How to Lead Your Business with Faith and Vision

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2020

Two years ago, I did an interview on the Erin Strayer Show. I do a lot of interviews these days, at least 2-3 a week for different shows, summits, speaking gigs, so sometimes, it can feel like a blur when you’re constantly in the go-go-go of the grind. 

But I never forgot about Erin. (I’ll tell you why tomorrow. 😉)

Turns I find out that in 3 years of her show, my episode has become one of her MOST WATCHED EPISODES EVER!!!

And now, we’re nominated for the “Best of the Best” Awards!

THIS is the beauty of living + running your empire with vision. ⁠

You never know where one interview 2 years ago will take you.⁠

You never know when a person you met 2 months ago will become a client.

You never know when those deposits you have put in, day in and day, out to your business will pay off.

One of the things I see that trips up entrepreneurs, especially in the start-up stages in the beginning is shortsightedness.

Just because you’re not bringing in money yet…

Just because you’re not getting the big interviews yet…

Just because you’re not at 10,000 followers on Instagram yet…

That doesn’t mean you’re not EVER going to get there. 

The keyword being: YET.

The money is coming.

The clients are coming.

The followers are coming.

The interviews are coming.

You know…

Everything is energy.

There is an ENERGY to shortsightedness in your business that will stop your success before you ever get started. 

There is an ENERGY to VISION in your business, that is magnetic, and will keep both you going, and your clients and customers coming...if you just keep going.

It’s your choice what energy you’re putting out there.

Are you putting out energy where your success is inevitable?

Or are you putting out energy where you’d like your success to happen, but you’re too consumed with why it’s not here yet, that you’re losing sight of what you actually want?

The choices are yours.

Hold the vision.

If you're afraid of not being where you want to be right now...⁠

If you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed or wondering, "Is any of what I'm doing going to matter?"⁠

Yes, yes it does. ⁠

And yes, yes it will.⁠

Keep the faith. ⁠

Hold the vision.⁠

Show TF up.⁠

Onward. ⁠

Fall in love with the process of getting GOOD. ⁠

Fall in love with the PROCESS of continuously improving.⁠

Fall in love with the process of GROWTH.

Incremental does lead to quantum leaps when you keep checking back and checking in with your vision. 

Your vision, your mission, your purpose are not your own. 

It was placed there by the Divine.

It was gifted to YOU to bring it to fruition.

Stop doubting if you can. 

You wouldn’t have the dream in your heart if you couldn’t.

It is because you have that dream in your heart that you can. 

It’s up to you to keep the faith NOW when the results aren’t showing themselves, so, one day, they will surprise you when they do - but not that much.

Because you’ve always KNOWN.

That OF COURSE it was going to happen.

Deep down.

For that is what FAITH is.

It’s a belief in your vision coming to fruition, even when you don’t have the current data that says it is.

That’s also what fear is, you’re just using old data to back up fear’s claims. 

Keep the faith.

Resilience is the skillset you are currently practicing day in and day out, and it is the MOST NECESSARY skillset you will need to get you to where you can be...⁠

Where you WILL be...⁠

If you just keep going.⁠

You got this, sovereigns! ⁠

👑  DECLARE IT NOW: I honor my resilient spirit. I celebrate the fact that I get up every day and do the freaking work. And I WILL achieve my dreams. Period. It is done. It is happening now.⁠

Remember, your reign is now.

P.S. Join me along with 20+ other amazing nominees for the “Best of the Best” awards to catch the infamous interview. Whether you have your own business, are looking to step up into leadership, or are simply looking to discover that passion within, these interviews are warm, thought-provoking, and showcase some powerhouse Queens who are not afraid to tell it like it is. 

It would be my honor to have you there to celebrate with me. 



 How to Lead Your Business with Faith and Vision Kimberly Spencer Quote - Crown Yourself How to Lead Your Business with Faith and Vision - Crown Yourself

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