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Wanna know the funny thing about showing up as your raw, real, most authentic self? 

It works. 

It pays. 

And it even gets nominated!

This week we found out we’ve been nominated for the Best of the Best of the Erin Strayer Show, as my episode was one of the TOP DOWNLOADED 3 years of the show!

I remember when I closed the deal to be on this show...fresh from my shower and in my bathrobe.

I’ll admit, I thought I would have enough time to get dressed for my first meeting with this show producer. She was conducting a pre-interview to see if I’d be a good fit for her show, which was syndicated on a ton of platforms. 

This really felt like the big time back in 2019 for me. 

I knew I needed a relaxing bath before my day, because (if you haven’t tried it, it’s a really fulfilling way to start out your day like a Queen.)

And I wasn’t willing to compromise that. Why would you? #QueenStatus 👸🏼

The meeting was set for 6:45 AM.

The steaming hot bath water felt so good. 

I had 5 minutes left before my first meeting with Erin.

Drying my hair at this point was not going to be an option....nor was makeup…except for lip gloss. (I never take a Zoom call without it.) I’m no heathen.

It was 6:43 AM, Decky was still asleep, so I couldn’t go into our room and (because, if you’re the mom of a toddler, you know, that when mama walks in...he wakes up. Always.)

...So clothes were off the table too.

What does a Queen-B(usiness) babe do in that situation?

6:44 AM. Hair in a towel. Robe on. 

6:45 AM. Meeting started.

And we closed a show deal by 7:15 AM.

That is what happens when you show up, NO MATTER WHAT. 💪🏼

In the past, I would have freaked out, panicked, tried to reschedule, compromised my desire to bathe after my workout (, no), and worried about how to appear perfect.

I’m not.

You’re not.

Get over it.

I showed up fully, authentically as me with the same sparkle as I had when I did the actual on-camera interview...except with more makeup, and my hair was dry (obvs).

That is courage, baby!

That is ownership.

That is what comes from being crystal clear about who you are.

⭐️ Congruence is the key to confidence and operating without it, leaves cracks in the foundation of your values. 

Your business' message + mission MUST be in alignment with your own habits as a leader.

It takes courage to practice what you preach and to be the example.

Because that means constantly keeping yourself in check with your values and how you’re showing up in all areas. 

So I ask you, are you showing up with the level of clarity and courage that your business needs?

If it’s not a HELL YES, then I can tell you it’s a HELL NO.

There is no grey zone.

You are either congruent with what you are practicing or preaching. 

Or you are not.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to see where you’re not showing up fully immediately. Usually, these incongruences show up about 3-6 months later after they’ve turned into a habit.

That’s when you start feeling stuck.

And by then, you’re like “WTF Happened in my business!!?!”

❌ "Why am I not farther along?"

❌ "Why haven't I made more money?"

❌ "I should have millions of followers and thousands of dollars flowing in. Why don't I? This stuff must not work."

This is why having a coach and a community to call you out on the inconsistencies in your life and business on a REGULAR BASIS is ESSENTIAL to your own growth and success.

Especially if you’re just in the beginning stages of growing your business.

Because in the beginning, it’s just YOU, leading the way. 

YOU are the foundation. 

YOU are the momentum.

Your business, especially if it’s the one that really excites your soul and gets you revved up and feeling MASSIVELY purposeful, is an extension of who you are. 

And the things you aren’t looking at…

The self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back...

The fears of rejection that are causing you to procrastinate...

The “Productive Procrastination” habits that you have that keep you behind the computer working for 10 hours a day, but without actually progressing you forward making you feel stuck...

The courageous actions you know you need to take...but..just...aren't...

Are all the cracks in the foundation of your business. 

They’re the linebackers on your blind side that are about to take you out.

It’s hard to see these when you’re on the field, in the trenches. 

That is the benefit of having a coach and a community who see how you operate regularly and who have your highest and best interest - YOU winning! YOU succeeding! YOU living your dream of freedom and ease! - at heart.

It’s an ever-evolving process.

That’s why I am offering a few very lucky souls who want to work with me 1:1 for the next 12-Months, access to my Queen-B(usiness) Revolution Package.

This isn’t for everyone. 


Because we revolutionize EVERY area of your business - mindset, skillset, systems, branding, marketing, and sales.

It takes courage to ask for help. 

It takes courage to admit that you need it.

This reigning stuff ain't easy - especially when you’re going for the top. 

Why not go through it together? 

I want to see you stepping up with courage, with that audacious boldness that you had as a kid, so you ask for what you need, you get your next steps, and you move forward as the leader of your business, 

That is how you start making the income and the impact you deserve. 

When you show up 💯 percent with no excuses. 

Your inspiration for your business is Divine.

And it is YOUR responsibility alone to bring it to fruition.

You are worthy of your dreams.

Let’s go for them together.

Remember, your reign is now. 

P.S. And if you’re looking to catch my award-nominated interview on the Erin Strayer Show, along with all the other extraordinary nominees), then get your booty in fo' FREE today, when you register below.



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