A conversation with your Future Self

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2021

Ever have one of those days (or weeks #letsbehonest) where you have gotta take your own medicine. 🙋🏻‍♀️. Hi, yeah, right here.

For a hot second this week, I was getting down on myself for not doing all my "new year things..."

Having my vision board done...

Having completed @manifestationbabe's Epically Aligned workshop...

Having done my own 6-month journaling prompts for designing my next level of life, business, money, travel, relationships...

And it was in that moment, that my Highest and Best Self, you know, the QUEEN, intervened.

Lawd, help us all.

"Girl!" she said, with a smacky attitude, "You don't NEED any of that shit. Those are tools, guides, habits, things. But none of them is the thing."

When my Future Self shows up in leather and lace, to the meetings in my mind, I dare not intervene.

She continued, "The greatest guide and the ONLY guide you need is the CLARITY in your SOUL of what you truly desire. And you've had that in there since you were five. So stop pouting about not doing #allthethings and start doing THE THING that is going to bring you closer to being me, because I've got my own billion-dollar goals I'm going for, and you need to catch the fuck up."

Well, it was with that firm talking to from my Future Self that I chucked the "shoulds" and "supposed to's" and listened to Soul.

You don't have to DO anything to EARN your dreams.

They were already given to you by grace.

So TRUST that they are manifesting, NOW.

And get into the practice of showing up AS IF they are.

It's in you.

It's already there.

You just gotta remember who you are.

You don't need a vision board, or a perfectly crafted 2021 plan (though our 2021 game plan for @crownyourselfnow is pretty epic, I will admit 😉 )

You just have the CLARITY to know what it is you want.

Doing or not doing a vision board or taking a workshop isn't going to fuck up your dream - unless you believe it will.

...And then, you might want to re-evaluate that belief.

Success is simple. Show TF up.

Welcome to 2021, my fellow sovereigns. There is a warrior Queen emerging forth.

Remember, your reign is now. 👑 #crownyourself


 A conversation with your Future Self Kimberly Spencer Quote - Crown Yourself A conversation with your Future Self - Crown Yourself

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