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Who is this Queen?


Kimberly Spencer is an award-winning transformational leadership coach, subconscious success strategist, #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, TEDx speaker, 2X Boy Mom, and founder of the globally-renowned and the CEO of Communication Queens Agency.

Crown Yourself is on a mission to revolutionize leadership from the inside out, transforming your self-limiting stories into triumphant realities that ripple through your business, community, customers, and into the world. 

As a warrior for possibility and an unsinkable optimist, Kimberly combines esoteric principles, neuro-linguistic programming, somatic breathwork, 13+ years of Pilates bodywork, and high-performance habits, with down-to-earth, no-B.S. teachings, to simplify conscious leadership, entrepreneurship, and spirituality, so you create more freedom and fulfillment as you live into your purpose, daily.

How Kimberly Helps Her Clients

"Within 3 months of working with Kimberly, we achieved our 1-year goal of $4-Million in bids in our third year as a company! I look forward to my sessions every week with Kimberly!"

Dana Oatis
CEO, Key Interior Services

"In one year of working with Kimberly, we became the #1 business in the world. Because of this, my business has enabled me to do something I wanted to do all my life - I fulfilled a dream from my childhood and bought myself a plane. Thank you Kimberly for being a pivotal part of my journey.”"

Stuart Morris
CEO, Institute of Professional Celebrants

"Working with Kimberly we DOUBLED our previous best month, generating multiple 6-figures from just one launch. And we found another $42,000 just by implementing her empire-building strategies. Most importantly, though, she helped me bring sparkle, joy, and alignment back into my life + business. "

Sarah Vedeler
CEO, Meaning of Life Designs

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