SPECIAL BIRTHDAY EPISODE - How Can We Challenge Our Own Belief Systems?


I'm Kimberly Spencer, your host of Crown Yourself podcast, and I'm thrilled to share some exciting insights from our latest episode. It's my birthday, and I'm celebrating by stepping into my most sovereign self, I invite you to do the same!


Embrace Your Sovereign Self Birthdays are a perfect time to show up as the best version of ourselves. I'm grateful for your support in growing our podcast, and I'm excited to guide you on this journey of becoming conscious creators and leaders in your lives.

Challenge Your Beliefs Our beliefs don't define us; they're strategies that have served us at certain times. I've shared my evolving beliefs, and I commend you for being open to challenging your own belief systems. It's a journey of self-discovery that's worth embarking on!

Examine Your True Desires Often, we say we want something, but it may not align with our true desires. It's crucial to examine what you genuinely want, free from societal expectations. Are your goals...

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The Marathon Mindset: How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Push Through the Finish Line

crown yourself podcast Jul 25, 2023


While the rest of the world may be seeing your highlight reel and your smiles and your good side - even if you post about the challenges you’ve faced - no one really knows what you go through.


Not really. 


…Not unless they are with you day after day watching you put in the miles of hard work, diligence, effort, love, sacrifice, joy, pleasure, and facing your pain, your heart, your challenges, and those moments when you are your most courageous self.


Doing hard things.


I can't think of a better metaphor for life, business, and our current times, actually, than marathon running.


And after 26,2 miles and countless hours of training mid-move, I am honored to finally bring this episode forth to, hopefully, shave a few miles off of your route.


Here's a sneak peek into what you can expect:


‍The Marathon Metaphor: I discuss how marathon running serves as a metaphor for taking on challenges and persevering until...

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Laughing Through Adversity: Jen Coken's Hilarious Take on Life and Cancer

crown yourself podcast Jul 19, 2023


Imagine a pandemic, business meltdown, and cancer…at the same time…and still being able to have a sense of humor through it all. Well, that is my guest in a delightful nut-shell on the Crown Yourself podcast.

For Jen Coken, humor was her North Star, along with a clear set of principles that have taken her from boobs to bust and bouncing back better than ever…with a movie!

I am so honored to pull this podcast episode from the archives and bring it forth into the beautiful renewed light of transformation that happens when you can laugh at the devil and reveal your true power - resilient AF and gloriously gritty.

Jen’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience and grit, and I'm excited to share some of the key takeaways from our conversation: 

  • The Power of Connection: Our paths crossed through a group called the Dames, and it was there that we exchanged our big asks. While I couldn't connect Jen to Oprah, I did manage to connect her to a...
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Embracing Initiations: How Shifts in Identity Lead to Personal Growth and Sovereignty


Long ago, in ancient cultures, rites of passage were performed for various transformations. You're probably familiar with the ones for birth, death, and weddings...but what about those everyday challenges? Business challenges? 

Here's the thing...

It's not a challenge. It's an initiation. 

These past 6-months, moving - again - just this time, into our dream home, I have faced one of the greatest initiations of my life as we have settled into a whole new level.

In this episode, I explore how initiations are not just limited to secret societies or occult practices but are deeply woven into our everyday lives.

From becoming a first-time parent to hitting a new income level in business, each initiation marks the beginning of something new and often involves challenges and discomfort. But, it's through these initiations that we grow, transform, and claim sovereignty over our lives.

Here are some key takeaways from the episode:

  • The Power of Initiations: Initiations...
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