Don’t buy the habit lie.

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2023

Over the past year, between all the packing, unpacking, children, grief-processing, travel, and fun of the ups and downs, time had shifted. I had shifted. I had transformed from being an early bird - up with the sun, work out complete, kick butt start to the day - to a night owl. I spent my nights in the quiet solitude of my thoughtful reflection, feeling everything deeply - because, as my breath work mentor Gitan states in his book, you gotta Feel to Heal. 


At least for me, nights are best for deep feelings, creativity, and healing. Mornings, for me, are best for action, ambition, and the discipline of consistent creation. 


Not that one or the other was bad, or right or wrong. 


But, when I looked into the future and saw what is literally on the horizon for me, my travel plans (bananas), my kids' schedules, and our businesses, I knew that staying a night owl wasn’t a sustainable model for all that I desire to create this year. 



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It’s FEBRUARY? Already…

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2023

I know…it’s been a hot minute. I’ll admit it, even for me to go this long without writing has been…well..creatively depleting, to say the least. I have found comfort in the joy of the posts on Facebook and occasionally on Instagram when a moment of inspiration has struck within the hours of the day.


Is it a sustainable business model? I certainly wouldn’t recommend my present level of content production if you were just starting out.


But if you’ve spent the past 7 years building up personal relationships, cultivating epic referrals, and loving on your past clients, you definitely can take a content pause for a quarter (or a month more.)


That being said…


And to quote Eminem…


Guess who’s back. Back again.


These past three months have been CHALLENGING, to say the least.


And yet, as you know me, I always believe they are happening FOR me, not TO me.


So when I had a...

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Claim Your Power And Get Your Brand Visible From Guest Podcasting

the princess and the b Nov 09, 2022

Ever had a conversation that went like this…

"We love what you do, but…"

"We love your energy, but…"

"I think you are doing great, but…" 


Whether on a podcast interview, a cold email, a conversation with a potential client, or a sales conversation with your partner, children, or team, have you struggled with not being ready to give things a go from fear of rejection? Have you lost your confidence because you had gotten too many "but"...

Have you struggled with finding people you align with and reaching people who will say yes to you and your business?

Guest Podcasting is the action you need to transform your life, build your confidence and become a success in every part of your business and personal life.

When you set your vision to what you want, you maximize the possibilities of getting it right.  The guest podcasting format is a game changer that gives us the ability to approach our life,  spread positive energy, and create much more...

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Become a 6-Figure Queen-B(usiness)

the princess and the b Oct 19, 2022


Have you always wanted to run your own business but you remain in that corporate job because you think building a business is too hard? Well, you are not alone. 


Maybe you already started your business but you are still struggling and building your business to a 6-figure, 7-figure, and beyond still feels like a hard nut to crack.


Truth is, Building a 6-figure business doesn't have to be complex. In fact, it's easy breezy.

Most new business owners lack experience but are eager to make $10,000 a month. They focus on the outward appearance of their business rather than how it will improve their clients' lives.  They sometimes invest so much in the wrong strategies and lose money and gradually no longer believe in themselves and their ability to build a 6-figure business. 


Deb Boulanger made the leap from corporate to entrepreneurial after hitting a reset,  got divorced and left her job as an expert in product development, started taking...

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Your Recession Proof Mindset Solution

the princess and the b Sep 21, 2022

I’m baaaaaaaacck.


Because just like Wonder Woman, when duty calls - and my duty is to shift the problematic perceptions that cause poor outcomes into a translation of magic vision, possibility, and actual results -


I must answer. 


After a brief summer content-hiatus where I immersed in deepening my understanding of the unconscious mind, healing from the past year’s trauma,  transforming mediocre projections into massive magical action, traveling to Vegas and back to Vegas and back again, hiring new team members, raising two growing boys, and…oh yeah…launching our podcasting guesting agency, Communication Queens


I felt the call for content again.


And not just any ol’ mediocre content - 


Because you know I would NEVER serve you a dose of average (this world has far too much of that as it is )


But…in the vein of how I’ve  been described by more than one client:


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Building Your Self Worth (THIS is Everything!!)

queen tv Jul 29, 2022

Building Your Self-Worth (THIS is Everything!!)



Have you ever struggled with your self-worth? Did you ever feel some self-loathing or a lack of self-esteem? Are you wanting to build your self-worth but don’t know where to start? Watch this video where I will share with you some tips on how I build my self-worth.

#SelfWorth #Mindset #SelfHelp



Mind Your Mindset



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Guest Podcasting BOUNDARIES!

queen tv Jul 22, 2022

Guest Podcasting BOUNDARIES!




Have you ever struggled with your boundaries getting crossed on a podcast interview?  Are you tired of getting no-shows for podcast interviews? In this video, I share how to set and keep your podcasting interview boundaries strong.

#SetYourBoundaries #GuestPodcasting #PodcastingTip


Podcasting Queen:



If you want to learn how you can profit from guest podcasting through our Communication Queens Agency, then book a FREE 30-minute Discovery call here:

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  Ask Powerful Questions: Create Conversations...

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How I Manage Life As A Mompreneur

queen tv Jul 15, 2022

How I Manage Life As A Mompreneur



Are you a mompreneur struggling with balancing business, babies, and all the things involved with owning a business and raising beautiful children?  In this video, I share how I balance my life as a mompreneur running multiple 6-figure businesses with 2 kids under 5.

#Mompreneur #TimeManagement #Planning



Mompreneur Motivation



Learn How to Profit from Guest Podcasting. Enroll in Communication Queens NOW:

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Define Your Business Core Values OR ELSE!

queen tv Jul 13, 2022

Define Your Business Core Values OR ELSE!




When you started your business, you did it with passion, fervor, and excitement.  But if you missed this one piece in building your business, you have set yourself for a massive catastrophe down the road.  In this episode, I will show you why Business Core Values are important to set your business up for long-term success.

#Entrepreneur #CoreValues #BusinessTip



Becoming the Queen-B(usiness) of Your Biz:



Discover what your core values are with the Bank here:

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NLP Techniques: How to Improve Your Memory

queen tv Jul 01, 2022

NLP Techniques: How to Improve Your Memory


Do you want to improve your memory? In this episode, I share a simple NLP technique to improve your memory right now!

#NLP #Memory #SubconsciousMind


Conscious Queenly Communication Skills: 



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  Conscious Language: The Logos of Now by Robert...

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