing a certain amount of income per month does not a dream business makes.

In fact, in most cases, from what I’ve seen having coached leaders in all different industries for the past 5 years…

That dream of that business that gives you freedom can turn into a nightmare if you haven’t built it with a long-term vision in mind.

Building a business to last that supports take a longevity mindset,...

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Start Your Own Podcast vs. Be a Podcast Guest

queen tv May 10, 2022

 Start Your Own Podcast vs. Be a Podcast Guest

I’ve worked with a lot of clients in a lot of industries, at a lot of different stages in their businesses over the past 5 years. And ALL of them…and I do mean…ALL of them have wanted to make a bigger impact.

(I only attract the mission-minded, purpose-driven leaders, after all…that’s why YOU’RE here. )

Naturally, having a podcast to help build your brand, so that you can have a platform to reach the masses is incredibly appealing!

But…this is where I see sooo many business owners stumble and fumble.

Because in order to have a podcast, you have to either…

Have a team that can support you in doing #allthethings required to consistently produce episodes
Dedicate a significant amount of time/energy/resources to doing the podcast AND growing your audience

And if you start your podcast at the wrong time in your business, it can be much more of a time-suck than a brand builder.

Now, I...

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WARNING: Side Effects of Decision Making

the princess and the b May 10, 2022

Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING comes with side effects.

Because every decision you make, every single choice has an effect, a consequence, a result that comes from that choice.

Some side effects we love -

Like the effect of making that choice to connect with that one human who then sends you a TON of referrals - LOVE that effect.

And some side effects are heart palpitating inductions of stress - like the effect of NOT doing your client connections and thus 3 months down the road seeing no more money flowing into your bank account than when you started.

Call it Newton’s Third Law of Motion…

Or the Universal Law of Cause and Effect…

But whatever you name it…

Every action, every choice, and every decision has an equal and opposite reaction, an effect.

Every decision chooses ONE thing and then “cuts down” another choice.

Like you choosing to listen to this podcast episode cuts down the possibility of choosing to mindlessly scroll on Facebook....

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5 Tips to Be a GREAT Podcast Guest

queen tv May 05, 2022

5 Tips to Be a GREAT Podcast Guest

Just one podcast interview can literally change your life. I’ve been blessed to do over 200+ interviews in just the past 2 years that have led to countless clients, income, and community that have come into the Crown Yourself realm.

Podcasting is my favorite long-form medium because the average listener time is - catch this -

20 minutes!!!

Unlike Youtube where the average watch time is about 4 minutes…

Tiktoks where the average watch time is 15 seconds…

And social media, which is usually about 4 seconds - if you’re lucky.

Getting 20 minutes to build the know-like-trust factor with someone can be a GAMECHANGER for your business, with just a few interviews.

But…none of that matters if you make the HUGE mistake of making the interview all about you.

Well…it is…

But…it’s really not.

That’s why in this Queen TV episode, I’m sharing with you 5 tips to help you be an epic guest on a...

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Transform Your Story: How to Shift Your Subconscious Mind

the princess and the b May 02, 2022

Wanna know what gets me fired up? What lights a fire under my butt and brings forth the full enneagram 8w7 to the stage?


I hate it. I hate it when I see it within myself. I hate it when I see it in the world. 

Blame is what I get riled up in righteous anger.


Blame belittles your greatness.

When you blame someone else, you give someone else your power for as long as you continue to blame them for who you are, where you are, and what you believe?

Wanna transform your story and start manifesting what you want into your reality? You can’t do it if you’re busy giving away your power to blame. 


In this podcast, I share with you the stories and strategies to serve you in transforming your story from the subconscious level. And, yes, I am fired upon it, so strap in for a massive shift into your most Sovereign Self.

Click here to listen to Episode No.169 -

Transform Your Story: How to Shift Your Subconscious Mind

Remember your reign is...

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10 Lessons from 1000 Emails to Get Booked on Podcasts SEO BRIEF

queen tv Apr 19, 2022

10 Lessons from 1000 Emails to Get Booked on Podcasts

Cold communication is tricky. It’s like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Some are too pitchy. Some are too spammy.

But, there are a few magical moments when you get it…just right.

It’s not a strategy that everyone loves…probably because it makes you feel like it's the first day of school and you’re desperately trying to make new friends.

It can, however, be an effective strategy when you’re looking to get booked on podcasts.

After all, if you’re not asking to get on podcasts, then people don’t know to book you.

After sending over 1000 emails to get booked on podcasts, I have learned a crap-ton about what works, what REALLY does NOT, and how to be incredibly effective and efficient with cold emailing.

Simple truth. It works…when you do it right.

I can’t tell you how many pre-podcast interviews I've been on where the podcaster literally says, “I don’t know...

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150 first business โ€œdatesโ€

queen tv Apr 01, 2022

Have you ever been on a first date and it just was...well...the WORST? Compare that to when you’ve been on a first date and you felt so seen, heard, and understood? 

Maybe that date led to a fabulous relationship. Maybe you two decided to be just friends, but still found each other to be pretty cool. Either way, you can FEEL the difference when it’s a good date and a bad date.

Here’s the thing with dating...with each first date you have HOPE.

You want it to work out. 

You want it to be an amazing experience.

You want it to lead somewhere. 

The same is true for podcasts. 

You want your podcast experience to be AMAZING!

Going on someone else’s podcast is very much like going to someone’s house on a first date. 

And I’d know, as not only have I done over 150 podcast interviews, but my husband literally wrote the book on having first dates at your home and cooking for them. That’s how he got me ;)

When you’re going...

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