the princess and the b Jun 27, 2022

Non-buyers remorse? FOMO? Fear of missing out?

So much of sales is predicated on the idea of “urgency.”

Yet, having coached high-achieving leaders and entrepreneurs for the past 5 years, I’ve seen the label of “urgent” get slapped on waaaaaaay too many things.

Respond to a client - URGENT!

Doing the dishes - URGENT! 

Yanking your toddler off the fifth shelf of the bookcase - URGENT

Okay, that last one may really be 😉

Problem is if is “urgent,” then nothing is. 

Knowing what is truly “urgent” and what is just important or a priority will transform your decision-making and your ability to operate sans overwhelm as a leader in the day-to-day. 

In sales, urgency - a need to solve a problem now - is a crucial part of the sales process. 

If that problem is not solved NOW, then the opportunity cost of costing you more time, energy, effort, struggle, and heartache can snowball into even MORE struggle, challenge, heartache - you get the picture. 

Knowing WHEN your customer needs a problem solved is key for understanding when to close and when to back TF off.

And on the flip side, as the leader…

You need the clarity to know when YOU need a problem solved and WHAT solution or support you need NOW to solve it. 

Delay creates more doubts. And doubts create more delay. 

It’s a vicious cycle. 

In this episode of The Princess and the B Podcast; I’ll show you how to assess “urgency” when being sold something so you can make better decisions on what is truly urgent so you don’t frustrate yourself with FOMO No mo.


No Mo' FOMO: How to Make Aligned Decisions for Your Business


Remember, your reign is now.

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