From Shark Tank to Homeless to Fortune 500's Secret Weapon, with Precious "Killer Pitchmaster" Williams

crown yourself podcast Apr 13, 2024

Please enjoy this transcript of the Crown Yourself Podcast, with the "Killer Pitch Master", Precious L. Williams (@perfectpitchgroup) and, your host, transformational story coach, Kimberly Spencer (@Kimberly.Spencer)

From the poverty-stricken streets of St. Louis, Missouri, to the global stage of influence, Precious L. Williams’ story of transformation is nothing less than iconic. With 28 years as an international professional speaker and corporate trainer, she has methods to empower her clients to secure millions in pitch competition winnings, secure lucrative speaking engagements, and has helped countless Fortune 500 companies outperform their competition. Her impressive client list includes BMW, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Harvard University, Columbia University, Spelman College, Morehouse College, George Washington University, Intuit Quickbooks, Yelp, and more.

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In this episode of the Crown Yourself podcast, host Kimberly Spencer interviews Precious Williams, a 13-time national elevator pitch champion and CEO of Perfect Pitch Group. Precious, also known as the "Killer Pitch Master," shares her personal journey of overcoming adversity, including homelessness and addiction, to become a successful entrepreneur and speaker. She discusses the importance of authenticity, vulnerability, and storytelling in business, as well as the significance of mental health awareness and empowering women. The conversation also covers the power of collaboration and the impact of supporting one another's sovereignty. Williams provides insights into her daily routines, her definition of queendom, and the concept of crowning oneself. The episode concludes with an invitation to connect with Precious and learn more about her work.

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We good? Great. Let's get to the goods.


Kimberly Spencer (00:00:00) - Do you want to learn how to take your sales or elevator pitches from trash to straight cash, or have your prospects throwing money at you every time you open your mouth? Then Queens. We are going to learn from the pitch queen today. Precious Al Williams I was so honored to speak with precious to share the stage with her as we Coronated 100 Dames in the fun. Friends and the Dames is a group that I've spoken of many times for six, seven and eight figure women. Precious and her company, The Perfect Pitch Group, teaches you the tools and tenacity to pitch with power. She is a 13 time national elevator pitch champion who has successfully appeared on ABC's Shark Tank, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Black Enterprise magazine. She started Perfect Pitches by precious to revolutionize the pitching industry. If you are tired of boring pitches that don't convert, if you are looking to level up how you speak and train, and if you want to know that you can come from literally nowhere. And transform your reality multiple times over.

Kimberly Spencer (00:01:14) - Precious has a story that will bring you to your knees. And she. I am. I am so blessed to call her a friend. I am so honored to have her in my world. She is the cheerleader for you that you always wish you had. She is queen. It all over and I love it. She's a world class speaker trainer for global brands including BMW, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Harvard University, Columbia University, Spelman College, Morehouse College, George Washington University, Intuit QuickBooks, Yelp, and more. This interview you will feel precious heart you will experience. How she literally brought herself back from near dead. To revolutionize and reignite who she is and claim what she wanted in this world. And the world is responding. Because now she is a top ten finalist for a National Business Award. As we joked on the stage at the Dames, um, she loves to say she's a full figure diva. And I was like, I am a fun size queen. So we just we are a pair and I.

Kimberly Spencer (00:02:34) - I love her so deeply and so much and her energy is so uplifting. So I look forward to you being uplifted, encouraged and feel the love that precious has for your success and the desire that she has to elevate how you communicate so that you slay the competition. Even if we don't believe in competition and precious learned how to leverage how she stands out in her special way. And I am so excited to bring you precious the killer pitch Master Williams. Welcome to the Crown Yourself podcast, where together we build your empire and transform your subconscious stories about what's possible for your business, body and life. I'm your host, Kimberly Spencer, founder of Crown Yourself. Com and I'm a master mindset coach, best selling author, TEDx speaker known to my clients as a game changer. Each week you get the conscious leadership strategies you need to help you reign with courage, clarity and confidence so that you too, can make the income and impact you deserve. Imagine this podcast as your royal invitation to step into your full potential and rein in your divine purpose.

Kimberly Spencer (00:03:58) - Your sovereignty starts here and your reign is now. Queen, I gotta start. At swimming with the sharks.

Precious Williams (00:04:08) - Weiner.

Kimberly Spencer (00:04:09) - Yeah. Why not? Like when you chose to dive into the tank and swim with the sharks? How was that experience and what did you what did you learn and what did you love?

Precious Williams (00:04:24) - You know, my experience on Shark Tank was so incredible that I still get emotional about it today. One of the best lessons that I learned is that I've always been ready. I've always been ready to defy expectations, to defy where I come from, to defy everything. All those perceived flaws age, race, class, sex, all the things that people said were wrong with me. It feels so good. It felt so good to walk into that tank and embrace all of them as my secret weapon. There was nothing about me that was cookie cutter. So they even if they've heard all the greatest pitches in the world, I knew they had heard my. And so as I walked into the take.

Precious Williams (00:05:07) - And that when you go through the first door to the second door, when that door opens and I saw the sharks. What did I get allowed on me? I had to do some Jack Nicholson in there, you know. And then I stood on my desk because you only get one tank, so it's gonna go for an hour or so. It's gone. And I stood on that axe. I heard noises. All I need is one Mike. One Mike. And I made sure to look them all in the eye to let him know I'm not afraid. What if it hit me with your best shot? Pat Benatar, let's go. And so let's give him my pitch. You can just see the look on their faces like. What is happening? And just when they thought it was over, I had to hit them with some Beyoncé formation and let them see my full divas and plus size fashionistas own the space that they need, because it's one thing for me to show up and just be out and just be dynamic.

Precious Williams (00:06:03) - Another thing for them to see with cool figure divas like that plus size women. Second thing I learned is. When you change your language, you change the game. If you think of plus size women. That most people don't have a good connotation, even if they're dating one. But we say full figured divas in plus size fashionista. That caught them all by surprise. And here I am standing and looking at each and every one of them, because it's almost like this is a performance before the God that created me. For everybody who said it was impossible, for everyone who said, there's no way I don't have a looks, I don't have to get out. In this moment, you're about to watch greatness that even they couldn't foresee. The third thing that I learned. Is by fully embracing all of me. Not using just the older athletic. Nope. Embracing everything that brought me to that moment. The -$400 in my bank account that I was able to turn into half $1 million on national television, uh, with my very first pitch on MSNBC, shared business with J.J. Romberg.

Precious Williams (00:07:07) - To standing in that. Standing on that X. Everything mattered to that moment for me to stand on every. No. Every you can. Every all of that. And yet, here I am. And I'm doing it not for myself, but for every woman who forgot who she was because of weight or what society says. I'm gonna stand before the sharks hit me with your best shot. I've been asked every question about my business being a 13 time national champion. And I'm going to make doubters into believers in this moment. And the church was so shocked. And to hear Mark Cuban said, you go, girl. And Robert herself is saying, watching you. It's like watching a master at their craft. I am the killer pitch master.

Kimberly Spencer (00:07:58) - And what? Are the components of a killer pitch.

Precious Williams (00:08:03) - I mean, there's so many. Do you want basic or killer?

Kimberly Spencer (00:08:08) - Killer can we can read basic on Google.

Precious Williams (00:08:11) - I mean, you can't have people coming in like that. I'm like, if it's not customizable to you and you're just saying, I do this to help.

Precious Williams (00:08:20) - The battle's lost. So to take a basic position to elevate the killer pitch mode. Number one, it is so important that your target market knows you're talking to them. So while you may have a different language for how you explain the problem or challenge, it is so much more important for you to put it in their words so they can they know you're speaking to them. It is so important that they explain a challenge or problem in a particular way. You do that. You you so so they know it's the it's not a oh I'm just saying what everybody else is saying. And I always laugh about manifestation. I think it's a great word. Everybody ain't there for that. If you need sales right now and I'm talking about manifestation, you might be like, hey, it's a disconnect. Yes, I like the word, but that's not how they would describe it. I'd clientele. I need more visibility to go along with the credibility. I need to know how to be a rainmaker. I need to know certain things that they're going to say.

Precious Williams (00:09:27) - Make sure for that target market, they hear you. Number two. If you are offering yourself as the only choice that truly matters, then make sure the solution you're providing truly sounds different from what everybody else is saying in the marketplace that are similarly situated to you. For example, my first book was called Bad Bitches and Power Pitches for Women Entrepreneurs as figures on how many women and men told me that book would never fly. At birth because of the language. But I knew it would. And it took me years to get over others expectations. When we put out number one bestseller and Forbes magazine contacted me to review my book. Mind you, we didn't have a marketing campaign, didn't have this marketing budget. It was literally on the killer pitch. Master, I'm gonna give this. I'm gonna show you what time it is. And the very people who say it, they would never buy it. They had a FOMO when they saw everybody else. They started Billboard in Times Square. How did she do it? Because I can't let your limitations limit me.

Precious Williams (00:10:29) - And I'm speaking to a particular type of audience. And for those of you who think it's it's a it's just the type of woman. No, it's for those who want to be bad bitches with power pitch. Those who know they can be bad, bad bitches with power pitches and those who are just kind of like.

Kimberly Spencer (00:10:44) - And that is the difference, I think, between a basic bitch pitch and a bad bitch pitch. Because I know because what you use is aspirational language. Yeah. And I love the fact that you pointed out for the for the women who don't yet know and who who that that piece of being the bad bitch, being the queen is available inside of them and they're like, ooh, I like that. I think I want that to be like extracted. And that's what your pitch is doing. Is it? It's extracting that piece of that at their own aspirations.

Precious Williams (00:11:22) - Right. And this works in written form. This works in, you know, often. The third thing, which I think is very important is before you start with your name and the name of your company, this, that you're able to you're speaking to someone.

Precious Williams (00:11:36) - Nobody cares until you get them to care. So. I. When I walk into rooms and you've heard me say this. Ladies, ladies, raise your hands if you want to be a bad bitch with the power of pitch. They're like. Some of them clutching pearls for me and all my fellow brothers. Raise your hands if you want to be a bad man with a master plan. Now they really. Because they know they in here too. I said, well, you've come to the right place. My name is Precious Williams and the Crown founder is CEO of the Perfect Pitch Group. When we show you how to slay all competition with a killer pitch, and you truly become the only choice that matters to your target market, you want real media attention that's going to move the needle. You want visibility, credibility and marry that so that. Your ideal class of customers. Become raving fans and followers. You want to turn a prospect into a repeat client with a killer pitch. No matter what industry you're in, you're looking at an atmosphere shifter and a creative outsider and a 13 time national pitch champion who was able to parlay that from myself, as well as my 401st place pitch champions.

Precious Williams (00:12:49) - My clients and customers include some of the biggest companies in the world LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft, Federal Reserve Bank. That's their. But also trained individuals. So if you want to be a rainmaker, you want to make it rain like snow. Come see us at the perfect pitch. My name is Precious Williams. I am the proud founder and CEO of the Perfect Pitch Group. Slay all competition.

Kimberly Spencer (00:13:12) - Oh, well, we could just might drop it right there, Queen.

Precious Williams (00:13:17) - I mean, but we can keep going so we can go in there. Lord, I want you. I want to leave you wanting more for thing you want to leave on wanting more. A picture set out to help you think about your business. And so it's very important that the target market hears you are the only people in the room who want to take this plus size woman. Don't worry. I'll wait for you to answer the question. Queen Kimberly. Well. There is none. So why would my pitch even. Why was my pitcher? If my target market was in the room.

Precious Williams (00:13:57) - Is being is understanding. There is the sharks is understanding the market of a 40 million women as 14 or larger, like many in the United States. And we all want pretty underwear and no one's creating it. Oh, so to them, they're hearing numbers. They're hearing across six figures in less than six months for a company that wasn't supposed to exist. But remember, there's an audience out there made up of finance professionals, made up of curvy girls, made up of people who are like, man, I never heard you describe like that. Look at that. She's wearing a low cut canary yellow peplum dress and giving him the business so your target market doesn't have to be in the room, but they are attached to someone in the room. Mhm. So that's why your message has to be clear concise. Start for the question. Start a statistic or a quote because it interrupts a pattern of boring. That's why it's important. Say it in their language. If you are the the only choice that matters, you need to make that very clear in how you offer up your solution.

Precious Williams (00:15:01) - And then, you know. You can come at the middle or the end. Once you've gotten them hooked before, it's a waste of your time. Yep.

Kimberly Spencer (00:15:11) - And the, uh, the fact that you demonstrated not just you showed them the target market and brought them into the room, right? Big difference that like showing the numbers and then showing the whole figured less as divas or.

Precious Williams (00:15:27) - Bigger diva plus stars. And one of them was like that from, like, drink I got more, please believe. That's so. How? How was every.

Kimberly Spencer (00:15:41) - Piece of your upbringing, training you and cultivating this? Ability in this mastery with language. Because you have a very, uh, colorful background between, uh, dating a former drug kingpin. You know, homelessness, getting evicted, getting kicked out of law school. A lot.

Precious Williams (00:16:10) - Well, I will, thank you. I grew up unwanted by my own parents. Abused. Almost murdered. Um. It's rejection is a very hard thing to deal with.

Precious Williams (00:16:27) - And yet. I don't know how to explain it. I knew it was a star. I knew it, I just knew no one else could see it. Because my chocolate skin, um, didn't come from a world away from poverty in. I think one of the greatest things was watching the arts and entertainment channel lifetime, uh, shows on the bill. Curtis. He was a, you know, an attorney turned journalist. And the shows that he put out, I could imagine myself like, regardless, Scorpios, I can watch biography, 20th century American Justice. I could look at lifetime's intimate portrait. I love to VH1's Behind the Music, because what I was hearing was something that's not really talked about in media. Those weren't perfect stories. Those are people who fought their way to the top. And that was going to be my story. And so yeah, right now, as a little girl, I'm I'm ugly to everybody. I deserve to be taken advantage of. I deserve all these things that people are saying that I deserve.

Precious Williams (00:17:33) - Yet I knew because I've watched the biographies of others that included things that others won't, because it has to be the perfect story for us to be a perfect story for being a classmate, a perfect story. Well, my life wasn't a perfect story. It just wasn't. My grandparents when they took me when I was 15. I'm so grateful. Because my grandmother spoke life over me in my dreams and she said, your. Your ability to speak. You have to get the connection and speech. Oprah's going to know your name. You know, billboards in Times Square, mind you, who in our family's ever done any of that? I'm going to graduate from high school as a valedictorian. I'm Liz Beaumont, 1996 1997. I've been told all my life I'm ugly. And yet I'm the queen of my high school. I am the valedictorian. No one in my family has ever done it. I'm going to a full scholarship to Spelman College, full scholarship to Georgetown University Law Center right after that first, excuse me, one of the first recipients in the Bill and Melinda Gates scholarship.

Precious Williams (00:18:39) - Man, I was getting scholarships even though I already had full scholarships, which told me at 16, my first speaking engagement to what I was putting on applications back in the day with the typewriter or back in the day because we didn't we couldn't submit online. I put everything in there because I knew everything that people said was wrong with me. I had to make sure that when people read about me, they saw me. There was an excellence to me, the way I speak. I used to be ashamed because I have an I have an accent from Saint Louis, then Atlanta, then DC, North Carolina, Iowa, all those things I was told, hey, in order for you to make it in media, you have to change your voice. And I just refused because I don't know how to do that. And I'm not I'm not willing to sound like everybody else if that is not one of the greatest lessons for entrepreneurship. If that is not one of the greatest lessons from becoming a queen, everybody ain't gonna lie to you, you hear me say, everybody? Everybody is not going to like you.

Precious Williams (00:19:35) - My confidence is born from all the nos because I had to be like Ariana Grande. Thank you. Next, next opportunity. That's what I know means you will be in my inbox eventually because no grass grows under my feet. I've heard everything. No you could think of. No, you ain't it. That's okay. Because the greatest thing about pitching, the greatest thing about creating content, the greatest thing about always being ready to bless a microphone, was born out of no, you ain't it. You're not going to ever be it. And no one, you just haven't seen what God's about to do. I went from last to first. Last two first. Another great lesson from my childhood. As soon as talking about pitching in the way that I do. Nobody. Yes, we hear investor pitches, media pitches, elevator pitches. But there's still. Interview. Pitching. Sales. Pitching and speaker. Pitching. And I had to have trust in myself. Like I said, I don't gamble, but from a betting thing, I'm a bet on myself because none of these people have ever seen someone like me.

Precious Williams (00:20:52) - And as a queen, I need to carry myself that way. Yes, I have an accident. Yes, there's a downhome kind of quality to me, but there's an excellent about me. Do I have a do I have a vast lexicon? Yes. But depending on the audience I'm in front of. You still don't get precious. Someone who understands. Audience. Someone who doesn't dial it in. Because a lot of our young, young princesses never know they can become queens because of all the knows. I was blessed by a grandmother who told me who I was. I spoke of life over my dead spirit. And that is why I'm here today. And once I started to connect my story to others, I see them with me. I'm 4445 next month. I see him. Women all over Valley men. They've forgotten who they are. If they ever had dreams, it's gone. Entrepreneurship gave me my life back. Wife.

Kimberly Spencer (00:21:54) - And the fact is.

Precious Williams (00:21:57) - You.

Kimberly Spencer (00:22:00) - Re. You are like such a queen when it comes to rebirthing yourself.

Kimberly Spencer (00:22:04) - And and pulling herself from the depths. Where did you. What are your habits? Well started habits. What are your habits for excellence now?

Precious Williams (00:22:17) - My habits of excellence now or when I get up, even in the middle of the night, I pray to God because my mom, when I should've been dead when I was 38 years old. That's how bad it was. Oh, and when I finally really do get up. I praise God again. I come in here and I do my devotionals. I, you know, read the Joel Osteen newsletter. I go over these things and I listen to Psalm 139. Uh, so, um, Psalm 91. I also had this beautiful car that a woman gave me. Things are always working out. If she asked me to pull it out of something. So I pulled it out. Things always working out. And when I read this, it's all about focusing on. Who I'm becoming and things always work out for me. They do, and that's something I need to remember.

Precious Williams (00:23:15) - No matter how dark, it's always darkest or Dolan. Things are always working out for me. Say it, feel it. Believe it and trust it. I have a track record of horrific things, but I also have a track record of blessings. So what was meant to harm me actually turned out to be the greatest blessing, because I've actually been through hard times, which means I can connect. And I hope my homeless journey gave me compassion in a way, because I know what people think of homeless people, that they fumble with their money. A lot of it is mental illness. And I had I have two, two that are dealt with, uh, with medication, also a psychiatry and therapy. I'm not ashamed to talk about the things that ultimately freed me. I'm not ashamed that I was homeless and a severe alcoholic after losing the love of my life. So of course I'm going to be thankful. Do I have hard moments? Hard times? Yes. When times when proposals aren't signed or you come to realize it was never supposed to be because you were supposed to be over there doing something else.

Precious Williams (00:24:24) - Things are always working out. Had I not become homeless, had I not become an addict? I don't think you would need precious today because I was posturing years ago. The real precious is shown up.

Kimberly Spencer (00:24:45) - What's the difference between posturing? Because I I've. I've. I felt it myself in the past, um, with, uh. When I was when I was previously married and we called, like I realized what I was doing was actually just being playing. I was playing house.

Precious Williams (00:25:04) - Oh.

Kimberly Spencer (00:25:05) - Rather.

Precious Williams (00:25:06) - Then you went there.

Kimberly Spencer (00:25:07) - I went there, yeah, I was, I was playing house instead of actually being in a marriage. And there's a posturing, there's a pretense. And I think as entrepreneurs, we go through that in our own journey too. I know when my. Yeah. Oh yeah. Like, I mean, when I started my Crown Yourself business for a year and a half, I did the photo shoots, I had everything. All of those clothes were rented and borrowed because I didn't have anything sparkly of my own.

Kimberly Spencer (00:25:31) - Shocker, right? But I was posturing, and I was. I knew the values that I needed to embody, which was ownership and authenticity, but I was too scared to embody those. And I. So how do you know the difference? Between posturing and. Presence in actually the Queen likeness of who you are.

Precious Williams (00:25:57) - I think. The difference in posturing. Earth is being the real me. Others saw it first, which is so crazy to me. They saw it in me. I had a my Spelman sister saying, you know, I thought I was making the robot for she's in. But you're you now, she said. And it's fully embodied in how you move. When people meet you, they meant your energy first, not who they expect you to be. And, you know, when we're at the game is fun, friends and I, I will continue to say this. When people see you on social media, they have this impression of you until they finally meet you. And one of my goals was for people to see me beyond an achievement or an accomplishment.

Precious Williams (00:26:45) - I'm actually kind of cool. I actually hurt, I actually cry. That was very. I was fearful years ago to show that because as an entrepreneur, I should have the perfect story. I should hang around all the right people. Maybe I was the right person. And they were the wrong people. I had clinkers and hangers on because no one knew the real me, not even me. In while I had a this. Company created to celebrate the beauty of curvy women. I couldn't say to myself, even though I was dating a very famous Hollywood actor. When he died. I felt he took everything with him. Me wanting to kill myself. Me wanting to no longer exist. I look back and realize how much of a gift it was that my suicide attempt was thwarted by the Most High, who was choking a fat lady out in the bags, and I her down. My purpose was not complete. I didn't know who I was. And in the depths of homelessness, with the blessing of the Bowery Mission Women's Center.

Precious Williams (00:28:02) - Knowing who I am and who's I am. Being in sisterhood and community. I had no money to pay for anything. And yet even there, my light shined and I had a different voice. Well, you can't pay for anything. Can you still be an advocate? I was an advocate for myself and other women from mental health days. We always had more physical health days. Sometimes the mental health day is necessary. You can't bother. What are you doing internally? And I helped bring that to staff's attention. When I felt that a community issue needed to be addressed and other women were afraid that I would address it professionally. And people expect me to be Real Housewives because I'm chocolate and black. No, ma'am. I will deal with you. In a manner that's appropriate because I understand my audience. My audience needs to see a different reflection of what they see on TV. So any verbal tongue lashing? No curse words. Abrasive. More voice threatening you. And it was amazing because so many of those queens, all different races, hues.

Precious Williams (00:29:23) - Quite like. It was wonderful to watch you. Because they learn something. But I was only advocating. Because I can develop a different voice. And really being an advocate for the less fortunate like me, because I was less fortunate at that point. Pastoring nearly took my life. Being me in every room. I mean, I'm not looking at you, Quinn. You know how cute you was all those days. And the fun for us was something. But I knew I was too. Mhm. I knew I was too from internally out. Hugging women. If someone said something, you know, I was vocal on that. Go get that. Yeah. Has he quit? Oh. I wouldn't have done it years ago because I'd have been worried about what do people say? I don't care what you say. The Queen on that stage, or the queen sitting beside me, needs to know her true support because a lot of us didn't hear, don't hear it anymore. Because we're not young. Everything's not in supposedly the proper place.

Precious Williams (00:30:29) - But let me tell you some experiences a beautiful thing. Being able to talk, not from just my perspective, from a whole lot of other people. And when I graduated. It walked back into this life and I said I wanted to start Perfect Pieces by Precious again. I don't want to never happen. If you're not in the. If you're not in a fight with me. If you're not these trenches, I can't listen to you. If you've never been an entrepreneur. If you don't know what this battle is like, your corporate version of entrepreneurship has nothing to do with what is in real life. Um. And understand that some experiences. Or not as protected as others. However, we must still show up as the queens. We are an offer, a different reflection. And it starts with me. Amen. Difference between posturing and if I feel out of order. But hold up, darling, I'm still feeling BP regardless. I don't need to shine everywhere. I really don't need to speak everywhere.

Precious Williams (00:31:33) - Let me be very clear, I don't. But my presence will always be.

Kimberly Spencer (00:31:39) - Oh so true. And I think you you brought up such an interesting point. And because I've seen this with my own mental health and what I found with, uh, suicidal ideations when those tend to come. And I've seen this with a lot of entrepreneurs, it's just another ego death.

Precious Williams (00:31:58) - Like it.

Kimberly Spencer (00:32:01) - It's just another stripping away of these layers of posturing, some that we, some that may be. So they're not maybe not. They're this giant tufted gown that we've been posturing in, but maybe they're just a slight veil that we need to remove. And so each time that just is able to to fall off and recognizing the difference between an ego death and actual death.

Precious Williams (00:32:29) - It's like you just hit. Like I'm getting shot through the heart in your head. Cause you're just hitting. That's. That's a true team right there. That's true team. Come on. Are you dropping bombs? In their landing. I also think this experience talking to.

Precious Williams (00:32:54) - We grow up. We live in a world. This seems to think there's only one way to be successful, one way to be an entrepreneur, one way to do things. And it takes Queens like us in so many others to show there are many ways. To be successful. Not everybody wants to be the the new tech company. Not everybody. Some people want lifestyle companies. Some people have different visions of what success is for their life. And if the only version is I gotta floss with all these designer labels, I gotta be in a. I don't have a problem with people doing that because that might be their version. It's not mine, you know. What's my version? What we're doing here today. Because I believe that this podcast episode is going to hit. It's going to hit a little different. Mhm. Whether I have all the achievements in the world or not. I feel successful because I'm sitting here with you. We were able to get information together. To do the Queen's coronation together.

Precious Williams (00:34:07) - What a beautiful experience, I told you. Whatever. You pick it put down, I'm gonna pick up. This is your thing, and I'm gonna support it all.

Kimberly Spencer (00:34:17) - And it takes it being able to stand on stage with you.

Precious Williams (00:34:23) - Well, yes.

Kimberly Spencer (00:34:25) - Yes. I mean. There was a level of queen leanness I had to summon beyond.

Precious Williams (00:34:33) - Yeah. Because I think we both looked at that moment as it was both of us there, because I was like, you know, I'm confident in who I am and confident in. But I also realized when I sent that to you. Then I wanted you to know you were chosen for this. You're not dealing with a lightweight. So I am your support. Do I say that normally? No. But that's what God told me. This isn't my show. It's yours. And I'm here to support. And also to show. There's different versions of Queen. That's what we do, and that's what we did.

Kimberly Spencer (00:35:18) - And it was magical.

Precious Williams (00:35:20) - I was and I was just I mean, I think that just my heart.

Precious Williams (00:35:27) - Yeah.

Kimberly Spencer (00:35:28) - And I think. There is a level that, um. You know that there's a quote in the Bible when two or more are gathered in his name, God is present. And basically that's that's what I feel in the power of the mastermind, in the power of showing up in collaboration together, is that there is something divine that happens beyond the scope of just our own individual egos, because that is how we amplify each other. And that's why I say like, it's not that like I felt like doubting or lacking my competence. There was an amplification of a new level between us as we did that. And then. Being able to then sustain that level of amplification and go into my next, you know, round of speaking engagements that I had that month was extraordinary because that's the power of the amplification. That comes when two or more are gathered and are in in just complete support and solidarity for each other's sovereignty.

Precious Williams (00:36:35) - And as you know, they've read our bios as we were coming out and we took that stage, I remember looking at it, are dames queens? In realizing that.

Precious Williams (00:36:52) - It's a coronation. I know I have my thoughts to add to things. And that's why it's important. As professional speakers read the room, there's something that they were needing me here to support and offer other ideas. And you said yes to them. I was like, I has 50 million things. I just felt the energy to remember what needed. We needed to walk out into that audience. We needed to see them hear what was saying. I wanted to take pictures of these moments because a lot of times the speakers, you might not have a photographer. The photographer is off doing something else. People need to see in real time transformation, but they also need to see that we didn't die on that end. And so I thank you for trusting me as your support that I got you. Almost 30 years of professional speaking. But not only that. Understanding. My skill set. And amplifying yours. Because when he was doing that, he was doing that. And never once was I insecure might think, just listening to you.

Precious Williams (00:38:08) - I was like, all right, picking up what you putting down? I'm about to go down and get it. And it really reflected the beauty of Queens. We don't only like our version of everything isn't for everyone, but when we come together. Hoo hoo. The dynamic duo. And I'll never forget what Megan said to us in our house. She was just like. She said. Precious. I actually see you now. She said you weren't looking to be on stage. You weren't looking for any of that. And I said no, because I don't always need to be. I said, but I learned so much from you and the other speakers, and just as be all of us, all of us being in these different rooms and spaces. I signed my lease for my new apartment while I was there. I divorced my mind of certain fears that I had of elevation and evolution. I wouldn't be able to do that without you. Make it in every attendee and every speaker. I needed to say certain things.

Precious Williams (00:39:27) - So the killer can ask for questions. I can think about. The rebranding that had to happen. And it did. The mind shifts. I still have to have been as entrepreneurs, as women, as speakers, as sisters, as wives, as mothers. So thank you. For bringing me along on the greatest ride.

Kimberly Spencer (00:39:50) - Right back atcha, Queen. There is a magic of queens coming together and in, holding each other in mutual respect. You know, when I see other women as queen, I don't see them as competition. And I don't say yes, Queen like, or I feel like a queen, or I am a queen to put others down in a civil servant space. It is very much the perception of projection that my light hopefully is allowing you to illuminate yours, and we light the path together. And we climb our own mountains for those who need to be. We are the way showers. And with that guiding post and being the way show, or being the one who's holding the lamp out.

Kimberly Spencer (00:40:37) - We are the first to trip over the rocks, and we've heard that heavy is a crown.

Precious Williams (00:40:43) - It is.

Kimberly Spencer (00:40:44) - What? What do. What is that belief of the heaviness? What is it that you think that is the heaviness that weighs down? Is it responsibility? Is it performance? Pressure? Is it?

Precious Williams (00:40:59) - It is, Charlie. You have no one else here? Yes. Those parts are still happening today. Has everything been done in this time? People say that all the time. I don't know if that's true, but I do think. That when you're blazing a trail that people cannot see you in heaviest the crown because you get cut up, beat up, scarred to make the path easier for others. And then often does not get talked about. It's like, oh, you, you leave it, you're at the mountaintop. I'm like, maybe this isn't that. This ain't even halfway decent. This this ain't even here. However, where do we go to talk about those things? Teachers say it is tiring at times.

Precious Williams (00:41:46) - It can be exhausting. And then I'll meet another queen. I think a queen tide could win. She said when you stepped into your purpose, another woman could finally step into hers. So some people need to see. It didn't. And then in knowing it, it's going to be you. It's going to be him. That's a heavy thing. You would hope that things would be easy for you. It's not gonna be the way society is moving and the way we were taught. As little girls growing up. A lot of things are performative that are celebrated, but the real hard work. Everything should be easy. Your business should be easy. And I'm like, I don't know if that's true. I don't know, I think that's the difference between care. Care and service, right? So people can provide a service. There can be no care in it. You feel like a cognitive will. Just another number. But when you add hair to it, it's different. In a world that screams doing the bare minimum and extracting the most money from others.

Precious Williams (00:42:58) - It's a scary, scary thought. That youth will always be prized. And we all made mistakes as youth, as was wasted on the young. By the time you get to be a certain age, if you get to be a certain age. This is a privilege to look back and say what I thought I knew I didn't. What I know today is so solid and yet I'm still growing. I'm a work in progress. You expect perfection. The only thing peculiar about me. All my pitches. My pitches. I'm allowed to make mistakes. And among loud to have grace for other women who do too. That's why I'm not afraid of being. I was homeless and a severe alcoholic. Whatever. I'm going on seven years of sobriety and I'm around people who drink. That does not bother me. Because you know what? I've always told you where the mother is. My food. Right? We're going to have fun regardless. My food.

Kimberly Spencer (00:43:58) - We're good.

Precious Williams (00:43:59) - We're good. Heavy is a crown because it is a responsibility to understand what the world teaches versus what are biblical principles.

Precious Williams (00:44:08) - What are great life principles? Should you? Should we be paid for what we do? Yes. Yes. Because we're not. We didn't just learn it yesterday.

Kimberly Spencer (00:44:20) - Mhm. And we're about to give people a lot of time.

Precious Williams (00:44:23) - It took a lot of time. I understand that younger people are getting paid more and more. That's awesome. I got paid more than anybody in my. Neighborhood. Well, I get paid more today. Okay. I worked hard, just like they worked hard in whatever they were doing. This is more compensated. This is why I want to be an attorney. I want to be at the top of the food chain. Because I knew how it would look. And even though I'm not an attorney anymore. Quinn, can I tell you people just finding out I'm a former attorney, they're like, what? And they're like, ah, well, that goes into why you speak so well. I'm like, actually, you know, I've been doing this since I was 16, but okay.

Precious Williams (00:45:08) - But it's that spark. You thought you knew everything about me. No you don't. And so heavy is the crown. Because a lot of us don't talk about it and we can sometimes leave our young princesses. Not seeing the reality of what's happening.

Kimberly Spencer (00:45:31) - And when I was a kid, I. I never liked, um, the stories. And I even said it in my Ted talk. I didn't like the stories of the women who just had to be kissed, and then they were queen, or they just lost a shoe bomber. Right. I loved the stories, and we actually, like my mom and I were talking over dinner with friends yesterday where she said I. She adamantly went out to the library back in the day to find princess stories, and the only ones she could find were older, um, like really old stories, because I wanted the stories that actually showed the princess having to face challenge to then rise into her reign, because that's more reality. Um, like, the Cinderella story is great and it does happen.

Kimberly Spencer (00:46:18) - And there's magic in pieces of the story, but I think some of the pieces have been lost in the translation. Yeah. That have sacrificed the growth that had to come internally and externally.

Precious Williams (00:46:33) - Right. I think I think of all the princess stories. See, I didn't watch cartoons, didn't care about any of that sort of thing. Listen, with Jim in the hologram, Jim is my name. No one has anything good. You know, I was on that. Jim and the holograms I had never seen. I was never I was never into them. And and to be honest, I just never saw that ever happening for me. So that's why none of that mattered. Why was I watching Arts Entertainment as a little girl? Make it nice. My three fun Green Acres and stuff like Riddick. Well, what I'm saying, none of those. My mother had beaten into me that he was never coming, regardless. So I grew up knowing that I had to take care of me. If a gentleman wants to marry me and we we feeling each other, that's great.

Precious Williams (00:47:26) - I've been proposed to four times. I've never been married. I don't say that with pride, but I do say that I'm glad I did not marry these four. Then I'm glad. What was cool back then is not cool today. And to know I can take care of myself. Men are so important in life. They are. But if we're not compatible, I can't be here when I have no children. And you know that I have none. Because I'm not. Revisit trauma of my past on the on on a princess or our young prince. I'm not. I needed to get myself together. And now that I'm older. I can enjoy other people's kids. Because I finally get to live a life that I would have wanted as a little girl. I get to travel. I get to meet Queens like you. I get to have an opportunity to have an impact. So great. Living alone. Having quiet time. This is what's for me. But also connecting with others. And there's no animosity.

Precious Williams (00:48:44) - Anger. There's no jealousy like it used to be at the past. It is my heart 20 years before his pay me. Because that that's coming that it always comes. Mhm. So with my branding the perfect pitch group focusing more on you know law firms, professional schools, law schools, business schools. Associations and the like. How many years did it take me to gain even more clarity if I just stayed being doing fiction for the rest of my life? Awesome. But I needed other places too. So I'm on my plans when flipping the script. Your girl got more skills and you know. Um. Oh, that's that's a beauty of being a queen, too. Um, for me is. God dials in and tells when to flip the script. They think that's all you can do. Um. Your purpose and are elevating. And that's why with you and I and others that I admire so much, it is not allowing and it's scary. I'm so scared to stand out there by yourself and try and know that it may fail, but you've got to at least try.

Precious Williams (00:50:17) - I can't live a life where everything is comfortable. I need a freaking shallot. Because that's how I get better.

Kimberly Spencer (00:50:26) - How do you deal with the challenge of loneliness? I've seen that so much with entrepreneurs that the the battles that we can fight. Especially since now in this hyper digitalized world, we are in this space. Alone. Technically. Then how do you deal with that?

Precious Williams (00:50:49) - One of the greatest. I deal with loneliness and feeling lonely. One of the thing greatest lessons I learned about reading Alcoholics Anonymous is play the tape fully out. So if I'm not going to be drinking. What were the other coping skills I have? I pray. Look, I tell me who to call. Text. You say, can we can we talk today? Before, I didn't have a trusted network. So we know we have our real, real friends. Who knows? That we can talk about so much. Proposals. I'm worried about. Things financially, moving unexpectedly, all sorts of things. And when I get down, I remember I'm not alone and I reach out.

Precious Williams (00:51:51) - In the time the last three months, I've had so many women, friends of mine, many friends of mine, ever a conversations about the fears that they have around entrepreneurship. This. This year wasn't as great as I thought it was going to be. The stresses of being parents, the stresses of wanting better for your children than you had it, and you're looking like better and better coming out of school than y'all. Oh. Um. It gives me joy. And they remind me. It's like when I had the flu, my first was telling me, that's putting you down because you're supposed to be resting, and I know you don't want to. But your evolution is in progress. So those proposals were signed because they're not meant for you. And maybe I'll be fine next year. But you're going into a different market. There's a reason why you were tasked to write reign making 101. There's a reason why you're taking entrepreneurship and bringing it back into the legal profession. Having been an attorney, having passed the bar on my first draft, having worked in one of the most prestigious firms in the world, cleared for federal judge in the Southern District of New York with a 2.9 GPA, no connections, no money, none of that.

Precious Williams (00:53:11) - And yet I was able to get into these places. Is dark and hell was hot. You come out swinging. And that's what you're supposed to do, because things will always work out. But if you want to play it safe, it's cute. But. Elevation require separation. It also requires knowing you're not alone and having real conversations, not the fostering conversations that we like to do with social media. That's what I do. I sip on camel milk tea. Lemongrass, mint. I started cooking for myself again. It also just understanding that I hear his voice in quiet and in peace in the middle of the night through dreams. In fact, last night I woke up and in my dream, all my teeth were falling out. Like, literally, I was talking. I was like, what? And I went to read what it was. It's big things popping little things down there.

Kimberly Spencer (00:54:17) - Oh, yeah. I've had that dream once or twice.

Precious Williams (00:54:21) - Really? Speaking of teeth, man, I'm like, ain't nobody noticing this for me.

Precious Williams (00:54:27) - It can feel it in the dream I'm doing it. And. So we know. Those are my coping skills learned from Alcoholics Anonymous. Being the Bowery Mission women that have kept me sober. Not white knuckling sober, not even. I walk past in places they don't have that I called bottles out or past liquor stores I used to be on being heckled years ago. Keep on walking. I ain't even I'm not even impressed. I'm not even worried. Keep it moving. Hey, man, you know it.

Kimberly Spencer (00:55:01) - And I think the. You brought up something so interesting about the that you reach out. And I think so often when we when entrepreneurs struggle with loneliness, it's because they're lone wolfing it in their business. They are not. There's the lack of an actual lack of collaboration, and then their lone wolfing, the responsibility of the outcomes of projects or the the KPIs or the business. They're taking all that responsibility instead of delegating the responsibility as much as they're delegating tasks.

Precious Williams (00:55:37) - I mean, I. I have been guilty of that, so I.

Precious Williams (00:55:43) - And that's why it's important to have these conversations, because we can give the great story of how dope we are. Yeah. It also. And I think you might have seen my poster. I said it's real. It may be real funny to laugh that. If those companies are experiencing hiccups or slow sales. But those of us who've been in business long enough, you're one phone call, one text message, one email away from everything going ham and cheese, peanut butter and jelly. Because when that moment, that first phone call, the it just says stuff. This is like what I was thinking. I was posting about some of the places I'm going to be speaking in. Care deserves to have. I love my son. Emails. Phone calls. Um, would you be willing to come here? Oh. And the great thing about the two of us. It's like that. Real receipts. I show up in places. Ain't no faking a fraud in their posturing that used to be done years ago when you're like, I'm about to do this.

Precious Williams (00:56:47) - I'm there doing it. How about that? Catch me outside about that.

Kimberly Spencer (00:56:52) - Exactly. I just, uh, I just posted about how people should not, in their podcast bios, post about what they're posturing to do. Except, I.

Precious Williams (00:57:03) - Guess.

Kimberly Spencer (00:57:04) - Except if you actually have the book done and actually have the podcast done and the date is done. But when I when you're talking about, oh, here's all these big things that I'm going to be doing. Unless there is that level of commitment. If like you are already in the room. So when you're in the space, because I know that the your environment shifts to match the frequency of you, right? And when you're in the space that you are seeing the bank account at negative or you are not having those proposals signed, not having those contracts signed, how do you pivot yourself and create your own plot twists so that you position yourself to be in the next room?

Precious Williams (00:57:51) - Well, it goes back to the asteroid 84. I have real entrepreneurial fragrance and sometimes they see your situation from a totally different perspective.

Precious Williams (00:58:02) - That's why they told me. They're not meant to be psyched. And yes, they could say, oh well, yeah. And sometimes people leave, their jobs are forced out. Things happen. But in that time, with me sitting here. That was speaking to me and telling me what's really going on. Plus. Unlike a lot of entrepreneurs. I know it's coming now, because there were other things said about me months ago that people started in December, sort of setting things up for me in a totally different realm. I remember going to the games and talking about aerospace bowl games hit me up and put me on. In fact, this week I spoke to a acquaintance was like, why did I meet you years ago? Because it wasn't the right time. And she's in aerospace. So let me putting those ask out there, but also by listening to my friends who have a different perspective. It was like, you're not supposed to be doing anything. Get your place together. Chill out. Because the contracts are coming in.

Precious Williams (00:59:21) - So when he's speaking, engagements are coming. Please know those are contracts. And I think you are so right. Like I've written books, but yeah. And I know sometimes when I was in the midst of writing, I was posting because it would get me excited about my own shit. I mean, my own stuff, you know what I mean? But going to. Going to now. This is it. There is no dress rehearsal. This is it. And even having this conversation with you and being freaking for real about entrepreneurship, there are times where things get slow. There are times people are like, oh, just throw out courses, throw out all this kind of stuff. Yeah. That's great. But if you have no audience, what are you talking about? There are gaps in what people are saying. And sometimes you're not at that level to understand what the gap is. That's why novices are easy to take. Take advantage of it. But it's the more you grow. Like, I don't need to be in that space.

Precious Williams (01:00:26) - I don't need to be around that group. That person is not for me. Yeah, they're talking about me anyway. Might as well be Bonnie Raitt. I'm gonna give you something to talk about. I'm not even gonna be here for this. My clients. My customers deserve better than this. May not even be here. There's so much money to be made, and it might be the same kind of money I want to make. I'm not a grifter. Whether in the past or in the past. That's why coming into your kingdom. It's so important in having real people around you who want nothing more for you to succeed, but also to help you put on your big girl panties and go out there and do what you supposed to be doing because you ain't paying attention. Everything isn't business, it's relationships. And everything ebbs and flows. No matter what a guru tells you. Yeah.

Kimberly Spencer (01:01:28) - Amen. Amen. It's because.

Precious Williams (01:01:35) - Well, we getting real began. You set the intention. I know I heard a play play.

Precious Williams (01:01:40) - I know it's late. Late?

Kimberly Spencer (01:01:46) - The. The fact that you say that. Everything is relationships because it really is. And it's a relationship not only with people, but it's a relationship that you have with your business. It's a relationship that you have with the products and the services that you provide. It's a relationship that you have with your money. It's everything in life is a relationship, and how we are relating to it directly correlates to our experience of it.

Precious Williams (01:02:18) - Hashtag 20.

Kimberly Spencer (01:02:21) - So the need for up leveling our relationships. Which comes first. Changing our relationship with business or changing our relationships with the people that we have around us.

Precious Williams (01:02:36) - Great question. My first reaction. Is changing in relationships around me because that's how I got out of. My poverty mindset coming out of homelessness. I knew I was supposed to go where I'd be celebrated, not tolerated. I knew my backstory was not going to be important to some people once they saw talent. And because I saw a talent that opened doors that no amount.

Precious Williams (01:03:07) - Of negativity could show. When I started to learn about some of my background, I was like, oh, because they only saw the power. And as they learn more about me and I got. More and more invested in those relationships. I'm sitting in spaces. I couldn't believe. Because of talent. And also I can be trusted to be real. In every step of. Kind of reminds me of Paula Abdul. Say two steps forward, three steps back. We can take care of you like I know that that happens. I'm not the only one who's had proposals or stuff. Um. Naxalite. I know I'm not. But what I do have is amazing relationships that we're talking about. Me behind my back for profit. That opened doors in December so that my birthday month link.

Kimberly Spencer (01:04:22) - Hey, man. Are. And that's that's something I literally was writing in, in my book yesterday, uh, about how people. When you go on to a podcast or specifically a podcast, but pretty much in any room, if you wow them and dazzle them with your talent and your energy and your energy of service to.

Kimberly Spencer (01:04:46) - And they will talk about you behind your back. And I gave the example of a podcaster who's a dear friend of mine, who came on and taught a masterclass on how to get booked on a global top 100, uh, podcast. They mentioned Mike Kim, who wrote the book You Are the Brand they had on their podcast, who they then mentioned in the class. Uh, to our students, who they then mentioned, who I'm then mentioning in the book, who I'm now mentioning again here. That's three times that someone wasn't present for them to get free PR for. Because and just if you believe that people are because of how you show up, because of your energy of service, because of your commitment to what you're creating, that you are being talked about behind your back in multiple different rooms in positive ways, where people are mentioned consistently as like you are the go to person for that, you need to meet her. That that is a game changer for opening up the floodgates of receptivity for your business.

Precious Williams (01:05:55) - I'm telling you because I say. The name of the queen that I love, and little princesses and little princess and prince. I say your names because I want to see what can happen. Because it might not happen that day. It might happen a whole year later. Or for the man speaking for profit, that was the premise of it. Once you get your pictures together, who knows you? And who do we need to? They need to be on the surface. So how do you cultivate a relationship where they go so beyond the surface they can literally talk about you. Their vetting makes it easy for someone to say yes sight unseen. They go to work. Oh, definitely. Walter. You didn't do anything but impress the your work. They knew you were the go to person. Then do you see how this is all related? I wrote that book, what, two years ago? And I and I just it's like the evolution. Maybe it's it's about a picture that this is about pictures.

Precious Williams (01:06:53) - The workbook phishing for profit, the bad business playbook to convert conversations and the currency, the pitch Queen A Woman's journey from poverty to purpose and profits. Rainmaker. What a one from day one. Packaging, positioning and pitching exposed. There's a line through that. It's an elevation that I've learned in real time. That blesses so many sales teams and. Those who come in, listen to me. Keynote or trade or client acquisition, I'll let people know I did. I did all of those things, but I did, and so I couldn't introduce all of that at the same time. I had to get great in one niche to expose the even more talent that I have. Um, so I'm just I'm really, really thankful. And I'm thankful that we actually train teach. I'm not a coach, and I know that. I know I'm not. But I am a traitor. I love what I do.

Kimberly Spencer (01:07:59) - And what a fantastic trainer and speaker you are, because I've been blessed to share the stage with you and it was such an honor and your presence, it just amplifies those around you and it's.

Kimberly Spencer (01:08:16) - That is something of. That is something that I would like to think that I am able to do as well.

Precious Williams (01:08:23) - Here you are.

Kimberly Spencer (01:08:23) - And and those are the people that I choose to surround myself with are the amplifiers.

Precious Williams (01:08:32) - And injector two fuel again was a generator.

Kimberly Spencer (01:08:35) - Oh, you're a stranger?

Precious Williams (01:08:38) - In no way.

Kimberly Spencer (01:08:39) - Yes.

Precious Williams (01:08:40) - It went. Yeah. I'm the projector. So I remember this quite telling me. Here like you have to be invited. Mhm. You going after things? Nah. The. You're protecting your light. We'll bring them to you.

Kimberly Spencer (01:09:02) - It is a very different business strategy and energy than everything other people are teaching yet. What I have written posts where I am like, I share my birth story and I've gotten clients from that and it has nothing to do. There's no sales call to action. There's nothing. It is literally just me showing up in a commanding, queenly presence, talking about trust in how I honored my body and knew exactly what to do in that moment, and those but those posts that highlight something that may not even be traditional sales, that it's just by shining your light.

Precious Williams (01:09:40) - So true. I mean, every post I had someone tell me every post should have a link to something and I instinctively knew. Number one. I'm not a particular man. I'm not. All right? No. Some people need to see I'm human. And I don't mean that I have to tell. What's considered sob stories. It's. Again. I posted that press pass on my first try. That was crazy. Give me something on a Nasdaq billboard like.

Kimberly Spencer (01:10:13) - Yeah. You were.

Precious Williams (01:10:16) - But. Or that I have no children or whatever. And it's like, oh, wow, she's pulling out things because the road to 45. I want you all to know particular things about me. Not everything, but particular things, because I'm. I want you to see me as extraordinarily talented and beautifully human and beautifully flawed. And yet I'm still doing this. And I hope that gives other Queens permission. Because some of y'all forgot y'all queens. Let me have the guy. Somebody I think, waited. Listen.

Precious Williams (01:10:49) - I'm not saying it's an easy road, but what I am saying. There are women waiting to hear you. See you. And I get the perfect story because I can't relate. Mm. So because I don't have the perfect story, I don't even know.

Kimberly Spencer (01:11:07) - It's actually because you don't know the perfect story. That that's what actually makes you relatable and human and builds trust because actually subconsciously perfection. We all know at some level we are not perfect. And so when we see someone that we perceive as perfect, our subconscious mind is going, what's wrong with them? What are they got going on in the background? They're not saying.

Precious Williams (01:11:30) - Are you thinking, God, this is nothing? Yeah, yeah, very, very, very much so. And other people who are wildly successful in the profession. Yes. That's why it's called. We need to talk up each other. We need to talk about our books. When you talk about our programs, who we are as people. Because I need us to see that we're just as valuable as the people we put on a pedestal.

Precious Williams (01:11:57) - There are women who write great sales books, biographies, um, all kinds of great things. There are women who have great training programs, great coaches, great all these things. And I'll usually see. That we're not the first to come to mind. And I'm one to remind people some of the greatest talent is really around you. So I don't hate anybody who is wildly successful. That's not what I'm saying. But I am saying. Some of us have great people in our lives and we need to amplify.

Kimberly Spencer (01:12:31) - Amen. Precious. I would love to. I just so I could talk to you for hours. I could talk to you today. We could do. We could do this all day long. All right. Well, we. But we got responsibilities and things that we got to do. You know, running our queendom and all. So I'd like to switch into a little bit of rapid fire. Are you ready? Who is your favorite female character in a book or a movie and why?

Precious Williams (01:12:56) - You're like, this is gonna sound so bad, but me? Oh.

Precious Williams (01:13:04) - Meaning. I've owned a lot of things that I did wrong. A lot of things I did right. A lot of impossible situations that became possible with an unshakeable belief in myself. I am my favorite. In any. Thanks.

Kimberly Spencer (01:13:27) - It's because I've never heard of. No one has responded. No one has ever answered that. No one. And that is probably my favorite. Yeah. Sorry. So what? Woman alive or while she was living. Would you like to trade places with just for a day to live in her body? See how she thought feel how she experienced the world exactly as she did.

Precious Williams (01:13:56) - You know, your first answer would be BSA, but no. Person that I'm truly thinking of. I would love to have experienced Jackie O. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. I would love to to to spend time. Feel like I she really felt versus what the world put on her to come alive. All of that. I want to know how she really felt. Because when you start to look at someone's backstory, I'm like, we kind of gloss over it.

Precious Williams (01:14:44) - And I was like, that's hard. Mm. So that whole Kennedy analysis.

Kimberly Spencer (01:14:50) - Mm. What is your morning routine that we talked about earlier?

Precious Williams (01:14:54) - You know, I get up, I know.

Kimberly Spencer (01:14:56) - You get up. Thank God.

Precious Williams (01:14:57) - Yeah, I do, you know, I, I of course I do my devotions, but it's so eye opening that for devotionals and you're listening to Psalms 139 and 91 or reading my little card things always work out. And asking God to tell me who to reach out to today via text. Let him know I see you. And then, you know, the night before, I've already done what I'm going to do. I've already said what I'm going to do today. So we get it. We get it cracking. Mhm.

Kimberly Spencer (01:15:29) - Well you just answered my next question of what's your nightly routine to set you up for a successful morning.

Precious Williams (01:15:34) - Oh you know like we get the Catholic together. You know I do that. Add a third running to the 30 or 7 because I know when I take a bath.

Precious Williams (01:15:44) - I know I want to eat something. But when I take a bath. You ever heard a shower? I'm enjoying baths now, so I'm in my new space and I haven't had a bath in years. I've always had showers. I'm enjoying. Putting in salts and all sorts of things. You could literally call and love to sitting in there and watching a makeup declutter, or the latest Eater or Mashable or Bon Appetit video. I'm unwinding. That's what I do. And then I pray before I go to bed. I hit the.

Kimberly Spencer (01:16:27) - And that asleep.

Precious Williams (01:16:29) - You know what it is.

Kimberly Spencer (01:16:30) - What do you define to be your queendom?

Precious Williams (01:16:37) - My queendom is everything that I am. Everything God bless this world with is as far as my talent, skillsets and abilities. My cranium is being compassionate. People are learning to truly see themselves for who they are. He's showing him how to turn their perceived flaws into their secret weapon, because then no one ever sees you coming straight on to exploit the gaps. And there are gaps, all in entrepreneurship there.

Precious Williams (01:17:07) - Gaps in life. It's saying what you really need. I am the ultimate rainmaker and a killer pitch master. That's what we do. McClendon stretches far and wide. That's why I love hugs and I see women I. And that real conversation, not posturing conversations. Because that gets old.

Kimberly Spencer (01:17:31) - It gets old. Boring. Well, it's like, let's take off the masks and like you. Show me your truth, your authenticity, your scars.

Precious Williams (01:17:42) - Yeah.

Kimberly Spencer (01:17:44) - Small talk will make me want to gouge my eyes out.

Precious Williams (01:17:47) - Yeah. You know, like I'm not gonna talk about the weather. Why didn't you throw?

Kimberly Spencer (01:17:56) - That out? Lastly, Queen, what does it mean to crown yourself? And how do you do it?

Precious Williams (01:18:04) - To crown yourself raised to recognize that if you are living and breathing, your purpose is not over. I crown myself every day I wake up. In fact, I have clients who actually send me crowns and they're still not supposed to have it over. Queen. I crown myself every day by believing.

Precious Williams (01:18:30) - In why I was created. I was getting my mother's womb. And that. I am a disruptor.

Precious Williams (01:18:39) - And then I've been sent here to change people's thought patterns and mindset. About going from last to first. And presenting themselves in a way that they are the only choice that matters.

Kimberly Spencer (01:18:56) - Wayne, how do we find you? How do we work with you? Plug yourself.

Precious Williams (01:19:01) - How can I? So again, I am Precious Williams Proud founder and CEO of the Perfect Pitch Group. You can find us on our website WW that perfect pitch On LinkedIn I am Purcell Williams, chill pitch master on Instagram. I am at Perfect Pitch Group on YouTube. Fresh upsell Williams. You can find me. More importantly. Check out what we have on our website in terms of the free information, and we provide our pitch, please. Uh, newsletter that has I think we have 128,000 people subscribed. Yeah. Black on both sides, obviously, but no suspects. Yes. And also just check out. I have events all over the world.

Precious Williams (01:19:52) - Come see me in real life. Come check out our videos.

Precious Williams (01:19:57) - You'll find me.

Kimberly Spencer (01:20:01) - And on Nasdaq Billboard's two out.

Precious Williams (01:20:03) - Of Me to.

Kimberly Spencer (01:20:07) - Go check out Perfect Pitch Go learn from precious. She. Just being around her energy will make you rise and ascend to your throne. Period. As always, my fellow sovereigns, own your throne. Mind your business because your lane is now. Thank you so much for tuning in today. If what you heard resonated with you. Be sure to subscribe and start creating a bigger impact now by sharing this with a friend.

Kimberly Spencer (01:20:38) - Just by doing that one simple act of kindness, you are creating a royal ripple to support more people in their sovereignty. And if you're not already following on social media, connect with me everywhere at Crown Yourself Now for more inspiration. I am so excited to connect with you in the next episode, and in the meantime, go out there and create a body, business, and life that rules because today you crown yourself.

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