Claim Your Power And Get Your Brand Visible From Guest Podcasting

the princess and the b Nov 09, 2022

Ever had a conversation that went like this…

"We love what you do, but…"

"We love your energy, but…"

"I think you are doing great, but…" 


Whether on a podcast interview, a cold email, a conversation with a potential client, or a sales conversation with your partner, children, or team, have you struggled with not being ready to give things a go from fear of rejection? Have you lost your confidence because you had gotten too many "but"...

Have you struggled with finding people you align with and reaching people who will say yes to you and your business?

Guest Podcasting is the action you need to transform your life, build your confidence and become a success in every part of your business and personal life.

When you set your vision to what you want, you maximize the possibilities of getting it right.  The guest podcasting format is a game changer that gives us the ability to approach our life,  spread positive energy, and create much more impact than we can do as a person.  

Through the power of Guest podcasting, Laurin Wittig transformed from Kindle's top 10 bestselling award-winning author to an exceptional intuitive healer helping people connect and heal from a deeper level. 

Remember, your reign is now.

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In this episode, Kimberly Spencer interviews an exceptional intuitive healer and Kindle top 10 bestselling award-winning author, Laurin Wittig. This episode is for you if you want to know how to claim your power with podcasts easily.


Laurin Wittig is the catalyst for launching the communication agency because of the transformation that comes from profiting from guest podcasting. Like every other business owner under the Communication Queens Agency Program, Laurin Wittig transformed her business and claimed her power, confidence, and authenticity to build her relationship as a leader/ business owner with innovative tools to connect on a deeper level with her children and her team. That is the power that comes from claiming your power. If you want to transform your life and claim your power, this episode got you covered. 


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EPISODE TRANSCRIPT: Claim Your Power with Podcasts with Communication Queen, Laurin Wittig

Kimberly Spencer  0:00  

Hello, my fellow sovereigns. Now you know how stories of transformation are my jam. In fact, the sole purpose of Crown Yourself is transforming people's stories about what's possible for their life for their relationships for their businesses. And there is no one that I have seen transform quite as fast as Lauren Wittig. Lauren was one of my Queen B private clients, and she became a Communication Queen student in our founding class back when Communication Queens was just a course. And she is part of the reason and the catalyst for launching the Communication Queen's agency simply because of the success of transformation that comes from getting booked and profiting from guest podcasting. When I first started working with Lauren, her confidence was nowhere near what you're going to hear in this interview. This is a woman who has not only owned her power with her skill set, she's an incredibly skilled, intuitive healer. And the thing that I see with many of my clients is that they're very good at what they do. But maybe they're just lacking the business skills, the marketing acumen, the awareness of their brand, and their own authenticity of how they need to start showing up for their business and building that relationship with their business, that when we start working on that relationship, their skill set as a leader transforms and that is what you will hear with Lauren today. Now not only is Lauren an exceptional, intuitive healer, but she's also a Kindle top 10 Best Selling award-winning author of exhilarating historical romances inspired by the conflicts of mystical culture back in Scotland. I know she's pretty awesome. Lauren has transformed not only in her confidence in being a business owner but in her vision with how she has now used the tools to reconnect on a deeper level with both of her children. And for me as a mom, that brings up all the fields because that is everything. This is the power that comes from claiming your power. When you fully show up as all of you and have the courage to be all of you in your business, in your into the actual practice of what you do inside your business, whether that is healing or real estate or cheffing, or whatever it is that you actually do inside your business, but also as a business owner, as a business leader, as a leader, as a visionary of that, that vision that you are bringing to life. It ripples into your relationships with your family, it ripples into your community. And Lauren Wittig is such a testimony for what is possible when you make the commitment to invest in yourself and to do the work. And I just adore her. I am so honoured to have her on the show. So without any further ado, I give you the amazing extraordinary Lauren Wittig.


Welcome to The Princess and the B podcast, the place to be to build your empire as Queen of your body, business and life. I'm your host Kimberly Spencer, founder of and I'm an award-winning coach, Amazon Best Selling Author and multi-passionate entrepreneur. Each week I give you the system's strategies and success stories to help you master your mindset. Communicate with ease and triple your productivity so you make the income and the impact you deserve. Imagine this podcast as your weekly spark of inspiration as you take it to the next level with all the Bs of your life, body business, bank accounts, boys and babies. Let's make it reign. 


Hello, and welcome back to The Princess and the bee. I am so excited to be here with you because today I have someone extraordinary. Laurin Wittig was one of my former clients. She is a Communication Queen. She has literally transformed in the year that I have known her. And it is such a pleasure to see and be here with you today Lauren, to be in the presence of the queen that you have literally become.


Laurin Wittig  4:28  

Well, I couldn't have done it without you can but I appreciate the kind words and that and you know, I borrow your belief pretty regularly. So very happy to be here too.


Kimberly Spencer  4:39  

And that was something that Lauren, I just was recently blessed to be on Lauren's podcast, and she mentioned on her podcast that she had to borrow my belief system and her and so feel free to also adopt that belief if you don't feel like you believe in you enough. Go ahead and borrow mine because I know that so many amazing things are possible for you, especially if you're listening to this podcast. Yeah,


Laurin Wittig  5:05  

yeah. Ya know your energy and your belief and your tenacity in pushing gently but firmly to bring the best out is amazing. And I'm so grateful for it because it really has transformed me and my business.


Kimberly Spencer  5:23  

Lauren, walk me through it because I know your journey I was there with you. But a little bit of your journey of where you were, when you started, what you do, why you do what you do, and that big old giant vision and mission that you have in your heart.


Laurin Wittig  5:38  

Hmm, yeah, and it's starting to move. Well, when I, when I when you came into my sphere of, of, you know, attachments, I had been a practicing energetic healer for about two years. And I had really learned how to be a healer, but I had not learned anything about running a business. And so I was really stuck. Especially when the pandemic hit, I had a very small client, most of them really didn't want to work with me by distance, which I do a lot and works really well. But so I went in sort of into hibernation mode for a while as I think a lot of us did. But then when I started to go, you know, I should be using this time, to really understand how I want to relaunch my business when the time comes. And I've worked with a number of coaches to heal myself, you know, healers, particularly. But I really came to realize that I didn't know how to run a business. I've never run a business, I published books, I knew how to run that kind of business for myself, but it didn't apply to what I was doing now and, and the vision I have for what I'm here to do, because my vision is as you know, as it poured out of me one day in one of our sessions, I have a big vision for getting my voice out in the world and helping people to, to just wake up and see the world for what it can be. If we all work together to make it that way, and how powerful each individual is when they reach that point of, of accepting that they have a purpose here in life. And for most of us that purpose is to have an experience, but also to learn from it and create something even more beautiful than then we may have now. And a lot more beautiful than a lot of us have now. So that's um, that's been sort of where I came to you with just no idea. You said the word systems. And I was like, wait, what?


Kimberly Spencer  7:41  

I said like every entrepreneur's least favourite word. Like, why do I need a system?


Laurin Wittig  7:48  

It's my favourite word now. Because putting systems in and you helped me do the, you know, the learning curve of what is a system? What kinds of systems do I need to have in place, the tools to do that, and the reasons for doing it? And so I spent really the year since we started working together, putting systems in place, and I am now addicted to systems. Automated, I want to automate it, if I can delegate it, I want to delegate. So, whereas before I was trying to do everything myself, and because I really didn't understand what I needed to be doing, I was kind of blind. I didn't you know, I wasn't doing anything in a way that worked for me, because I just didn't know what I was doing. So that piece of the work I did with you has been truly transformational.


Kimberly Spencer  8:46  

And you've since gone on to launch a podcast as well.


Laurin Wittig  8:50  

Yes. And I'm having so much fun and you are entirely responsible for that happening. I will say Communications Queens if you're listening to this, and you've never heard of it, or you are thinking about taking it, go, go right now, go do it because it's amazing. And it's fun. Ken makes everything really fun. Even when she's holding your feet to the fire of it. It's still fun. There's still a lot of joy in the process. So but Communications Queens was another game changer for me. Because you taught us how to be guests, how to use guest podcasting as a way to get ourselves out in front of people and one of my missions from my guidance spirits is to get my voice out in the world. And so I started with the guesting and I was having a lot of fun with that and I just kind of started thinking I really want to be able to also have conversations with people I want to have conversations with. So I got a very strong message from my guides and meditation one day it's time to start the podcast. And you had given us a great starting place for that as well. I think because so many of us were asking for it in your in your First Class. So I had a good place to start from it. And I had the systems in place already from Communications Queens for being a guest. So it was easy to sort of take those systems and just tweak them just a little bit to, to turn it into another Trello board, my favourite tool. So, so that made it easy for me to launch. And also, again, that borrowing belief, I just trusted that I could jump in and start it and it would, and it could evolve. I didn't have to have it perfect. It didn't have to be you know, exactly what is supposed to be. I have a ton of friends who were like, Yeah, I'll be on your podcast. And thank you for reaching out and saying, Hey, I'd like to be on your podcast.


Kimberly Spencer  10:49  

But I practice what I preach, right? She doesn't ask me to be on our podcast, I'm just gonna, you know, reach out because sometimes, that's really what you have to do is like, sometimes people don't know to ask, or sometimes they feel intimidated to ask or sometimes, like, I've had come on other people's podcasts as a guest. And they're like, I don't know how you found me. But your story is so perfect for my audience. I'm like because you have to have the courage, which is one of the key high-performance habits to be able to just reach out and ask Yeah, and most people are scared to do that asking piece because they're scared of the rejection. And yeah, I've been rejected, like, but I don't actually deal with that because of the system that I have in place with my assessment. So I don't have to see the rejections. But, but I do sometimes go back and review that when I'm in a good space so that I don't get my ego all butthurt. But I'm seeing the rejections. I'm like, Oh, when I look at the podcast, when I look at who that person is who that podcaster is, I'm like, I would have never been a fit for them in the first place. Like my style does not match at all with their audience, I would have been wasting their time. And my time. Thank you for the rejection. Because when you find those people that you are aligned with, they're like, Where have you been? All my life?


Laurin Wittig  12:03  

Yeah, my very first reach out in terms of asking to be a guest if see if I could pitch to somebody using your system, which was beautiful because you gave us all you know, the like, the swipe copy for all of the different emails and stuff. So that was super easy. But I found on the list that you gave us, a person who I had met when I was working with a journaling coach, and just very briefly, and there was a name recognition because her last name was my best friend's last name, that kind of thing. So I remembered her. She was on your list of you gave us like, I don't know. 100 I don't know how many


Kimberly Spencer  12:42  

1000 Yeah. Yeah, yeah, 1111 Because you know 1111.


Laurin Wittig  12:51  

But I was reading down just sort of getting familiar with what was on the list and looking for what might be a good fit, you know, in terms of the topics and things. And I hit her name. And I was like, I know her. I mean, like, just on zoom, you know, group zoom call, we didn't have any conversation, but I just know who she is. I know what her what her energy is like, and I'd be a great fit for her. And so I reached out to her I got an immediate, like boomerang email back hell yes. And she didn't remember me at all from that call. But it was such a success. For my first time out that it was like, it was a super confidence builder. But it was also that meshing of you know, I had, I had just follow the energy up, there's the one. And it gave me so much more confidence to reach out to others that I maybe didn't have quite as, as strong a hit on but look like I might be a good match. And most of the ones I've reached out to, which hasn't been a whole lot, actually. But I've been invited to be on. And so it's an it's, oh, that's so much easier than hosting because there's so much less preparation.


Kimberly Spencer  14:03  

Like you just show up


Laurin Wittig  14:06  

...questions. So, that gave me a big confidence boost, just to just to reach out and ask and not take it personally if I don't get a response or it's just like, okay, it wasn't right. And that's, that's a lesson that I'm pulling into everything I'm doing now. And that's also very powerful.


Kimberly Spencer  14:28  

I think my favourite piece of the story that you failed to mention is that you didn't have your mic 


Laurin Wittig  14:29 

yet... I kind of remember


Kimberly Spencer  14:32  

you posting in Communication Queens book my first podcast interview gotta get my mic now.


Laurin Wittig  14:49  

Thankfully, we can get things in two days now or


Kimberly Spencer  14:52  

later. Yeah, thankfully, Amazon Prime delivers speedily.


Laurin Wittig  14:57  

I have my beautiful blue Yeti net You know, whatever it is, and it works great. And I love it. And, and I actually get a lot of feedback about how good the audio is. So


Kimberly Spencer  15:10  

Take that audio up just a notch from like being a regular computer sound system, it changes the game. Yeah, but I love the fact that you took action-aligned action. Before you were ready, like before you had a microphone.


Laurin Wittig  15:27  

And I am bringing that into so many different places. Now I got in, I get a lot of things in meditation. As you you know, me, I talked to spirit guides, and I, you know, I do all that lovely stuff. But last week, I got in meditation, the full structure system for a new offering. And I happen to have a call, like three days later, and I had kind of gone through and sketched out what I thought I was going to do with it. But I pitched it to her. It doesn't even exist yet. And she was like, not quite ready for it. But I just I was like, I'm just gonna throw it out there and see what happens. 


Kimberly Spencer  16:06  

Give it a go, Oh, I love that Lauren. Like that is like leaps and bounds for when we started working together.


Laurin Wittig  16:15  

I know, I know, I am so much more. What I want to say, I'm more confident in every part of my business, in large part because I had that I think it was a 12-week program that you were running at the time, one on one with you those quick, I mean, 30 minutes, I really fast. But so many different systems that you introduced me to, and ways of thinking about things and pushing me to be courageous. And I don't think I realized at the time how each one of those pieces was building on itself. But boy, by the time it all sunk in. And I had worked through all the things that you had given me and I've read a lot of the books that you had recommended. And I started implementing the system's I hired an assistant, thank you, Kim,


Kimberly Spencer  17:11  

I'm so happy. And I mean, you are one of my first clients who has hired the first person and had them be a rockstar knockout out of the gate. And most people take like one or two trials before they get it. But you implemented and I think that thing with, especially because of what you do and what you're so skilled at aligning with the energy, connecting with the guides and being able to find that you when you set your vision on what you want, you bring in spiritual help to also help which magnifies the possibility of I don't want to say getting it right. But getting it right.


Laurin Wittig  17:52  

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And you had really opened my eyes when you talked about talking about values first, when I was gonna put the ad up for the assistant, of course, you told me which website I could use and all that kind of practical stuff, too. But you had you had really drilled it into me to go values first. And then what are the skills I was looking for. And it just immediately clicked for her and for me, and we've been working together for probably, I don't know, eight or nine months now. And, and it's been really remarkable. And I love being able to help other people gain new skills. I've been a teacher in many iterations of teaching. But one of my joys, particularly with women is bringing more power to them by teaching them or enabling them to learn something new. So Arienne is my is my assistant. And when I started to get into the podcasting stuff, I had hired her to put all my systems my you know, automate everything for me and do some work on my website. And I said to her, are you interested in learning something new? And she said, Oh, yeah, of course. I said, Could you help me with the podcast guessing project? Oh, yes, of course. And then it was not too long after where I went, which to learn how to be a producer. And because she's in the Philippines, first of all, I can afford her. Second of all, she has access to things that buy our classes that buy our prices is like a course you take that it's super cheap. So she was able to find a class specifically about podcasting for virtual assistants, being a producer, and it cost $19. So I paid for the class. I paid for her time to take the class and she is now my producer. And so she's doing the lion's share of the work. And, and then I also got to hire my daughter to be my audio engineer. witch just tickles me to death.


Kimberly Spencer  20:01  

And I think that that's my one of my favourite parts is like, when because I don't believe, and you know this that that success needs to come at the expense of our families, at the expense of our health, at the expense of our bodies. And more often than not, I've had clients who reunite, reconnect or connect just in a different deeper way with their children simply because they're in their power and, and the way that they're approaching their business shifts the dynamic in the relationship it does. And so you brought on your daughter, and you had her on as a podcast guest, which I just love. 


Laurin Wittig  20:39  

It's my favourite one. No offence, it's my favourite one that I've done so far. And the other piece of that is my son, who loves podcasts when his sister's episode came out, I said, You need to listen to this, I know that, you know, you don't believe in all the stuff that I do. But you need to listen to this. It's your sister. And it really was very it was I was so proud of her. It was the first time I had had a real adult conversation with her, you know, not to kid. And it was it was wonderful. Well, my son was here this weekend. And he had since then listened to all of the episodes, I think there were seven out three times. And he's got his little analytical, his big analytical mind going. And he sat he sat down with me and, you know, gave me his critique of them. And I used critique in the term of a writer, because it wasn't a this is bad. It was a, you know, this part didn't really work for me. And maybe if you tried this, or I really think if you added this kind of of solo episode between some of the things that are harder to understand that it would help people like me to get it just blew my mind. And I'm taking notes. And he's like, I hope I'm not hurting your feelings. I was like, Bring it on. And it was the same effect with him. It was in a real adult peer-to-peer kind of conversation that I really had not had with him. So it's transformed my relationship with both my kids already just doing podcasts. And it's great. And not that it wasn't bad before. But it's it's adult relationships, a different relationship,


Kimberly Spencer  22:17  

and just the ability that you've been able to approach it with that mindedness. Oh, that just that yeah, I look forward to my children being able to have the space right now, you know, foreign 10 months, the adult conversation


Laurin Wittig  22:32  

in 29. So it's a while.


Kimberly Spencer  22:34  

Yeah, so I got about I got, you know, a good 20-30 years for that. But to look forward to that, and to be able to see that. And that's always like that, for me, that's a huge piece of my business. And what I'm building is the impact and legacy of what it's going to leave for my future generations. And not just my children, but future like to change the genetic wiring and our DNA, five generations. So when we start thinking with that vision of that level of impact of How is this not going to impact like just my kids, but my, my grandchildren, my great-grandchildren? Like, what are they going to say about grandma being the game changer of generations, right?


Laurin Wittig  23:17  

that's why what we're doing now is so important because we have we're reaching a crescendo of, you know, crap. If I can be honest, I'd say other words, but I think that's a good one. And, and it's up to us right now for the future of humankind. I mean, not just our own family lineage, but humankind, to find a better way. And you know, the people like you and I have come in at this time to be Wayshowers and light-bringers. And to help lead that, that change process. And I love this particular format because it does spread our energy, our voice our work much further than we can do in person. And I just, I'm in love with this format, I just have to tell you.


Kimberly Spencer  24:11  

Yeah, like once it once you recognize the impact that it can have and how simple it can be. It's a game-changer. And I think that you have tapped so deeply into that vision and light. And you already were the game changer in the breaker of cycles, because you did that with your children. I mean, that's what got you into the healing work that you do. Can you share a bit more about that journey that led you into the work that you're doing now?


Laurin Wittig  24:37  

Yeah. Well, I actually I started even before my kids because when I was 21, I did what's called 12 stepping, which is a term my dad, which is saying, Dad, I know you're an alcoholic, and I want you to get help. And so at 21, That was my family when you're the only one he'll listen to you have to go do that. And so that was the first time where I had used my voice is to change something and he was he was sober for 20 years before he died. So that was the first time I realized that I can have an influence on things. But with my, when my kids come around, it's different with your kids, because you're, you feel so, so responsible for it. And my daughter came and she's mostly healthy. But she had a couple of little odd allergies, that I had to convince the doctors was a problem and not just diaper rash, this kind of thing. She had a cough for a long time, and it was related to fluoride. You know, and I took my detective work to figure that stuff out. But when my son came in, he came in sick from the get-go. And with and had life-threatening allergies, and severe asthma as an infant. And so, you know, I worked with the medical system for a while because that's what I knew. And I, you know, babies, you don't take any chances with them. And we got to a point when he was about 18 months old, where the doctors weren't calling it asthma yet, but you know, he was having breathing problems. I finally said, Okay, if it were asthma, what should I do? That was the first step. And then so that led me to an allergist. And that's when we found out that the severity of the allergies, and then that the allergist wanted to keep putting him on stronger and stronger medications. He's like two years old at this point. They want to put him on prednisone, they want to put him on these, like medications that, fortunately, I had the background to understand what they do. I would go and research them. We had the internet. It wasn't very robust yet. But we had the internet. So I would go on and the doctor would say I want to put him on this med when I knew he was getting better already. That was the kicker for me. And it was, you know, stunt your growth, it was learning disabilities. And I was like, No, there's got to be some other way to do this. And so I started researching Chinese medicine, I don't know why I thinnk it come to me when I need them. And at the same time, I told my dad I said, we're really looking for to see if we can find some some sort of alternative modality that we can bring in to help with this, because they're only treating the symptoms and they're getting worse, we need to do something about what's causing it. And he just happened to have a friend who he met through AA, who would have just started up a consulting business to connect people like us with people like the Chinese doctors, alternative practitioners, and she vetted them. So she hooked us up with Dr. Wu, who we worked with for a number of years, but he was he worked as an as a consultant to the NIH or what is it National Institutes of Health up in DC, which is where we were. He had been through medical school, Western medical school, as well as the Chinese acupuncture and herbal medical school because you have to do both in China. And then he came here, he was amazing. And he was the only one that she had talked to who worked with a toddler. And so we started acupuncture and herbals. And in two weeks, my son's immune system kicked in. He had color in his face, he was hungry. He had he was active where he had been pretty lethargic. It was just that I was like, oh, okay, there's something serious here. I ended up going for my allergies. And that helped a lot. And that really set us on this path to there's got to be more than symptom relief. And so that's and I don't remember your question now.


Kimberly Spencer  28:37  

Oh, well, I mean, you went down the path of researching like, like a parent does. And you know, when your kid is sick, or when doctors say that, Oh, there's this thing that's wrong with your child like, you do everything you can to find anything that yeah, can be a solution. Right? And so you went down that rabbit hole. How did you transition from being a best selling author like a well, like, beautifully written fiction into saying, You know what, I'm going to choose that. That healing is my career.


Laurin Wittig  29:16

I think I was always looking for a way to use healing to help people I thought about medical school and so that's always been in the back of my head. I thought after working with the acupuncturist, I thought maybe I'll become an acupuncturist, but I didn't. And but over the years my health we left DC, we didn't have Dr. Wu to help us any more. So, over the years, my health had really started to to fall apart. And then perimenopause hit me with like a ton of bricks. And perfect storm, I ended up with pneumonia for six weeks, one winter. I couldn't go outside in the spring at all, because I the allergies were just so horrible. And, you know, the universe provides my best friend lives up in the DC area. And you know, and I was talking about how bad my asthma and my allergies were getting. And she said, Well, I was just, I just had a session with this really cool healer. And why don't you have a session with her and it's like, oh, I don't have time to come up there. She said, she can do it on the phone. I'm like, what, but I was desperate. It was just like with my kid, I was desperate. I there was no more medications I could take for pills, or for allergies. And in fact, I ended up in the ICU when I decided to go get shots and got tested. I had such I had an anaphylactic reaction to the first round of of testing shots. So I was like, no time for something else. And I'm bad about doing things for others, but not for myself. So it hadn't really clicked in that I need to find a healer for me. So my friend Pamela, hooked me up with this woman who happened to live down the street from another friend of mine up in Northern Virginia. I got on the phone with her. And I told her that my asthma was just getting worse and worse and it wasn't being controlled. And I'd said that basically I said, that's what I need help with is I just I have this asthma and I can't breathe in one hour on the phone and I'm with her. She's some time telling me what she's doing. And other times she's saying, Okay, now blow out. And you know, I'm like, Okay, I'm just going to trust the process here. In an hour, I felt so much better. I had cried. I had had catharsis. She told me, essentially, that my mother was sitting on my chest. And anybody who's known me for the last 10 years knows my mother's has been good. Yeah, rest in peace, mom, but the asthma has gone. Gone, and it's never come back. And this has been easily 10 years now. And so again, I don't always remember to do things for myself. A few years later, my allergies were getting really so horrible. I was miserable constantly, and felt very closed in. And my friend Pamela said, You should go see her again. That time, I went up to visit Pamela


Kimberly Spencer 32:09 

Pamela was a very good friend.


Laurin Wittig  32:13

The best she's my chief instigator. That's what I call her. But I went up and this time I had an in person session, and I didn't even say I'm here to deal with the allergies. I just I literally just said, Whatever shows up, let's deal with it. The first thing she the woman asked me was What's your belief system? And I'm thinking, Well, I was raising the Episcopal Church, but I don't really believe in God. It's more like, you know, the universe and the force. And she was like, no, no, that's not what I mean. Nevermind. And so she started working on me. And a little bit later, she apparently gotten the message. She works with angels, just a lot of angels. That my belief system was that every I should be afraid of everything in the world. So my belief system was the world is a scary place. And I know now from my own training that allergies are always about fear. It's always a way of keeping ourselves away from whatever it is we fear. So in one hour without telling her that allergies were the reason I was there, and without her ever talking about allergies, she helped me release the fear she gave me some tools to continue helping to release the fears over time, and no allergies since then. I have a little bit I will admit, I have a little bit of itchy eyes and the occasional sneeze during the height of tree and grass season. But ragweed used to be one of my worst which is late summer fall where I live nothing. I don't have any problem with that anymore. And this has been again, this is probably seven or eight years. I was hooked at that point. I was like, Okay, I'm gonna stop resisting this and just, you know, start learning and you know, the universe provides and I already was going to a wonderful massage therapist here who ran a yoga class that I love called that she invented called the bowtie. And she i She was like, we were talking she was the person I could talk to about this stuff. And she had Another student came in, and she was doing this stuff for 18 years at that point. And so Anna put the two of us together. And it's just been, ever since has been, I've been taking classes and I have a community and I ran a WISEWOMAN circle for two years before the pandemic. And now I'm doing this. So it's just it's been, you know, I feel like I feel like I spent a lot of time sort of edging my way up. And now I've hit that that rock endpoint. So then a long journey, but I got there.


Kimberly Spencer  34:45

And I know for some, like if you're listening to this, and you've got that little bit of what my husband calls the Gen X or sceptic, like voice coming into your head. There's a fantastic series on Gaia, which is a network called missing links by Gregg Braden, that focuses on peer reviewed science of how this these principles of healing work due to a principle called quantum entanglement. And so physics, especially quantum physics, is showing how we are all deeply intimately connected through this divine matrix, this force that is very palpable in us through us around us, that connects us to one another. And so if that little skeptical brain is going off, and you're like, I need some science to back this who was this book? Then I highly recommend that series because he breaks it down in a very scientific manner. For those who aren't like fully in or who are looking for alternative solutions but don't know quite like Wait somebody just is gonna like talk to me over the phone and know why. And it is wild. I've had I've done it. I've had it well not done it. But I've had it done to me with me. Because it's not really a to me process. It's a with me process, you have to go with it as well. But and be accepting of it, just like with anything, but in the in the same space. That is a fantastic series and then book by Dr. Bruce Lipton called The Biology of Belief is also another great one. And then Dr. John Sarno also has a fantastic book called The divided mind, and healing back pain, which talks a bit more about the mind, body intimate connection. And then because of that mind body intimate connection, then the quantum principles of quantum physics that yeah, that are from that entanglement principle that we are all deeply and intimately connected on some level. And so we can feel for those who are highly sentient. And for those who have tuned into the energy or in trained like Lauren has to be able to access that, that depth of being understanding and feeling.


Laurin Wittig  37:05

There's also a wonderful book, if I can add to your list. 


Kimberly Spencer  37:05

Yeah, so please.


Laurin Wittig  37:06

I can't remember the woman's name, but the book is called The Power of eight. And she is a scientist, and she has done meditation, for healing. But she's very careful about how she does it. She's very used as a scientific process. It's peer reviewed. It's all the stuff. It's fascinating. And it's an easy read. And it's a lot about how you can work at a distance, which is something I do a lot, especially during the pandemic.


Kimberly Spencer  37:37

Hey there, my fellow sovereigns. I hope you're having as much fun listening to this interview as I had recording it. And if you're listening to this interview, and you're like, I could do that I could be on podcast like the Princess and The B, like the podcasts that you know and love than I would absolutely 1000% Say, you're right. You should be on more podcasts. This is exactly why we have created our communication Queens guests podcasting agency. We don't just book you on podcast, we book you on podcasts that have a targeted audience that you can leverage those podcasts appearances into becoming your ideal clients and customers for your business using our seven step proven and tested framework that has brought in over $110,000 in new business revenue in just the past year. For both myself and my communication queens, guests, podcasting has been the most fun, easy, effortless form of lead generation that allows us to access that zone of genius. And as you know, if you've been an avid listener to this podcast, I have seen a direct correlation between the amount of money a business make and the amount of time the business owner aka you is spending in their zone of genius. So of speaking, sharing your story, serving with your tips and tricks and giving that advice that you're so skilled at giving has always been that sort of effortless flow that just comes through you then guess podcasting can be one of the greatest lead generation assets for you. And my communication Queens Agency wants to show you how and support you in getting those bookings, so that you get on the right podcast with the right audience with the right message. And you get the right clients coming into your business book a discovery call down below. And let's see how we can get you profiting from guests podcasting. So, one of my favorite things that I know you love to talk about that I couldn't let you go on this podcast without sharing, 


Laurin Wittig  39:47



Kimberly Spencer  3948

is how do you talk to your guides? Like you just like, yeah, who are the Who are these guides? Yeah, okay, those who want to have that greater access to that spiritual dimension, right?


Laurin Wittig  40:00

I'm very lucky in that I get given examples of how this works. Like I had the on the phone session about my asthma. And I was like, okay, that work, I believe now that can work. I was in Montana with two friends. One friend lives out there. And she's, we've always known she's a little psychic. But she, we were talking about something and all the sudden, Archangel Michael started speaking through her and gave us directions about you need to record this, you need to listen to me. And so I saw an active experience of a guide, because that can be you know, archangels, angels. Rocks, can be from anything. But so I had, I had experienced that sort of before it happened to me. But for me, it happened, it started happening more in meditation than anything else, because it's I have a very chatty mind. 


Kimberly Spencer  

That monkey mind. 


Laurin Wittig  

Yes, yes. So getting really quiet is not something I do without consciously doing it. And I started just getting sort of messages about other people. For one thing I was I remember once I was worried about my niece, because she was having some mental health issues. And I just wanted to do a little, you know, focus on her work. You know, I was working with the energies already. And so I just in that I started talking to her, but I was shocked at how wise I was. And I told my friend Pamela that what I did, and she said, Oh, well, that's your higher self. You're just getting information from your higher self, which is that part of us that has been around for ever. It's it's a turtle. And so there's a lot of wisdom that's collected over lifetimes. And so that that was that was one of the first aha moments. But also, I learned that I can ask questions, and I use a pendulum, I hope that like this fish to pinjaman and you have to train it does tell you a yes or no to show you what it means when you get a yes, answer. No. And I love that because I started asking questions. You know, am I hearing spirit? Yes. Have you spoken to me before? Yes. This kind of stuff. Now is a constant conversation that I have with them. I've been working with them so long. And I honestly I think my very first guide was was Archangel Michael, I didn't like working with him. He was very linear, very, like, you're going to do this, this, this, this way work. And so then I started working with Archangel Uriel, who I adore, because he's got this sort of hippie-dippie kind of feel to it. For me, at least. But I work with a shaman who I met in the woods, you know, spiritually. I call him grandfather. I have a wise woman who I call who I was told to call Golden Eagle woman who I met during a shamanic journey. They have been with me a long time, I have collected more and more guides as I go. And I know now that a lot of my writing, particularly the last three books that I wrote, was was channeled, it just came from Spirit. Because the easiest one that I've ever written, they all heroines have some sort of metaphysical gift. And it's just, yeah, so it's, I've been doing it unconsciously, for a long time. And I think everybody probably is. But you can consciously talk to them. And, and, you know, there's lots of different ways to do it. Meditation is a great way to open the conversation and just ask, you know, when when I go into meditation, if I want to talk to one of my guides, often I will just go okay, I would really like to hear from, you know, while I meditate and I usually it's that little voice in your head that isn't real you sounds like you, but it's not really you. And the other piece of that that really helped me was I because I'm was a writer am a writer. I typed like the wind and I don't have to look at the key back word. So I would have conversations through the through the keyboard. I would ask, you know, who would like to talk to me today and then I would type whatever came into my head and then I would ask them another question and type and I would not edit or check typos or anything. I'd have my finger my eyes closed. But when I read it back, it was not my voice. It was not my syntax, it was not my word choices that were in those answers. And that was really proof in the pudding. So you don't have to type you can do it with pen and paper.


Kimberly Spencer  44:07

But well, I love the fact that you type because there is a perception, especially in personal development world that it's like writing because your hands are connected to your heart, like they're stemming from your heart chakra. And I don't think that just means writing on a piece of paper. I think it can also be typing that's, that's an edit, we have an energetic connection with things, thanks to quantum entanglement with things and that the connection that we have to our computer, especially if we're doing deeply personal work, meaningful work, there's going to be a connection there as well. And it may you may have more of a connection with that than you do to a piece of paper that someone said, oh, you should be doing it this way. There's no she would do it the way that you that feels good for you. Like, there's a difference between, oh, you should do something this way, like in learning a system. And, and oh, this there's the right versus a right and wrong way. Like I think all systems need to be adapted for the person that's using them. So like in communication queens and through the Quinby coaching that I do. I give you systems, it's your choice to adapt them use them, like play with them, like when I give people's my clients spreadsheets. I know that I don't think in spreadsheets, most of my clients don't think and I have had one client in five years who thinks in spreadsheets. Yeah. Like most of my clients are storytellers. Yeah. And in their own way. And so they don't think in spreadsheets, but you can adapt that, you know, the way that you do some things. So I always say if you're in spreadsheet out some goals and some, you know, metrics for your business, journal them, let it flow out first, whether that's on your computer or in a journal, and then, you know, add them to the system, but being able to look at any system and adapting it for you. So that it works the best for you.


Laurin Wittig  46:31

Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. And there are a bazillion ways you can communicate with your guides. If I can just pitch something here real quick. 


Kimberly Spencer  46:40

Yeah, please 


Laurin Wittig  46:40

My website. And I'm sure that'll be in the show notes. There's a pop up that comes up that does ask you to sign up for my mailing list. But in exchange, I'm offering you my top three ways that I like to communicate with my guides. So it's just a real short piece that will teach you and you can try and see what works for you. And that's not me to all of the ways that I communicate with my guides, but it's my top three go twos, especially when I'm teaching clients how to do this. So right, just


Kimberly Spencer 47:08 

give three and it's, it's, it's not a right or wrong situation. It's feeling out what's best for you.


Laurin Wittig  47:16

Yeah, it's I mean, everybody has some people love pendulums. Some people are like, they don't work for me, or I can make them do what I want them to. I get a lot of people who say that, fine, don't use it. There's, I mean, people, I love oracle cards. I don't do tarot, because it's too complicated for me. I don't have time for that. But there are so many beautiful decks of oracle cards or angel cards that are far simpler to use. And I just every now and then I go to pull some cards today. And that's, you know, and those are more story based, really. So you know, that's that's part of it. But there's so many ways, and I'm sure there are ways that I don't I'm not aware of too. So, yeah, I but I love it. It simplifies life so much when you get validation from the spirit or you get suggestions. I mean, I got a whole new program, you know, from spirit. And I was like, Oh, I didn't have to figure that one out.


Kimberly Spencer  48:13

And I think the thing is, is that you also had the courage to put it out there. 


Laurin Wittig  48:17



Kimberly Spencer  48:17

So that's, I mean, getting those suggestions is great. But what are you going to do with them?


Laurin Wittig  48:25

Yes, and I asked regularly, you know if there's anything that would be good for me today, let me know. Thanks so that that asking piece is also another big piece of communicating with your guides.


Kimberly Spencer  48:36

Yeah, I'm a big fan and communicating before bed. Like just asking a question of my subconscious mind. God angels, universe, subconscious mind. This is a question that I actually want to sleep on and I know that as a cosmic being because we are all cosmic beings that we will my subconscious mind will go to town and go to work while I'm sleeping. Yeah, though this whole like, burn yourself out. I'll sleep when I'm dead. No sleep is like one of the greatest assets that you can have.


Laurin Wittig  49:09

I know it's asleep is so and I do so much of my of my personal work. You know, my healing work happens when I'm sleeping. I'll get I'll have I mean, I know I have epic dreams. I don't remember most of them when I wake up. But I know that that was important, whatever it was something that I was ready to have, you know, taken care of. Great. Do it while I'm asleep. 


Kimberly Spencer  49:30

Yeah, it cleared it and connected it and figured out here's a metaphor. Yep, like,


Laurin Wittig  49:35

right. And the other time I love to do that same kind of thing is just in the morning when I'm I'm like, my alarm has gone off. But I've snoozed it and not really awake. I'm not really asleep in that dream time. That's another great time to just throw a question out. And, you know, maybe it'll pop bubble up then or maybe later in the day or who knows? 


Kimberly Spencer   49:55

Yeah. And it just kind of comes out. So, Lauren, I have loved our conversation, and you are just such a rich wealth of insight. And if someone wants to get started on their healing journey, looking into what someone call alternative, even though modern medicine has only been around really for about 300 years, versus these alternatives had been around for thousands. But if someone wants to get into that, so-called Alternative Medicine, healing modalities, or Chinese medicine, where do we start?


Laurin Wittig  50:32

Well, I know following your intuition about which one of those, you know, feels good to you is is a great place to start. These days, you can go online and find people locally. If that's what you really prefer, if you don't care about locally, then you can cast in that broader and again, I advocate using your intuition I've had I had two calls last week from new people who said, I saw your picture on your website, and I just knew I had to work with you. So you know that you do need to kind of judge that everybody who does this kind of work does it in their own way and comes at it with their own life experience. So for me, I find I attract a lot of people who have had difficult parents. And I've had to work through that process. And also people with difficult menopause and childhood trauma, those sorts of things seem to be attractive to me. But you're welcome to call me and I'm happy to have a free consultation with you. And it's not for me to sell myself to you. But for you to ask whatever you want to ask. And I have a lot of friends who work in different modalities that are both local here in Williamsburg, Virginia, where I am, but also do distance work. And I've got an expanding network that are all over the place, too. So I love to connect with people. So and I don't want to work with somebody if it's not the right if I'm not the right person for them. And so I will be happy to connect you with other people as well. So who've worked in other modalities? Yeah, so. And that's usually the best place to reach out to somebody who's doing this kind of work and just have a conversation with them. And everybody I know will say, Yeah, I can do this for you. Or, you know, I don't think I'm the person, but I know somebody who I think would be a good fit for you. And, you know, so many of us are women, we like to connect with each other that way. So yeah, that would be my suggestion. And if you want to call with me, if you just go to my website, there's a place on there in the contact area where you can book a free, a free call, you don't need to have to contact me first, you can go right to a calendar and book your call.


Kimberly Spencer  52:39

Oh, look at that automation system coming into play.


Laurin Wittig  52:42

I'm such a fan of automation, I want to make it as easy for everybody as possible. So yeah.


Kimberly Spencer  52:51

And that's the point of systems like, just it's not about us. It's about how much ease can we allow for our customers and clients to find us. 


Laurin Wittig  53:06



Kimberly Spencer  53:07

Life is hard enough as it is.


Laurin Wittig  53:07

I don't want to put up any barriers are you know, don't you don't have to email only let's find a time in Nope. Here's, here's the times that I'm available. Which one works for you? So yeah, I love it. That's another Trello and Calendly. My two favourite systems now.


Kimberly Spencer  53:24

Yep, that integration and the ability to integrate with Zoom. Yeah, it's a game-changer. Like when you start creating those integrations and having those systems. It just, I don't know about you, but for me, like I had so much more clarity. And then it also allowed me to work with a team of four people that I have now. And it because otherwise, they can't read what's going on in your mind.


Laurin Wittig  53:54

And I'm not a linear thinker, so it's really hard for me to lay things out. So yeah, in Trello I have a card for every person who comes on my website or on my podcast and we have every step of the process on there and assigned to whoever is supposed to be and we check it off so we can all look at it and know where we are


Kimberly Spencer 54:13 

I'm so proud because I know that that was not the case when we first started.


Laurin Wittig  54:26

No, and it's so much easier for me because I don't have to try to keep it on my head, or on the bits and pieces of paper on my desk.


Kimberly Spencer  54:33

Yeah, like on the put random posts, notes and things. Yep, it changes the game when you put everything into one space. And mainly


Laurin Wittig  54:41

It opens up space for the, as you put it, the zone of genius, you know, it opens up so much space and actual time to create new things or to work with more clients or, you know, or to do a podcast.


Kimberly Spencer  54:56

Yeah. Because if I had to honestly think about like, oh, well, after this interview, I need to go up and upload this to Kajabi. And then, you know, do the show notes and do this, like, all those other pieces. If I'm thinking I'm like, I would not get anything else done for today other than this interview, right. And fortunately, I have a team and I have the systems in place so that I know that as soon as this is done this this this box right here. This is Zone of genius, baby.


Laurin Wittig  55:27

That's right. That's right. And that's what I keep saying to my team is I want us to get to the place where I invite the guests, and I talk to the guests and record it and then I hand it off to the rest of it. Because that's not that's not my forte. That's not what I want to be doing. I love this part. That's right. My heart work there. So yeah,


Kimberly Spencer  55:47

Yeah. And that's where you share your voice and where you are using that heart-centered, God-given gift that is for you for what you're supposed to do in this world. Yeah. And for the message that you're supposed to bring. 


Laurin Wittig  56:01



Kimberly Spencer  56:03

Oh, Laurin, I just adore you. And I mean, the fact that I, I have been able to be such a glorious witness to your transformation is,


Laurin Wittig  56:15



Kimberly Spencer  56:16

Such an honour. 


Laurin Wittig  56:17

Well, and I'm, I mean, I have to thank Laura Zealand, who had you 


Kimberly Spencer  56:22



Laurin Wittig  56:22

On when I was working with her, and you pitch to us, and I'm like, I'm, you're still talking and I'm like, I want that session. I don't care how much it is, I want that session.


Kimberly Spencer  56: 34

And just to like Laura Zealand, and I, we last year, we did a master class, and that it was on that master class that that master class had failed originally the first time, because my father had recently passed, and with timezone changes and things, so it just goes to tell you like, beauty and profit can come from mistakes because I because of a timezone thing. I end my father passing and everything, I thought, Oh, well, you know, the class was at this time, and she was like, oh, it's sort of at this time. And so we had to reschedule. And it was because we rescheduled that Lauren was on the call. So every day, like divine timing, and trusting in that money can be in the mistakes that you make, so long as you don't define yourself by the mistakes, and you learn from them.


Laurin Wittig  57:30

Right. Right. And that is something I have really learned in the last several years is that I just trust that's not working. Okay, something better is on the way, you know, and that takes so much of the stress it and the blame out of it. It's like I did everything I could and it's not working. So I'm going to release that and just see what you know what comes next. Yeah, wrapping that self-blame, thinking time it's something better. You know, so yeah, so just don't yeah, that getting rid of that self-blame because that's then going to block some of the good stuff coming at you. So it's just like, okay, whatever Bring it on.


Kimberly Spencer  58:11

Thank you, Laura. Laura. Laurin. Okay,


Kimberly Spencer  58:16

Are you ready to enter into the realm of rapid fire? 


Laurin Wittig  58:21

Yes. Bring it on. 


Kimberly Spencer  58:24

Who is your favourite female character in a book or a movie and this can include your own authorship?


Laurin Wittig  58:31

That one's easy. Joe March in Little Women. I read the books for the first time when I was 11. I read it every year for several years after that, and I was in love with Joe because she was just herself. She was strong. She was kind, but she was a writer. I didn't even know I wanted to be a writer. And I loved partly that she had this name that allowed her to be strong. You know, Joe, she's known as Joe instead of I think it's Josephine. And actually, when my daughter was born, I loved Samantha for her because the nickname was Sam. And it was a strong voice nickname. And that's what she goes by. So So yeah, so that for that character has been a powerhouse in my mind for years and years and years, decades and decades.


Kimberly Spencer  59:26

What woman would you want to trade places with just for a day be in their body live in their brain alive or dead? I mean, obviously not dead like now dead but like, present when they were alive,


Laurin Wittig  59:39

right when they were alive. Oh, that's a good one. Oprah Winfrey comes to mind. I'm not a big follower of hers. But I love the kinds of conversations that she has and the access to so many interesting people. And I love her story, because she's got a really powerful story about how she got to where she is. So I think I'd like to spend a day as Oprah and just experienced that power and that that gift that she has for conversation with meaningful people.


Kimberly Spencer  

How would you have her success at twice the speed? What would you have done differently?


Laurin Wittig  1:00:10

I would have gotten rid of my fears a whole lot earlier. I wish I had gotten rid of my fears when I was like in my teens. Because I carried them well into my 40s and I know that I learned a lot on that journey that is useful to me. But if I had my druthers, I would have gotten rid of those years much earlier and gotten into this work much earlier. Because this is where I've been headed and it's just such a happy place. So yeah, that's what I would do.


Kimberly Spencer  1:00:50

What is your morning routine to set you up for success?


Laurin Wittig  1:00:54

Well, I am getting up earlier now. Thank you, Kim.


Kimberly Spencer  1:00:57

You're welcome.


Laurin Wittig  1:00:59

So I used to sleep till about 15. Now, after my kids left the house, of course. I'm getting up about seven now and I give myself about 15 minutes to lie in bed and just kind of you know, just be there and that my brain starts thinking and that my body wake up slowly but only 15 minutes instead of the hour I was doing before. And then I get up and I get dressed for whatever the day holds. And if I'm not going to be on Zoom, that usually means I'm looking for comfort. And then I grab my coffee, I put it in a coffee service and I come up to my office and I couldn't stand it because I can drink it right away but I want it immediately when I'm ready for it. And I meditate and some days it's short because I've got a client come in at night or something but I try to do at least 20 minutes. And I have also picked up a morning practice that includes channelling afterwards in a journal and so I don't always have time to do both, but I was trying to make sure I do the meditation and words because that really does set me up for a good call entry into my day and I can carry that forward.


Kimberly Spencer  1:02:12

And what is your nightly routine to set you up for success in the morning?


Laurin Wittig 1:02:17 

It consists of a lot of just unwinding and I do that mostly on my couch in front of the TV watching something that is uplifting of similar I watch a lot of shows I've watched before because they're just familiar with their comfort watches. My puppy is always on the couch next to me. So I read her tummy. we dim the lights. My husband goes up to watch his TV because we don't watch the same things. And I spend at least an hour sort of in that space and that it calms everything down it lets me kind of drain out my energy of the day. But then the other piece of that is when I do get in bed I read fiction for about 20 minutes or so. And that gets any other stuff my own personal stories out of my head. So that's my in a day and


Kimberly Spencer  1:03:10

I love that you give yourself permission to watch Netflix like I I am not I am not of the belief system that you need to cut these things out of your life forever. Like an only read personal development books and whatnot. No, there's a time and a place and to be able to use and have Netflix and TV with discernment is and it can be a powerful boost. 


Laurin Wittig  1:03:42

I don't watch anything that's like murders or no boo. But I learned a long time ago that it takes me about an hour to two hours some nights to get my head to quiet down. So watching something familiar also doesn't require more thinking. So I think that's why it's it's a comfortable watch. And that's why it works for me.


Kimberly Spencer  1:04:06

So awesome. What would you define to be your queendom?


Laurin Wittig   1:04:10

My queendom is expanding. My queendom is first and foremost, my healing work and the client second to work with that. So that's like my inner counsel there. And then I just love getting my voice out. I love talking to people about what I do. So I don't know if that's what you mean by your kingdom but I feel like that's how I read you know, so 


Kimberly Spencer  1:04:36

it's always up for interpretation. And lastly, Laurin, how do you crown yourself?


Laurin Wittig  1:04:42

Oh, travel, travel, especially in this year, we finally were able to travel again. So we spent three weeks in Hawaii in February. Oh my god, wonderful. We're gonna go my husband and I are gonna go hike the Tour de Mont Blanc in the Alps next month with some friends. So it's nature outdoors travel, those are the things that I really really crown myself with. It's like It's like the, you know, the birthday cake at the end of the year. But I'm doing it more and more so you know, yeah.


Kimberly Spencer  1:05:20

So yep. Now the world's opening back up again.


Laurin Wittig  1:05:23

You're not wasting time used to go yet and we should do that sometime. Now. It's like no, can we get me? Yeah. Yeah,


Kimberly Spencer  1:05:31

I think if the pandemic taught us anything, it's like the appreciation for doing those things that we enjoy and travel for me like us is a core value.


Laurin Wittig  1:005:43

My mother actually took me she was travelling when she took me, my grandmother, migrating up. They'll do this to Europe for two months when I was 11 years old. I got the bug. Yeah. So yeah. So that's for me the travel is the thing and especially after spending two years in this house, which I love this house, but so you know, I've been out to visit my daughter in Seattle. I've been to Alabama to visit my aunt my favourite candidate out there. I met my cousins and my aunt had a reunion up in Delaware recently. All of that like in the last six months. That's my gift. I'm gonna work hard this summer.


Kimberly Spencer  1:06:23

I love that you crown yourself with travel Lauren, how can we find you how can we work with you plug yourself queen,


Laurin Wittig  1:06:31

okay, so if you go to And it's light like shining your light. You can find everything about me there and you can find the free call there. There will be a pop-up if you want the top my top three favourite ways to communicate with your guides. I have several different ways that I can work with you. I can work with one on one at a time. I should call it sessions where we can do healing work for you and particularly good with pain, whether it's physical, mental or emotional pain that seems to be one of my real gifts is working with relieving that and releasing that. I also have a program that Kim can push me to finally launching after a year of thinking about it that I can't reveal released transformed it is an intensive eight-session time with me and it's a combo of healing and mentoring that I am finding just is truly transformational. Everybody who's gone through it has had a big change for the positive in their life. And I adore that program. It is it's such a powerful program. So you can find out information about that as well reveal released transform working with me one on one and I will have another program that I'm calling I can't even remember anymore, unleashing the power of your purpose getting clear on why you are here. It's going to be somewhere in between a one-off and the bigger program and that will be coming very soon because I'm gonna launch it in beta probably next two weeks. So all of that is on my website. So that's that's the central point. I'm also on Instagram and Facebook, but you get the links on my website.


Kimberly Spencer  1:08:15

Laurin, it has been a pleasure chatting with you and connecting with you. You are truly such a light and you just have the good-hearted desires of what you are putting out into this world and what you want to create. I am so excited about what you're going to create in this next decade. Because it's going to be epic, as always my fellow sovereigns on your throne, Mind your business because your reign is now. Thank you so much for tuning in today. If what you heard resonated with you be sure to subscribe and share your breakthroughs and the highs with me by leaving a review on iTunes so I can keep the magic flowing your way if you aren't already following us on social media can experience the extra inspiration and quaintly combos on Instagram at ground yourself now or visit our website at I am so excited to connect with you in the next episode. In the meantime, go out there and create a body, business and life rules.



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