Who's the Boss?

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2020

Could you imagine having a boss who lets you slide? 

Didn’t make a sale this week? 

BOSS: “Eh...it’s okay, you did your best. I’m sure you’ll do better next week.”

Didn’t handle that customer issue? Didn’t close that BIG sale?

BOSS: “You know what, we can always get more customers. That’s okay.”

Didn’t complete or, heck, even start that project that’s you KNOW you need to do?

BOSS: “You know what...it’s not THAT important. You can always get to it next week. Here’s a bottle of wine. Take the weekend off. You tried hard.”

Heck no! 

Your BOSS would be fired by THEIR boss...who would then fire you.

Yet, when we get into working for ourselves, it’s easy for us to be the slacking “cool” boss that lets you slide on your commitments to yourself.

One of the greatest questions I ask my clients is this:

“Would the Future You - the one who has the business you want to have, who is making the money you want to make, who has the life, team, and dreams you desire - would she FIRE you for the current QUALITY and OUTPUT of your work?”

Every time I ask this question, I get the same reaction.

You know that look when you scold your puppy, and your puppy KNOWS it’s messed up.

Yeah, that’s the reaction.

The problem is currently, you’re holding yourself to a standard that is reflective of your present circumstances. 





Your present standard for your own personal leadership is in alignment with your present reality.

This can be really motivating if you REALLY DON’T LIKE where you’re at right now in your life.

It’s way easier for you to run FROM where you DON’T want to be than to run TO  where you DO want to go. 

Your present reality can be FINE (ooooh, there’s that word again), if you’re okay with staying exactly where you are.

But it’s DANGEROUS if you’re wanting to grow, to do something different, to try something new, to fulfill that purpose you desire to fill...but you really don’t have to.

You’re comfortable.

So the vision...

The mission...


Are acquiesced to the enemy of comfort.

And, to quote The Greatest Showman, “Comfort is the enemy of progress.”

In order to get UNCOMFORTABLE, so you’re able to grow, you’ve got to FIRE YOU.

Yep, you heard me…

Don’t make me bring out Donald Trump to say it, but...

“You’re fired.”

And, here’s the beautiful part when you fire your PRESENT self from being in control of your PRESENT decisions about your business….

There is someone FABULOUS coming in to take your place as the boss. 

It’s YOU - 3 years from now.

That GREAT, glorious, beautiful, RICH, fit AF, happy, fulfilled, and purposeful leader who stands out in her industry, who receives accolades and awards for the impact she has in the world.

Imagine this...

Your Future Self sits you down (as you’re packing up your boxes from what used to be your office) and says…

“Look, I know you’ve made some mistakes, but I see your potential. You have a massive passion for this mission. And I still need you on my team. You’re just not ready for the BOSS role yet. But you CAN be. Let me MENTOR you.”

IF you say yes…

Now you’ve got a new standard to hold yourself to.

Now you’ve got a new way of BEING that will translate into a whole new way of doing.

When you remove your PRESENT self from being the boss of your life and allow your FUTURE SELF to guide you, your reality will become reflective of the future life you ARE CREATING NOW.

Remember, your reign is now.

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