Why You Must Be Willing to Be Wrong In Order to Achieve Your Dreams

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2020

Are you ever so freaking scared of doing the wrong thing? Making the wrong move? Being the “wrong” person for the job? 

I cannot tell you how many times I used to listen to what everyone told me what  I “should” be, “should” do, how I “should” feel. How much money I was “supposed” to make before I could call myself successful. How much struggle I was “supposed” to experience before I could experience fulfillment in the work that I do. How I was “supposed” to feel jaded about my industry, about my business, about life. How business was “supposed” to be done, and how if I didn’t do it to their f*ing blueprint that I was incapable, incompetent, and wrong. 

Well, pardon my French, but Fuck that merd.

No, you know what, in fact, don’t pardon my French. I curse. I let appropriately placed f*bombs rip through the sky and shower down the light of truth when necessary.

If that’s what will get through that you do not HAVE to be what you are SUPPOSED to be or what anyone says you SHOULD BE, or even what YOU THINK you “should be” or are “supposed” to be before you BE all that you desire to be. 


You’re a revolutionary. A badass. Fearless AF and its time to stop hiding in the shadows of other people’s opinions. 

It’s time to show up unapologetically because you know in your soul that you were BORN TO STAND OUT.

And look, I get it, sometimes people are wrong about your own brilliance, and if we’re being honest...some times you are too...most times, really.

Wrong about who you HAVE to be or who you SHOULD be or who you’re SUPPOSED to be to have the life of your dreams. 

I had to prove myself wrong time and time again - countless times. The belief that I was broken - wrong. The belief that I deserved to be punished - wrong. The belief that I was unloveable - wrong. The belief that I constantly had to prove myself - wrong. The belief that I would always have to have some mediocre side hustle to support my dream biz - wrong. The belief that I had to make a certain amount of money before I could start living my dream life - wrong. The belief that I had to listen to those mentors, and “experts” as to how business was supposed to be done before I could be successful - wrong.

I could go on and on with the list of all the ways I proved myself wrong. 

But here’s the thing about proving myself and all the other “shoulds” and “supposed to’s” wrong.

Because I proved myself wrong, I stopped being jaded, complaining, and blaming the world, my ex, my ex-business partner, my dad, for all my problems, and took full 100% ownership of my life, changed my world and became the mompreneur I always dreamed of being in a business that I completely adore.

Because I proved myself wrong, I stopped searching in all the wrong places for love - other people - and found it deep within myself. In doing so, I attracted, met, and married my soulmate, and together we created the greatest love of our son - the most empathetic, compassionate, loving, sweetest child. 

Because I proved myself wrong, I stopped trying to prove how smart I was and started just showing up to be of service, trusting in my intuition and loving the learning process along the way.

Because I proved myself wrong, I stopped self-sabotaging like a little bi*tch and started stepping up to the plate, owning my worth, serving from a place of centeredness and authenticity, and making more money because of it, magnetizing clients from “out of nowhere.”

Because I proved myself wrong, I stopped working my ass off, slaving behind a computer for $100/month clients and now easily attract $15,000 soul-mate clients.

Because I proved myself wrong, I stopped hiding behind the blanket of perceived perfectionist “professionalism,” and started showing up authentically, messily, vulnerably, sparkles, crowns, grammatical errors, curse words, and all - 100% me. 

Because I proved myself wrong, I stopped being a slave to working hard for hard’s sake and  I now take all afternoon off to take my son to the beach.

Because I proved myself wrong, I stopped the story of being the “breadwinner” that was tearing my relationship with my husband apart and started asking for help and support with my then-infant son, which he gave freely, lovingly, championing me always to go for my dream. 

Because I proved myself wrong, I closed my Pilates studio to create and build my virtual coaching empire, and we have been able to live abroad for months at a time...currently residing in Australia. A literal DREAM. COME. TRUE.

You may not be wrong as often as I am about myself, but I’m guessing that if you’re reading this...

It’s because you can relate. 

Because you’re RELIEVED to hear that you’re not alone.

Because you need somebody to tell you that it’s NOT bad to be wrong that you listened to all those people, beliefs, programming that told you how life and business “should” be when you knew in your heart and soul that you were made for SO MUCH MORE.

Because you need somebody to tell you that it’s 100% okay to be wrong. And, in fact, it might not just be okay, but that it is absolutely 100% NECESSARY to be wrong! Because the truth is that you know in your heart and in your soul…

That what got you here won’t get you there. 

And in order to get THERE, to being the leader, the visionary, the vibrant joyful being who’s living her purpose, fulfilled as hell and doing her dream…

You will HAVE TO BE wrong about who you HAVE BEEN in order to be who you were born to BE.

And, yes, you f*ing hate being wrong - wrong for having listened to them. Wrong for believing the lies. Wrong for not trusting your gut. Wrong for not listening to your intuition. Wrong for all the people-pleasing, “oh-please-like-me” moments where you sacrificed your soul and your truth for the hope that someone will like you more. 

To quote my fave song, Defying Gravity, “If that’s love, it comes at much to high a cost.”

I get it, no one likes to be wrong. But, I’m guessing that maybe, if you’re reading this you might just know in your heart and in your gut that you’re right.

Maybe you have that voice crying out in your heart to trust yourself a little more.

Maybe you have that voice - your authenticity, your truth, your genius, begging you to unleash her to the world, daring boldly to DECLARE what you want.


Your ideas are different! You are different. 

They will call you weird until they call your work, “Wise beyond measure.”

They will call you audacious until they call you “Awe-Inspiring” and award you for your genius.

They will call you too bold, too motivated, too much until they want all too well what you have earned from your bravery.

They’ll give you HORRIBLE advice to “tone it down,” “don’t be too much,” “can’t you rest for a moment,” “slow down.”

No. No, you can’t. 

Because if you do you would drown in your ideas.

Your soul would suffocate under the weight of other people’s plagiarized programming.

Your mind is already mired in enough shoulds and supposed to’s.

That’s why you need a REVOLUTION! 

To become who you ARE! 

I was wrong to allow people to sell me on who I “should” be, when now people come to work with me because of WHO I AM.

Vibrant. Bold. Energetic. Challenging. And definitely, TOO MUCH...for some.

But not for you.

You thrive in a challenge. You thirst for creation. You love doing the extra mile, the extra 10 reps, the extra 10 emails, pushing yourself into that next level version of you.

That’s why you’re making 5-figure months and you’re ready to do it with MORE FUN, MORE JOY, MORE YOU-NESS. 

You’re an action taker, a goal-getter, a visionary.

And if you’re making over $10K months, you’re perfect for a Queen-B(usiness) Revolution. 

I’ve created a lair for revolutionaries who are DONE with doing business like they’re “supposed” and who are ready to start doing as they were BORN TO. A sacred space for vision, learning, training, self-mastery, mindset, and getting sh*t done. A kingdom where leaders unite to dive in, breakthrough, bust-a-move, and do in a day what most do in a week, and in a week what most do in a month, what most do in a lifetime. It’s a place for ambitious AF action takers, who are creative, and who are willing to put their plagiarized programming on the chopping block to be offered as a sacrifice to become who they were born to be, and who become it NOW by taking rapid action. 

It’s my Queen-B(usiness) Revolution package, and right now I have ONLY 3 spaces available to work with just you and me 1:1 for the next 6 months at this level to radically strip the old, plagiarized programming away, breakthrough from the prison of plagiarized programming, and let authenticity reign with motivation and freedom!!!!

And the perk? You’ll get to surround yourself with a revolutionary community of visionary leaders who are proud of being wrong because they know it means they are one step closer to being right! 

Right in alignment.

Right on target to go from $10K to $25K, $25K to $50K, $50K to $100K months! 

Right on revolutionizing the way to they do business and how they show up as leaders!

You’re done holding back all that you are and you are ready to tap into being all that you were born to be. 

Say yes to being wrong with who you have been. Say yes, to being right about that mission, that purpose, that soul-stirring aligned dream that is begging to break free. Say yes, to doing what it takes...again...and again...and again. Say yes to taking action. Say yes to you.

If you’re in a position where you need a little help to have this be an absolutely “HELL YES!,” and you KNOW you are RIGHT that a Queen-B(usiness) Revolution is going to give you the tools, the strategies, the systems, and the massive support network you need to build your business fast - you know, the kind of leader I live to serve. 

Book a 90-Minute Consult with me and experience a taste of the revolution of action, fun, strategy, and skyrocketing sales. You’ll walk away with a formula that will grow your business at least by 30%...and that’s on a slow year. But, you and I both know, you don’t like take things slow. 

You jump in, hot and heavy.

You take action NOW and action is rewarded. Because if we can revolutionize your business to increase your profits by 30% in 90-Minutes, imagine what we can do in 6 months 1:1 together.

I’m so excited to serve you!

P.S. When you book your consult, make sure you let me know in your intake form that you want in on the Queen-B(usiness) Revolution AND that you’re making more than $10K per month in your business. That way I know to give you the secret profit sauce ;)


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