That ONE team member you can NOT do without.

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2022

Do you have that ONE team member you can NOT do without? You depend on them. You rely on them being there for you.


Now, this doesn’t have to be someone you pay or employ, though if you have a large organization you probably have that ONE person there too. 


Sure, it can be your staff member who takes your calls, responds to your emails, schedules your appointments, and keeps things running for you. 


But it also can be your mom, who you depend on to be there when you call her when you’re having a rough day…or your spouse…or your kids…or your business bestie.


As humans, we are created to connect. That’s one of the reasons these past two years have been so challenging for so many in isolation.


While we could go down the rabbit hole on attachment theory and codependency, there is a difference between relying on someone and being codependent and attached. 


When you rely on someone, you TRUST that they will operate within their integrity.


Meaning they do what they’re going to say when they say, and if something happens, they will say so too.


It’s one of the 4 Agreements from Don Miguel Ruiz - be impeccable with your word. 


Both with others…and with yourself.


What separates this from codependent attachment is that when you’re codependent, you cannot see your own needs. 

So, when you respond to do something for someone else, you are saying “yes,” but you’re out of integrity with yourself. 


In a relationship of mutual trust, both parties are FIRST responsible for maintaining integrity with their own “yes” and then maintaining integrity with the “yes” they give to someone else. 


This is how you end up with an epic, loving marriage because you know you can trust the person when they say “yes” and you also know that when they say “no” they mean it.


Same goes for the relationships you build within your business. Customers included.


You can’t build anything from a marriage to a family to a business without this foundation of TRUST, knowing that you can rely on your team for support. 


The one team member I couldn’t (or at least wouldn’t) want to do life without is my Spikey, my forever husband.


I rely on him to watch our babies, provide us with delicious meals, and be there as a support for me…and he is.


Until this week when he came down with some flu-like symptoms, which left me on full-time baby duty to our 2 boys under 5…and now, I’ll be honest, for the first time in a year, I’m not feeling so hot too. Normally I’d power through and just hire a babysitter, but in these pandemic times, I don’t want to expose anyone. 


So with that being said…


We are moving our Build Your Dream Queen Team Masterclass to January 11 + 12 @ 4 PM PST so I can have my main team member, my hubby (and babysitter) back on full-dad duty so that I can epically serve you in this workshop.


Good news is! 


If you’ve wanted to jump in on this workshop, THERE’S STILL TIME!!!

>> Click here to register for the 2-Day Build Your Dream Queen Team Workshop


Remember, your reign is now.


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