Courageous Actions for Immediate Success

crown yourself podcast Mar 18, 2024


Please enjoy this transcript of the Crown Yourself Podcast, with your host, transformational story coach, Kimberly Spencer (@Kimberly.Spencer)

In this episode of the Crown Yourself podcast, host Kimberly Spencer discusses the path to immediate success. She stresses the need for hard work and correct actions, drawing from her early struggles in her coaching business. Kimberly talks about the importance of concentrating on impactful tasks and overcoming fears through acts of courage, specifically those we tend to avoid. She challenges listeners to confront their fears and take bold steps forward. The episode wraps up with an encouragement to strive for a commanding life.

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Kimberly Spencer (00:00:00) - If you are like, why is my success not here? I've been working so hard, why isn't it here yet? Well then, my fellow sovereign, you gotta listen to this episode on how to achieve success immediately. Stay tuned. Welcome to the Crown Yourself podcast, where together we build your empire and transform your subconscious stories about what's possible for your business, body, and life. I'm your host, Kimberly Spencer, founder of Crown Yourself.Com and I'm a master mindset coach, bestselling author, and TEDx speaker known to my clients as a game changer. Each week you get the conscious leadership strategies you need to help you reign with courage, clarity, and confidence so that you too can make the income and impact you deserve. Imagine this podcast as your royal invitation to step into your full potential and reign in your divine purpose. Your sovereignty starts here and your reign is now. Hello and welcome back to the Crown Yourself podcast. I am your host, Kimberly Spencer, founder of CrownYourself.Com Master Mindset and Communication Coach, and I am so honored to be here with you as we dive into this challenge that I have had in the past and that I'm sure you faced as well.

Kimberly Spencer (00:01:21) - That just gets so annoying. Like, you know, when you have that challenge, you're like, what? Why isn't it here yet? I feel like Charlotte in Sex in the City when she's like at the table, at the breakfast table. Or maybe it's a luncheon, I don't know, but where she's like, I've been dating since I was 15. Why hasn't he been here yet? So she's, like, pulling out her hair. And it's so funny to me that that. And I know whether it's in business or in your personal life, you're like, what the heck? Like, why is it not here yet? Why hasn't this happened to me? Well, I'm going to leave you with an ancient quote, and it is from the book Aphorisms of Yoga. And at first, it may want to make you punch me in the face. How about I just read it and then you can decide if you want to punch me in the face? So here it is. Success is immediate where effort is intense.

Kimberly Spencer (00:02:12) - I know you want to punch you in the face, right? You're like, what? What? That book is trash. Yeah, but it's an ancient book, so, you know, let it be what it is. But so I shall go on. Success varies according to whether the effort is mild, moderate, or intense. The degree of intensity with which the Yogi makes his effort gives him immediate or remote success unless his past karma intervenes. Success generally is immediate. If, however, the Yogi is sincere, if his effort is intense, the grace of God or the master intervenes and past karma is either condoned or postponed. Faith in God and his master removes all obstacles. So if you are saying currently my efforts have been intense. What is up? And I will say intense. How? Because there is such a difference between the intensity of doing and the intensity of doing the right things in the right order. Right. So, for example, if you're starting a business and you've been doing all the things because when you start a business, you go from like the thing that you're really good at to also being the financier and the bookkeeper and HR director and sales person and CEO and all the roles.

Kimberly Spencer (00:03:32) - So suddenly you're in all the roles. Graphics designer, social media manager, etc. So success is immediate where effort is intense. Now the problem is, is if your intensity is in the wrong order or directed at the wrong thing, you will not have that success. Now I'm going to give you an example. So story time I was very, very intense with my efforts when I first started crying back in 2014, 2015, I made the effort of buying the domain and I spent a pretty penny on CrownYourself.Com I can tell you that that was not a cheap domain name, and I put in the efforts of doing the Canva images and the photos and posting cool quotes on social media and doing all the other things. And I had all these other excuses to I had really wonderful excuses like I'm also I was also I also still had my Pilates studio. I also had started a job teaching Pilates at another chiropractic office because I didn't believe in myself, or my own ability to run a business this was like right after getting bought out of my company, my e-commerce company.

Kimberly Spencer (00:04:48) - And so I had all this self-doubt, all of these like shame, guilt, fear, fear of rejection, all of that. And so starting a company is not the best place, or mindset to be in. But I did and people saw it and they were like, oh, I love what you're doing. I love how you're so empowering. And I was quite frankly, I was like, faking it until you make it. Like I did not feel empowered. I felt like such a fraud. I felt like all of my clothes for all of the photoshoots were rented or borrowed., I had a stylist come in because I had nothing sparkly I had to really, like, look at my identity and who I wanted to be. In the midst of that identity crisis, though, I made a whopping $100 in my first year of coaching business, I had first thought I didn't make any money. And I know I've said that on past podcasts, but I since like, went back and looked at our financial history of everything and kind of like how far we've grown.

Kimberly Spencer (00:05:44) - And I was like, oh damn, I did. I made 100 bucks like I thought I made. At first, I thought I made no money, and then I thought I made $15 from an e-book that I created., and that e-book did, like, no sales. And then I was like, did I really make $15 or did I not know how to split test and test without paying for my own product? So I paid for my own product., and I'm pretty sure that that was what it was. But I did make $100 coaching a client. And back then for me, I was doing it out of my car in between Pilates sessions for both my own company that I'd had for years that I didn't even believe in, and for another person's company. And so my mindset, like I was intensely working on a lot of things a lot of the time. And the problem was, was that I wasn't doing the intensity of the things that made me scared. Not having money didn't really scare me.


Kimberly Spencer (00:06:42) - I was used to that. I was used to not having that. I work for two years in an e-commerce company as president. It was great., but my money mindset was shit, I made no money. The only time I made money was in the buyout. And I can say that now. I can say that now on podcasts. So when people say like, oh, you're getting on magazines. And I was like, I am paying everything by a credit card because I am not getting paid by this company. Another very powerful lesson learned on the amount of intensity, and also ensuring that that intensity is directed in the right direction. And if it's for a business, a business has to be making money or else it is a hobby. So the business for my Crown Yourself business, when I was in that I was so deeply in shame, guilt and all the things that the one action that actually would have produced results and actually would have produced success stood in the way of my fear of rejection.

Kimberly Spencer (00:07:40) - And so even though I was so busy, like back then, my husband had a joke that I couldn't even sit down within 15 minutes of a Netflix show without just whipping open my laptop and, you know, doing something. I have no idea what I was spending all my time doing that was I have no idea. Like because I look at it now, I'm like, what was I doing at all that? Like what? Nothing got done. It was all productive procrastination. But the thing is, is that I was not doing the right things in the right order. And when you're just starting a business, the right thing that you need to be doing is not a website. It's not building an app. It's not building a fancy website. It's not building all the funnels. It's not all of that that you need. The one thing that you need is clients and customers. That's it. That's the one thing that you need to be doing until, like you've hit a quarter of a million.

Kimberly Spencer (00:08:34) - Once you start hitting that, then you need to put more systems and operations into place and have a team and grow it from there. Yes, I always recommend starting with delegating at least one thing to get it off your plate, but you can get up to a quarter of a million without actually having a team. It just takes tenacity and it takes you doing the right thing and the right order and the right thing when you're starting a business is getting clients and customers and then delivering on those promises to your clients and customers. That's it. So if success is not immediate, then your efforts may not have been as intense as you thought, or your efforts may not have been the right efforts. Because here's the thing with the right efforts, you will know what the right effort is. And I can't tell you what the right effort is for you at your state, at this stage of your life, or your business. Unless we were working together in a one-on-one capacity. But for wherever you are in the context of this podcast, the only way you can discern what the right best next action is for you and the level of intensity in which to approach it.

Kimberly Spencer (00:09:41) - Are these two questions, one, What is the activity you are avoiding? What is that one activity, that one thing you are avoiding? So, for example, with me in the beginning stages of my coaching business, what I was avoiding was actually talking to people. People scared the crap out of me. I was so scared of talking to people and getting rejected because I had just felt like such a massive rejection from my former business partner, my company. I felt like a failure. I felt so deeply rejected because I lost that company, something I'd put two years of unpaid labor into. Like, yes, it had a quarter, was a quarter of a $1 million startup, and I made nothing until I was bought out. So the intensity of what I was putting into my coaching business was everything that could dance around, the actual thing that would bring in clients and customers. I had business cards that said CEO and the greatest come to Jesus moment was when one of my Pilates clients, who was a big director of photography on massive, massive major movies was like, I was like, oh, you want to see my new business card? It's like, yeah, and I saw my business cards.

Kimberly Spencer (00:10:51) - Like CEO of what? I was like, oh, dagger to the heart. He was right. I was putting all my efforts into other things. It didn't fucking matter. What matters is the thing that you're avoiding. That also, here's the second question. What is the thing that will require the most amount of courage? Because it's not about the effort on the physical plane solo. It is about the emotional effort, the emotional effort, and sometimes the emotional effort. Quite frankly, it's to forgive. Like sometimes that is the emotional effort. Sometimes that is the thing that you focus 100% on to move to that next level because that's the thing that's blocking you, that it's that emotional next level. So what is the thing that will require the most amount of courage from you? For me, that was talking to people like I had to go back to heal my inner child from first grade, back when I didn't talk to anybody, and remember what my mom said, which was the lesson for me, was go out to ten people and say hello to ten people with their names.

Kimberly Spencer (00:12:08) - That was it. Like I had to do that. And then once I did, and I did that intensely for like a week, two weeks, and suddenly I got my first $2,000 client, and suddenly that I got another $5,000 client and suddenly, like, it just started racking up. But it wouldn't have happened had I not done it. The one thing that scared me was to put myself out there to get rejected, to collect those Nos, to allow myself to have that experience. And then once I did, suddenly bam, bam. So what is that thing that you're avoiding? I can tell you, having coached most Mosley entrepreneurs over the past nine years, but visionaries, and leaders a lot of times, the thing that most people are avoiding is a difficult conversation. Like 95% of the time, it's having a difficult conversation, whether that's the difficult conversation of putting yourself out there for a lead gen offer or putting yourself out there, you know, or sharing something deep and true for you inside of your marriage, that you feel like there could be shame or guilt about.

Kimberly Spencer (00:13:22) - Or maybe it is something for your body of asking for actual support and help and like or it's firing a doctor that prescribed you something because that shit didn't work. So there can be many things, but what is the thing? One that you're avoiding and two that requires you to summon the most amount of courage? Because, as I've said before on multiple podcasts, courage is the emotion that tips the vibrations from all of the negative emotions below it. So shame, guilt, fear, anger, pride, grief, all of that courage is that tipping point into the higher vibration. And the thing is, is that in one act of courage counterbalances heaps of shame, heaps of guilt, heaps of anger, any of the lower vibratory emotions because it's exponential, the higher vibratory emotions of courage, even just neutrality, even acceptance. Not speaking of like love, peace, bliss, those massive emotions, but just courage. It tips the scale exponentially and then it just goes up from there, tipping the scale exponentially.

Kimberly Spencer (00:14:42) - So operate every day with that courage and you will start to see really fast results. Really radical results. Now I know I love interacting with you inside our community., I want to know from you what is that one act of courage that you have been avoiding that you know you need to take? What is that? Maybe it's a conversation. Maybe it's doing the dang thing and launching the business. What is that one? Acts of courage. What is that thing that you've been avoiding? And let me know. I'm putting the email down below. Email info at Crown yourself. Com. I really, truly look forward to seeing your responses and I'm so grateful for your listenership and for you accepting the challenge to rise into your reign. It's super easy to stay in apathy, to live out of a vibration of fear, anger, guilt, and shame. Those are all super easy. The world will let you live in those happily. Well, not happily, but complacently. It takes a lot of courage to choose to go for something big.

Kimberly Spencer (00:15:58) - To choose to lean into your dream, to choose to find love, compassion, and joy. To choose to have those courageous conversations, to choose to rip the Band-Aid off instead of letting a gangrenous wound fester. I honor your courage. Thank you so much for being here. And as always, if you love this episode, please share it with a friend. Share it with a friend who needs a little heaping dose of courage, whose success may be taking a little bit more time than they would like. And with that, as always, own your throne. Mind your business, because your reign is now. Thank you so much for tuning in today. If what you heard resonated with you, be sure to subscribe and start creating a bigger impact now by sharing this with a friend.

Kimberly Spencer (00:16:43) - Just by doing that one simple act of kindness, you are creating a royal ripple to support more people in their sovereignty. And if you're not already following on social media, connect with me everywhere at Crown Yourself. Now for more inspiration.

Kimberly Spencer (00:16:57) - I am so excited to connect with you in the next episode, and in the meantime, go out there and create a body, business, and life that rules because today you crown yourself.

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