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the princess and the b Sep 21, 2022

I’m baaaaaaaacck.


Because just like Wonder Woman, when duty calls - and my duty is to shift the problematic perceptions that cause poor outcomes into a translation of magic vision, possibility, and actual results -


I must answer. 


After a brief summer content-hiatus where I immersed in deepening my understanding of the unconscious mind, healing from the past year’s trauma,  transforming mediocre projections into massive magical action, traveling to Vegas and back to Vegas and back again, hiring new team members, raising two growing boys, and…oh yeah…launching our podcasting guesting agency, Communication Queens


I felt the call for content again.


And not just any ol’ mediocre content - 


Because you know I would NEVER serve you a dose of average (this world has far too much of that as it is ❌)


But…in the vein of how I’ve  been described by more than one client:








Because the GAME of money, life, relationships, business has changed. And there is no going back to what was. 


Only forward. 




And only YOU can choose if you’re going to be the player of the game, or let the game play you.


If you thought the pandemic was rough and you’re only now coming up for air, there are fears at play on the horizon that can seep into your unconscious mind and wreak havoc on your dreams.


And if your bank account, 401K, or investments have seen a dip recently, you know what I’m eluding too.



Financial Crisis.

Economic chaos.


Have no fear, though, for, as usual, this unsinkable optimist can find the silver lining in any Titanic crypto/stock market sinking numbers.


Because we are not here to play into the projections of the world.


You are here to revolutionize your own potential.


And all of this, no matter what you are currently facing, is making you mother-effing RESILIENT.


Sometimes all it takes is a slight perspective shift to see through the fear porn, and recognize the truth:


The greatest businesses of our time were born in economic winter. 





All were born in the Great Recession of 2008. 


Just because there is a financial recession doesn’t mean there has to be a recession of IDEAS.


For just like the wine from the vines that survive the winter is the most flavorful, so can the ideas born from the winter of this economy. 


Because recession requires YOU as a leader to become more RESOURCEFUL. 


Instead of depending on “how things have always been done” or “the old way,” you get to get CREATIVE.


Abundance is birthed from the creative labors of its Creator. 


That’s how Nature works.


Let this recession allow you to assess the recesses of your creativity so that you may flourish and thrive come Spring.


In this podcast, I share why you need to strengthen your entrepreneur money mindset to prepare for an epic economic boom (AFTER this downturn), what are recession-proof businesses and jobs, and how to win as an entrepreneur during economic winter.


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Your Recession Proof Mindset: Take the Economic Winter By Storm


Remember, your reign is now.



Freaking out about the recession? Looking to recession-proof your business for the economic winter? In this podcast, Kimberly shares why you need to strengthen your entrepreneur money mindset to prepare for an epic economic boom, what are recession-proof businesses, and how to win as an entrepreneur during economic winter. 


Remember, your reign is now.


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Heal Your Money Beliefs: 




0:00 - What to Expect

5:30 - How can your fear shift?

7:00 - Why does transition make you feel unsafe?

10:15 - What is a recession?

12:30 - How is your mindset a choice?

15:30 - Why do you need to be aware of your mindset?

18:30 - How does your belief affect your reality?

20:00 - What can having a new belief system help you with?

23:30 - Why do you need to know the cause of the results that you don't like?

30:00 - How can changing your perception change your projection?






The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work Money and Miracles by Marianne Williamson:


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Episode Transcript: Your Recession Proof Mindset: Take the Economic Winter By Storm



KIMBERLY SPENCER: Hello, my fellow sovereigns, and welcome back to another episode of The Princess and the B. I am so excited to be here with you. I know it has been a hot minute since I have recorded an episode because I can give all the excuses in the world, and frankly, life, and frankly, we were so slammed with launching our agency, and I didn't think I'd have to start hiring people so fast. So, I was a little surprised because I've never had an offer like our guest's podcasting agency Communication Queens take off so fast and have so much demand and then also have all the teams and support and systems and then travel and all the things that have been all wonderful and content production took a back burner for me for the summer, and for Q3, pretty much all of Q3. And as we enter into Q4, I am excited to be back here with you. I am excited to go into this next phase of life with such frickin gusto. There are some big transformations on the horizon for the Spencer family, and no, I am not pregnant again. I just want to be clear about that. I am birthing; I told Spike that I am birthing a new version of me this year like I'm not birthing another human out of me at this moment; the new human that I birth is going to be myself. And there are just some really exciting developments. As you know, I have been back in Los Angeles for the past eight months now; It's now been eight months since we moved back from Australia. And there has been so much transition with moving family members and closing out lives, of my dad's life, my grandma's life, my aunt's life, all the people who passed last year and then also closing out or we're currently in negotiations for our deal for my parents business, my family business that my parents have had and I've grown up with for 30 plus years.



KIMBERLY SPENCER: And that in itself is a grieving process and peace, especially for my mom, and so we are navigating all the fields and all the deals that are going along with that so that she can begin anew when we move next year. So like I said, some massive transitions are happening. I am so excited to be back here supporting you with content and being here through those transitions because I feel like globally, from what I pick up from all of my clients from just our community and the world at large is that there are some pretty intense shifts happening even post-pandemic and I think that just like there was back in 2020, there's a lot of fear; it's just a different type of fear. And fear comes in many flavors, and as you know, it's new levels, new devils. It's a new level and the same damn devil, that damn devil of fear coming back in again! And I know when you're entering the unknown as we are, you know, branching into the unknown, of moving, of leaving a city that I have loved and called home for 35 years. And closing out a very pertinent poignant chapter, I'm not even gonna say chapter like, it's like a frickin volume of life and beginning something new. And I'm so excited. I am so here for it, and I am so honored to be in the place that I am and to have done the work I've done on myself personally and as a family. This summer, it wasn't just Spike and I getting certified as NLP master practitioners, I also sent my mom to NLP school, and she came back and had some really amazing breakthroughs. And so it was so great to be able to now communicate on that level, to have that level of understanding of awareness of language and conscious parenting and, and just being able to regroup and shift these dynamics. But I know that when you enter into the unknown, it is scary and feels funky and doesn't feel safe. And it feels like sometimes that there's no certainty and that everything is on shaky ground. And I don't just feel that for me and for our transitions of what we're moving into. But I also see and feel that from clients, our community, and the world at large. And so I really wanted to address the shakiness. And I know that when the pandemic started, I started blogging, and I did 90 days from fear to faith. And I'm not gonna be doing 90 days of podcasting, but I will do a level of consistency that is very different than, you know, being absent for a few summers, not summers, but months in order to kind of recalibrate, regroup and reset. And now I feel reset and set on a very different foundation, and having the amazing, fast-growing team that I now have just made it all easier for me to keep producing content, keep putting this out there. Because I do want to address one of the greatest fears that people have right now, and that's the fear around money. Because I don't know about you, I was talking to one of my clients, and she was like, Kim to see our investments plummet, plummet a million dollars like that's what most people want to make in their lifetime. And yet, you know, to see that of all your hard work and constantly doing the due diligence of putting money in and whatnot. And I'm not giving any financial advice here, obviously, but I'm just sharing experiences to see that drop. And I know we've seen our investments drop with the stock market fluctuations and crypto and all that. And there when the economy feels like it's going awry, and the news is saying it's going awry, and people are screaming and getting worried about recession, recession, recession!



KIMBERLY SPENCER: It's easy to allow our amygdalas to be swept up again in fear. And just like with the pandemic, just like what I said throughout that time. Even when my dad was in the hospital, even when he died, all through that time, I have consistently and will continue to always and forevermore ring the Battlecry of possibility. I remember when I was at business mastery in 2020, It was like such divine timing. And it was also such a learning moment for me, choosing to go very last minute. I think I literally made my payment two weeks before it started, and I went in January 2020. Every major business we know today that is multi-billionaire unicorns was created in a recession. So, I'm going to say a recession and you guys like may not like this; A recession is a mindset. I will say that I have seen it because this will be the second recession that I've gone through as a business owner. My first was in 08 when I was freelance teaching Pilates, and honestly, I was not impacted. And you’d think that like a luxury, some people would call it a luxury service like Pilates, would be the first to go. But it was not; I consistently had clients, I never doubted my ability to have clients, I always was booked, and even though I would hear people or my parents complain about a recession, I just, in that space, chose to be unavailable for it. Like, I didn't know that it was a belief system that I had to buy into. I just knew that if I kept showing up if I kept doing the work if I kept delivering epic value for my clients if I kept serving them to the best of my abilities if I kept holding my boundaries when it came to my price like we didn't do any price dropping or anything like that, that I would continue to be booked. And I was I ended up making more money back then as a Pilates instructor than I'd ever made. And for me, that was back when $55,000 was a lot of money. And for many, it is. And that is the thing about the mindset. You have a choice as to what you allow into your mindset and to what excuses you choose to subscribe to. It is yes, and yes, I use that word subscribed very, very deliberately because you can also just as easily choose to unsubscribe. And yes, subscribing to a belief system is just like subscribing to an email list; you opt in somewhere consciously or unconsciously, you opt into a belief system. Now, the deeper you see it’s results in your external circumstances, in a negative way, the more unconscious of projection it is. So let me break that down.



KIMBERLY SPENCER: Our perception is our projection, and that is what is created in our reality; the more self-aware of our internal, our own internal belief systems, thought patterns, values, and decisions, that we have limiting decisions, self limiting beliefs, and all that, the more we will be aware of when certain things come into our consciousness, things that are already in our consciousness that we like having in our consciousness, reflect and project happily, things that we are deeply unconscious of that we don't like, Project unhappily. And so looking at something like, if you are struggling with sales, it's very easy, and the rest of the world will not fault you for it, If you choose to blame the economy, if you choose to blame, you know, whatever you want to blame. No one else, like there are many people in this world that will support you in that belief system. But my question is, is that belief system getting the result that you say you want? If it's not, if it's continuing to procure the results of not having the sales that you want, then check yourself, and maybe it’s a shift in the belief system, that the economy is really the thing that's causing the issue. And maybe it's not you who may need to be reaching out to different people. Now, it's not to say that don't be aware of what's going on in the world and what's going on with the economy, absolutely monitor your money, be aware of where it is, know how much you're spending, know how much you're saving, and know how much you're continuing to invest, because the market will go up. It always does. Now, I'm not saying that, again, as financial advice. But be aware, be cognizant, take ownership of your own actions, and take ownership of what are the actions that you are taking to procure more sales. What are the actions that you're taking, as a business owner, as a leader, to grow, to expand, to double down on what it is that you say that you are trusting to manifest it into your reality? So being aware of that mindset, I have seen people who have gone through recessions, who make heaps of money and I have seen people who go through recessions, and they get, you know, plummeted. What's the difference? Well, if there are people that go through recession and profit, and make money, and grow financially, and their business thrives, then that means that just because there's a recession doesn't mean that you need to be personally affected by it. Let me say that again. Just because there is a recession does not mean that you need to be personally affected by it. Now, looking at that example of the people who profit, the people who make heaps of money through a recession. The reason why I say that it means that you don't have to be, that as an example of possibility because that means that you don't have to be personally affected by it. Now, that's not to say that, yeah, you don't see, the stocks are down, you know, I definitely see that. And I also know, and I also believe, and have absolute trust and uncertainty and my ability and my skill set that I've cultivated over 10 years of being an entrepreneur, and my ability to sell, my ability to continue to not rely on other people to deliver me my income. But to continue to provide value and service that actually helps serve people in a way that they need to be served so that they get their businesses making more money too. That is my sole goal, to help more sole as in sole and soul as in soul to help more goodhearted mission-minded conscious leaders make more money and make more impact. And it also starts with, what is it that you believe?



KIMBERLY SPENCER: Henry Ford, you know, the founder of Ford said, whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right. So what that quote means is it's correlated to your belief system. What you think manifests into your reality; if you think the recession will affect you and impact you, it will. Just like if that's all the people who like to blame Mercury in Retrograde, and they're like, oh, that I think this will affect me and impact me and then, and then it manifests into their reality. Now, is that to say that it's 100%? Does that happen with everybody? No, not necessarily. So being aware of what are the results that are resulting from your actions? And if you don't like your results, and if you don't like your external circumstances, then how can you, number one, accept where you're at? That doesn't mean you accept, lie down like a dog, surrender, and just play dead. That means you just accept, okay, this and this and this have led to this circumstance. I don't like this circumstance. It reminds me of Declan’s book that he just started reading himself. The Green Eggs and Ham I Do Not Like Them, Sam I Am. And that perception of like, I don't like this, I don't like this, I don't like this belief system until you maybe try something new, like Green Eggs and Ham, though personally, that sounds actually quite grotesque, haha Green Eggs and Ham sounds really nasty, but it's a great book. And it's a great book about shifting the power of perception through taking a new action, like trying something new, like trying on a new belief system, and then how that new belief system can ripple into all the different ways and in ways that you can experience your proverbial Green Eggs and Ham. So, looking at, if you do not like the results that you are currently experiencing in your world and your reality, then by perception being projection, how can you change your perception of your reality, so you project a different reality and thus create a different reality. Because the two laws the law of cause and effect, and perception being projection, which is proven by mirror neurons, and our own potential holographic universe, which is just a whole other a whole other tangent and concept that's so cool, and also gives you so much power, because even though you may not like the rest of the world may want to live at effect and blame the economy and blame, you know, the government and blame so and so and, you know, blame their old boss and blame their you know, even though the rest of the world may want to live it in effect. Or even, you know, heck, blaming yourself, that's also not being at the cause that's also not being fully at cause taking full responsibility, taking ownership because ownership in ownership and true ownership, there is no blame. There is simply acceptance, making a new choice, a new decision, and setting a new boundary of what you will and will not accept in your reality. And if you aren't accepting something, if you realize that you have been tolerating something that you no longer want to tolerate, then choose a different path. Make new choices. For example, if you don't like tolerating low sales, then look at and if you have been, and it's okay; if you have been in the past, blaming something, the economy, yourself, whatever, take a moment, forgive yourself, forgive your own perception.



KIMBERLY SPENCER: Accept where you are, where your bank account is, where your finances are, where you're at everything in your external reality that you have co-created with your relationship with the universe. And when you take that moment to accept, then look at, okay, if we were to work this back, like a math problem, think of it like universal algebra, right? So I remember in algebra, you have like one plus x equals y. So we got the Y, we got the Y circumstance, right of like, this is the y that we're stuck in of our circumstances that were like, I don't like this, why am I here? Why do I Why am I getting these results? So we got the why we got to find out what x is? And what are the causes that caused that effect that caused that result that you don't like? Maybe you were facing, you know, some challenges at home, maybe you fell off your game a little bit and got a little discouraged and then got a little down. Or maybe you surrounded yourself with some negative Nellies and realized that you were choosing to buy into gossip or the news, or you know the circumstances of the world. What is it that you made a choice consciously or unconsciously that created the reality that you're currently in? So I can look back? And let's take this podcast, for example. Right? So I can look back and say, Well, why wasn't I consistent over the past few months? Well, one, I accept the fact I wasn't consistent. And that's okay. Because we're all works in progress. Do not put anyone up on a pedestal, including me. Like never like when you put someone up on a pedestal pedestals are very shaky, unstable surfaces, they are bound to crash down and then it's very disappointing when your statute crashes have The idol that you've created have the perception of who you thought someone was. So putting your success, your past success, or yourself or anyone else up on a pedestal is a recipe for disaster. So if I were to just take this as my own very transparent example of consistency with his podcast, the result is our podcast numbers dropped. Obviously, I didn't have downloads going for two months. So our numbers didn't really increase. And they increased, you know, micro, you know, micronutrient density, but they didn't really increase. And so one of our principles, one of our core values at Crown yourself, is grow or die. And so as I'm looking at this one medium of our content production, and I'm seeing it not grow, and thus I'm like, Oh, do I gotta kill this sucker? Like, do I gotta kill the podcast? I don't want to kill the podcast. I then had to look at okay; core value filtered my decision through my core value. Second. Okay, I've been struggling with bandwidth. I was in a very intensive month-long certification program for NLP master Prac timeline therapy Master Practitioner and becoming a master hypnotist. So that was pretty intense. And then, a few weeks later, I decided to sign up for another very intense, week-long mastermind of deep soul searching and breakthroughs. Okay, cool. So I made two choices that ended up resulting in me having a little bit more work than I normally do on top of running a business and launching an entirely separate division for our business for our communication queens agency. Gotcha. So I look at all these circumstances, I look at the results of our podcasts numbers dropping, and I'm like, Duh, of course they did. Of course, it didn't like not dropping. I perceived dropping when they're I'm like, stagnant, really, it's stagnant and grow or die being of value. I'm like, do I choose to lean in and keep going and keep growing? Or do I choose to simply let it go? And I'm like, I have a podcasting agency. No, I'm not letting this go. I love having guests on my show. I love the conversations. I love the feedback I get from you guys. Like I love the connection and the intimacy of podcasting. It feels incredibly incongruent for me not to have a podcast. So what do I need to double down on? What do I need to enroll? And fortunately, because the agency has catapulted me into hiring more people beyond what I thought I was initially capable of, of hiring multiple people.



KIMBERLY SPENCER: One at a time, like week after week, I'm not hiring like multiple people at the same time, but I'm like, it's one after the other after the other. And looking at that, and saying, okay, well, now I've hired a copywriter for our agency division, well, why don't they do some of the copywriting for some of our SEO for the podcast and, and so seeing that I'm like, Oh, great, I've now freed up some space. Because there were certain things with podcast production that were still dependent upon me that I no longer wanted to be dependent on upon me, I frankly, don't have the time, nor do I have the energetic bandwidth to be able to do those things like I am available for genius zone, That's it! That's really where my line is being drawn because with the kids getting older, I really just want to spend a lot more time with them. And Colton is such a quality time love language that I need to honor that and be there for him. It's different with him because he's not he stopped breastfeeding at 7/8 months and so my connection with him is different than it was with Declan, where Declan and I had a very deep connection because Declan breastfed until two and a half. So there was that always that like, intimate time of just he and I and just like gazing into each other's eyes and cuddling each other and, and Colton has, frankly, cuddled a lot more with Spike, because I've, I've been, you know, building an empire and working. And that's been our shift in roles that have happened as Colton came into the picture this past year. And allowing for that recognising for that and looking at all the circumstances and like what in my circumstances do I like what am I circumstances do I not like, and then becoming very crystal clear and aware of like, what are the things that I don't like and how can I shift those projections within myself? So then I can project something that I actually do like, so if there's a perception of Something that I don't like within myself, I gotta clean that shit up for me. And then I'll project something different into the world. But unless I've cleared up the negative emotions, the self-limiting beliefs, the doubts, the fears, you know, annoyances that I have going through my mind, then that shit is gonna project out. The same is true for something macro, like the economy in a recession. If there are negative emotions that you have around money, clean that shit up; if there are self-limiting beliefs like the recession is going to impact your income and your ability to thrive, then clean those beliefs up first, look at what is it that you would like to believe and find people who are doing something who are succeeding, and examples and surround yourself with examples of the possibility of people who do not buy in? Who do not subscribe to the belief system that yes, while there may be an at least nationwide, if not worldwide recession happening because of the, you know, post pandemic and all that. But people who are, you know, who acknowledged that it's happening, and that who also acknowledged that it's not going to affect them? Like, yeah, sure, it affected the stock market and some of that, and in the ultimate scheme of things, money is a game that is played by faith and by trust and by vision and by leaning into the possibility and learning to trust in that skill set. Trust in the energy of you being able to manifest even more far beyond than what you thought possible. So lean into your faith during these times because it is so easy to be dragged down into fear and unconsciousness. And if certain things are manifesting in your reality that you do not like, then check your own projections. That's the biggest piece of taking ownership. And it's the biggest piece that no one wants to have a conversation around because it's so much easier to play a victim. And I will let you know, my fellow sovereigns, that there is a new version of me that is coming through that is a bit more disruptive. Because I am an Enneagram 8, I am a challenger; I was recently reminded and doing the business negotiations and supporting my mom through, you know, million-dollar business negotiation and a possible buyout deal, I was recently reminded by my husband, he's like, “You're disrupting what the status quo was.” And I was like, “Oh, fuck, that's why.”



KIMBERLY SPENCER: But that's the thing is that I do believe that a part of my purpose was to disrupt some systems that frankly do need some disruption, and the system and the system of unconsciousness that we have been living with as a society, of allowing for ourselves to deflect and give away our own power to blame others, instead of taking personal responsibility. And this ultimately through personal responsibility actually getting to claim our own power of the power that we have as human beings, as the divine incarnate to be able to manifest amazing things in this world. Amazing, epic things. I am so excited for what we are manifesting in this next year. Do I have any idea how we're going to do it? I have some idea. I have clues. I have hints. I of course have strategy, I have a vision. But the exact step-by-step of how everything will unfold? No, but I have faith. I have faith in something that is unseen. But I have seen it in my mind, and you got to see it there first before you see it anywhere else. And when you think of those moments of those college kids who started Facebook and Instagram and the big companies and Uber and Airbnb, all of these were born out of the recession of 2007 2008; the availability of the internet that we know today in 2022, just gush don’t make me do that. 14 years ago, Airbnb was not a thing to go get into somebody's; a stranger's car was something that was weird and only reserved for taxis. Like these companies change and revolutionize the face of our earth as we know it in a recession, what belief system do you think their founders were subscribing to, because I highly doubt that it was buying into that recession means that recession of ideas and possibilities. A recession is simply a state of the economy and so it is a state of worry. But if you choose to look through the lens of possibility and see that most of the greatest companies that we know today, and by greatest I mean, like financially wealthy companies today, the billion dollar industries, they were created in the winter, the seasonal winter of business, the recessions because that is when the true merit of a founder is founded, when they cultivate resilience and an ability to seek out ideas and possibility, because just because there's a recession does not mean that there needs to be a recession, on your mindset of the possibility of your mindset of creativity, and your mindset of adaptability and flexibility, so that you can pivot with the next thing that comes along. Follow those nudges, follow those intuitive guidances lean into this time. Like when I was at business mastery. And Tony said winter is coming. He's like it's coming soon. And this was before anyone really knew about the pandemic. But he said, I don't know when it's gonna land was gonna land, it's gonna land hard. And those who are positioned with the right mindset, who are focused on possibility, vision, potential, and future, will be able to plant seeds that they will harvest. It will be a bountiful, fruitful season of autumn. We just got to get through this winter first. And if I can support you through this winter as we actually move into, you know, autumn and winter, but if I can support you through this podcast to do that, to give you the tools and systems, the belief systems to lean into to start unsubscribing from the unconsciousness and the victim mentality of society and choose to instead lean into your own possibility and greatness and the expansion of your ideas, then I can definitely find bandwidth for that, because that is my sole purpose. So if you liked this episode, if it resonated with you, I am so honored to be back here with you. And let's take this winter by frickin storm. Remember, to own your throne, mind your business because your reign is now.


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