150 first business “dates”

queen tv Apr 01, 2022

Have you ever been on a first date and it just was...well...the WORST? Compare that to when you’ve been on a first date and you felt so seen, heard, and understood? 

Maybe that date led to a fabulous relationship. Maybe you two decided to be just friends, but still found each other to be pretty cool. Either way, you can FEEL the difference when it’s a good date and a bad date.

Here’s the thing with dating...with each first date you have HOPE.

You want it to work out. 

You want it to be an amazing experience.

You want it to lead somewhere. 

The same is true for podcasts. 

You want your podcast experience to be AMAZING!

Going on someone else’s podcast is very much like going to someone’s house on a first date. 

And I’d know, as not only have I done over 150 podcast interviews, but my husband literally wrote the book on having first dates at your home and cooking for them. That’s how he got me ;)

When you’re going onto a podcast as a guest, you’re entering into someone else’s territory.

It’s their community.

It’s their turf.

It’s their systems and processes (or lack thereof) that YOU are interacting with.

And just like a first date, your relationship with the podcaster starts long before the actual interview. 

It’s in the messages, interaction, planning, branding, connection, and imagery that you connect with BEFORE the interview. 

And having been on over 150 episodes and having done over 75 interviews for The Princess and the B podcast, I’ve seen a few common traits between what guests absolutely love when they come onto your show - meaning what will set youtube for a great “first podcast date” - and what can set the tone for a bad “first podcast date.”

In this episode of Queen TV, I share with you the interview tips that I WISH more podcasters knew so that they could set themselves and their guests up for an epic “first podcast date” that ideally turns into a longer-term relationship.


“3 Podcast Interview Tips I WISH Podcasts Knew as a Guest!”

After all, you started your podcast to connect, inspire, and grow your business. Let’s turn those “dates” into long-term relationships.

Remember, your reign is now.

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