It’s FEBRUARY? Already…

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2023

I know…it’s been a hot minute. I’ll admit it, even for me to go this long without writing has been…well..creatively depleting, to say the least. I have found comfort in the joy of the posts on Facebook and occasionally on Instagram when a moment of inspiration has struck within the hours of the day.


Is it a sustainable business model? I certainly wouldn’t recommend my present level of content production if you were just starting out.


But if you’ve spent the past 7 years building up personal relationships, cultivating epic referrals, and loving on your past clients, you definitely can take a content pause for a quarter (or a month more.)


That being said…


And to quote Eminem…


Guess who’s back. Back again.


These past three months have been CHALLENGING, to say the least.


And yet, as you know me, I always believe they are happening FOR me, not TO me.


So when I had a midnight moment to pause for reflection amidst the movement, I realized…


This past year was my initiation.


Maybe it was yours too.


In ancient society, we used to hold initiations and rights of passage as we entered into new phases of our life.


But in the Western world, depending on your culture, there are really only a couple that is actually celebrated - your high school graduation (or graduations if you went to college and beyond) and your wedding. That’s it.


Sure, depending on your religion or culture, there may be more. In the Catholic religion, you have your christening and your First communion when you’re around the age of 8. In the Jewish faith, you have a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah when you turn 13. In the Hispanic culture, you have your quinceanera when you turn 16. But why is it that a majority of Western culture’s ritualistic initiations happen before you have even reached your 20s? I mean, even frat houses - you know those groups you join in your late teens - have initiations.


An initiation, by definition, is the action of beginning something….or admitting someone into a secret or obscure society or group, typically with a ritual.


Initiations are rights of passage, an entryway, and a proving ground.


What I’ve come to find on my journey to evolving my own conscious leadership is that initiations can happen every damn day.


Your first client challenge is an initiation to establish your principles.


Your first declined payment from a customer is an invitation to establish your boundaries.


Your first firing of a team member is your initiation into the maturation of your team.


Your first fight with your partner is an initiation into your commitment to the relationship.


Your first child is an initiation into parenthood.


Your second child is an initiation for your first child into big-brother or big-sister leadership.


Initiations happen daily, but they are not celebrated or ritualized by many.


Instead, they are downplayed and sometimes, even denigrated, to a lowly “that’s just how it is” and “tough it out and deal with it” status that’s not even worthy of a Facebook mention.


Instead of being seen for what they really are - a rite of passage into another level.


Selling my childhood home was an initiation process for me. It purged the remaining dross of the little princess who wanted to be coddled and victimized into the responsible Queen who had to rely on her team to move her through the tough spots.


Same with buying our dream house in a little town outside of Austin, Texas.


Same with the launch and growth of our Communication Queens Agency for guest podcasting.


Same with the transformation and re-alignment of Crown Yourself.


All of it was an initiation process into what this year holds for us.


And if the initiation is proof of the passage - which I believe it is - then DAMN this year is looking profound for our growth.


In the Christian faith, they call it “testing,” but I don’t believe God “tests” us.


I believe God, Source, the Universe, like a loving parent, challenges our perceived limitations that go against the Universe’s greater plans for our abundance - which is Its natural state.


The Universe is abundant and expansive. It is our limited minds that keep us trapped in self-fulfilling limitations.


And thus the need for initiation:


Like a frat boy proving his loyalty to Delta-Whatever-Phi Beta Yahoo….


You must prove yourself worthy of that which you desire.


Not from ego…no, no, no.


You prove yourself with each courageous, aligned action that moves you forward in FAITH.


Faith of a greater purpose.


Faith in your dreams is something that CAN come true.


Faith in your belief that no matter what this initiation throws at you, you can (and you WILL) figure it out.


In an initiation, you are burning away whatever remnants of self-limiting beliefs block you from fully receiving all that is already yours!


So what is it you’re burning away if that which you desire is already yours?


You’re burning your self-inflicted perceptions of limitation, lack, fear, scarcity, shame, and all that is preventing you from prevailing as the Sovereign being you were born to be.


If you’re facing challenges, struggles, or hardship right now, shift your perspective from the suckiness of what is, to the initiation of what IT is preparing you for.


All I can say, on the other side of my initiation this past year, it’s fucking glorious.


And once you’re through your own initiation into your next level, gather those whom you love, who get it, and celebrate the fuck out of WHO this helped shape you to be.


For you are becoming the Queen (or King) who is able to handle a whole new level of power BECAUSE of what you just went through.


As you know, with great power, comes great responsibility.


And it is through your initiations that you are able to strengthen your physiology to handle a new level of responsibility to your mission and purpose on this planet.


Honor that.


Celebrate TF out of it.


Your initiation is shaping you into being the person who can HAVE and DO all that you desire to HAVE and BE.




Remember, your reign is now.

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