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In this episode of the Crown Yourself podcast, host Kimberly Spencer delves into the concept of courage and its vital role in achieving high performance, productivity, and personal growth. She discusses how courage has been crucial in her life and business, defining it as the ability to act despite fear and linking it to higher emotional frequencies like love and joy. Kimberly illustrates that courage can manifest in various forms, from taking restorative naps to setting boundaries. She encourages listeners to embrace daily acts of courage, sharing personal anecdotes to inspire. Kimberly concludes by suggesting that collective courage can elevate global consciousness, urging her audience to spread the message.

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We good? Great. Let's get to the goods.


Kimberly Spencer (00:00:00) - Hello, hello and welcome back to the Crown Yourself podcast. I am so excited to be here because I just came off of our podcasting party for our Communication Queen's business and I like am flying high and happy and feel so amazing and seen and supported and like just being able to make so many connections for so many people within the span of an hour. It is just. It is just like fire. And so if you haven't been to one of those podcasting parties and you're wanting to get hooked on podcasts and definitely, um, hit the link, we'll add the link in the description. And interestingly enough, one of the topics that came up on that party was courage, was the courage of putting yourself out there, the courage of saying something different, the courage of of sharing a different perspective and of polarizing, polarizing content. Um, but not necessarily to be divisive, but just to to really stand in your own truth of what makes you uniquely you. And one of the things that I have activated that has been a game changer for my life, my business, my kids, my home situation, my, you know, everything has been this.


Kimberly Spencer (00:01:24) - Courage of feeling like I am has been courage now. Courage and high performance. It's one of the five tenets of high performance. You have clarity, energy, productivity, courage, and influence. And those are the five top levers that you pull to become a high performer. So if you need and they all go hand in hand, they all intertwine together. And that is straight out of Brendan Bouchard's high performance habits. He dives into that. I have been a certified high performance coach since 2018, and so knowing those, and that's not just like an opinion that is actually based on a study of the world's top high performers and all of them have clarity, energy, productivity, courage and influence. And not to say that the other ones aren't great, but I've found courage to be the tipping point in so much of the the amazing ness that has happened in my life and consistently throughout my clients experiences and journeys. I see that when they are operating from a space of courage, that's when the magic actually starts to happen.


Kimberly Spencer (00:02:38) - But why is courage so magical? What? What is it about courage? And what is courage? Now, of course, I get linguistically nerdy, so of course I looked it up. And courage, by way of the Oxford Language Dictionary, is a noun. It is the ability to do something that frightens one, its strength in the face of pain or grief, and its similar and similar synonyms are like bravery, braveness, pluck, valor, I guess. Plucky, plucky ness. Um, I've never called someone particularly plucky. I'm sure I've been described as that from time to time, but never me. Um, but I've never actually described someone as plucky, I don't think. Um. But. Courage. Courage is I think, that definition, while yes, it works, it's it's fear in the face of adversity. It doesn't quite hit all the levels of all the planes in which courage manifests, because there are things that frighten us. And and if you've ever been familiar with Doctor David Hawkins work, who wrote power Versus force, he talks about the scale of emotions where shame is at the lowest, it's the lowest emotion you can feel.


Kimberly Spencer (00:03:55) - It's actually the number one blocker for money. And then you have other negative. What some would say would be negative emotions like guilt, anger, pride. Fear, etc.. But the tipping point and all but all of these, all of these emotions have been measured by a frequency. And so each emotion, because emotions are energy in motion. So every emotion has a frequency attached to it. And so when you are operating from a place of shame, you're at a lower frequency. In fact, it's kind of like I like to equate it to imagine going up a mountain and you're hiking up a mountain with a giant backpack. Well, if you have a whole bunch of negative emotions in there shame, guilt, fear, anger, pride, they are going to weigh you down like rocks in your backpack. And slowly as you start to take out some of the rocks and you just get to the joy of summiting that mountain and, and and start to feel the, the, the bliss of being alone and with nature and all of that, that suddenly those rocks from the backpack start to follow out in a way.


Kimberly Spencer (00:05:09) - Well, that's. A metaphor for courage. In that courage is actually a vibration. It's an emotional vibration that can be measured. It resonates at 200Hz, and courage is an activating emotion. It actually is a tipping point of emotions, of energy into other frequencies, into the frequency of love, of joy, of peace, of enlightenment, like courage is the tipping point of energy. So when you up and end, I'm not saying that you have to do you don't have to go out and become a Navy Seal and do like courageous acts all the time, every day, all day, like not necessary. Big thanks to our servicemen and women out there. I am saying is that courage looks differently for every single person. Every single person. Courage looks differently. And I was on a podcast years ago called I forget the name of the podcast. It was for Type-A high achievers, and I said was talking about high performance and productivity. And I said, because productivity is intimately tied, like actual productivity.


Kimberly Spencer (00:06:24) - So there's there's actual productivity. That's efficiency that moves things along. And then there's what I call productive procrastination, where there's those tasks, those things that you just are kind of doing because you can do them and it keeps you in that tactician role in your business, and you can just be the doer. You're not actually being the visionary. You're not actually operating as the leader. You're just kind of in the doing. And not to say that that's good or bad, but if you really want to move and create exponential change and exponential growth, then you have to shift your role into being in that role of the visionary, which takes courage. Why? Because it's not taught. It's really it's genuinely not taught in traditional educational systems. Tactician style work. Turning in your paper, getting that good grade. Doing the work. Showing your work. Creating the project. Not leading the project. Not overseeing the project. Not managing the project. That those skills aren't really cultivated until college, if that. But in in the lower grades, it's the doing of the project.


Kimberly Spencer (00:07:30) - We're taught to be tacticians. We're not necessarily taught to be in that visionary role. And so what I said on this podcast, as I said, you know, sometimes the most courageous act that will speed up your productivity exponentially is actually taking a nap. And it blew the podcaster away. He was like, what? And I said, yeah. I said, because if you're if you're programming and your existing belief system is saying, I gotta hustle, I gotta drive, I gotta push, I gotta push, I gotta push. Well, that's going to get you to a great state of burnout and overwhelm. And to elevate your role as your elevating into that next level of who you're becoming, of your next level of identity, it's going to require you actually do less, create more, imagine more. But the doing of the actual doings you're going to be doing less. And if you think about it from the perspective of a monarch, right, as a queen or the king, they are not doing, they are not like actually on the battlefield, like executing the vision, like at least not recently.


Kimberly Spencer (00:08:33) - But they are overseeing the vision for the country. They are overseeing all the moving pieces. They have people who are managing departments of security and, you know, commerce and all of that, but they are overseeing and then guiding that overall vision. And that level of leadership is not really taught. And so it takes a lot of courage to lean into that level of leadership so that you are responsible. And you're also not fully responsible because you're delegating your own responsibility to others. And sometimes that is the act of courage. Especially as you grow an empire. That is an act of courage in and of itself. Acts of courage require you. And this is how I define it. Acts of courage require you to defy a plagiarized set of belief systems. Now. That could be like working harder, that can be doing something that is completely different than how you've thought. That can be doing something like you. Maybe you grew up in a certain religion and then you you chose to leave that and found some another relationship with God in a different way.


Kimberly Spencer (00:09:50) - Or you maybe don't call it God anymore. You call it God Source universe. Um, and so those are acts of courage. And the measure of your progress will be from the amount of acts of courage that you take on a daily basis. So acts of courage can be as simple as emailing that client back and letting them know that they're no longer a fit to work with you. Um, it can be an act of courage. An act of courage can be as simple as holding a boundary with a client where they want to extend their term. And you're like, well, if you want to extend your term, you're going to extend your payment plan or and this is the terms of the contract. And then we end it this month and you know, etc.. And holding that boundary or acts of courage can be holding your boundary with time and saying, you know, this is the with your family and saying, this is the time I've allotted for work, um, for what I'm building and what I'm creating, and I'm going to need support with that.


Kimberly Spencer (00:10:44) - And it's asking for support. Acts of courage can be delegating. It can be actually looking at your numbers and not just relying on a hope and a prayer. And oh, this kind of feels good. And I love feeling like I'm going on all these podcasts and getting so much attention, but not actually seeing any actual conversion because you're not tracking your data. That can be a really boring act of courage, but act of courage nonetheless, because you're defying a different way of programming so you can defy a way of programming on the physical level. Um, you can defy a way of programming on the emotional level. Like just a couple nights ago, spike and I, we were. He was just. We were just having a moment. We're just. I'm just gonna put it like that. And it's very rare that that ever happens. But typically in my past reaction, my past emotional reaction, would I would just I would go from 0 to 10 very quickly and I'd be like, okay, like this is bothering me.


Kimberly Spencer (00:11:40) - Let's, let's fully discuss this till like, just like to get it all out. And instead I was like, no, this is not the time. This is not the place. And I realized I was like, I have to choose this act of courage consciously. I'm consciously choosing to not lose my temper and turn this into a long, you know, two hour discussion at night. And instead I'm choosing to go to bed and enjoy a good night's rest. And so we can start this conversation in the morning. And it was so much better. Oh my gosh. Of course the conversation went better. I was rested, I had had a moment. I wasn't feeling like all the tension from all the things that I was in the process of doing that night. So like it, it changed the game, but it was an emotional act of courage. I had to consciously make a choice to defy the way that I was used to reacting, because I get in the past, because in the past I would get defensive and I would immediately like suddenly like just put up all the walls and all the things.


Kimberly Spencer (00:12:46) - And that's not that's not any space to communicate from and being able to like, let that go and say, you know what, I'm going to prioritize sleep. That was essential. And there are also the mental acts of courage mentally of like, what are the beliefs that you're buying into questioning your thought process, allowing yourself to be wrong? Oh, that's a big one. Can you have the courage to allow yourself to be wrong? Can you have the courage to allow yourself to learn something from an experience? And then spiritually, can you have the courage to listen to the intuition, to those tiny, breathy, intuitive nudges of like, you should do this. Why don't you do this? Call that person. And instead of being like, I have 50,000 things that I need to do. And so that's ridiculous as to why I need to do that. Nope. You just are like, okay, I'm going to trust and I'm going to have the courage to trust my intuition and to lean into that.


Kimberly Spencer (00:13:51) - So courage comes at every different level, every different level. And it's up to you to decide to live courageously. Because with every act of courage on any plane, whether it's physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, you are tipping the scale. You are literally tipping the vibrational scale as to how you resonate. And when you tip that scale, that is when you are actually an actively in a manifestation process. Because I bet that all that in which you want to manifest requires you to be courageous, requires you to do some things that feel uncomfortable, requires you to have some courageous conversations. They're going to require courage. And so in operating in a vibration of courage, then you automatically are operating in an active state of manifestation because you're in an emotional vibration that is matching the courageous acts of that which you desire and how they had to courageously come to you as well. So I hope this episode on courage served you. I hope you will go out there today and not just listen to this episode, but really put it into practice and ask yourself, what is there today that I have been avoiding that I need to confront with courage or that just needs to confront me? You'd be surprised when you asked that question.


Kimberly Spencer (00:15:34) - I asked that question about an insurance claim that I was dealing with, and suddenly I realized, oh my gosh, I'd been avoiding it and suddenly set literally within the span of like two hours, the insurance adjuster calls me and it turns out everything's fine. They're like, oh yeah, we got it. We're taking care of it. It's all good. But I had to choose courage. It takes a lot of guts to be courageous. It takes a lot of guts to show up and to do your dream. And when you choose to tip the vibrational scale so that you are operating in that state of courage. That's when everything happens. So what? Action. What thing? What? Act defies the existing programming on one of the four planes. Physical, mental, emotional, mental, spiritual that you need to lean into. Maybe it's an intuitive nudge that you just, you know, didn't fully lean into. And you need to. You need to go with that one. Maybe it is a mental one where you realize you had a belief system, and you need to challenge that because it's presenting in uncomfortable ways.


Kimberly Spencer (00:16:49) - Maybe it's an emotional one, like me just the other night, like I had to recognize that it was actually more courageous to to just get some rest rather than, I'm going to courageously.


Kimberly Spencer (00:17:01) - Fight this battle.


Kimberly Spencer (00:17:02) - No, no. And that's not that was that was my old programming. And I had to surrender that. And that took courage. Physically like. And I don't just mean like physically with your body, but on the physical plane, like maybe it's actually looking at your numbers, the actual tactile things that are on the physical plane, looking at your numbers, understanding your, you know, home warranty, understanding, you know, maybe it's taking a look at certain things that are on the physical plane, like your body, your health, sometimes your relationships, and looking at how those are manifesting so that you can see where are those acts of courage that you need to start leaning into in order to create the life that you dream of, and to truly and to truly crown yourself? I hope you love this episode.


Kimberly Spencer (00:17:52) - I hope this served you. I hope you feel inspired, and I hope you are actively and eagerly looking at all those acts of courage that you can take on today. And I applaud in advance your bravery, your heroism, your truth to that divine light, to tip the scale and truly be in that emotional vibration of courage. I am so excited for you. What a day you're gonna have today. And if this episode lit you up, which I know it did, please just share this with one other person to help them become a little bit more courageous. Because here's the magic of the vibration of courage. When we all, as a collective human race, start operating with more courage instead of fear, anger, pride, greed, guilt, and shame, we actually raised a collective vibration of consciousness on the planet. Currently, it's resonating around fear. So we got our work cut out as conscious leaders. So share this with just one person so that we can continue to raise the collective vibration of the planet so that we all can stand in our own sovereignty.


Kimberly Spencer (00:19:07) - And feel empowered from the inside out, resonating that courage to lead and to be fully who you are. I'll see you next time. And as always, remember to own your throne. Mind your business. Because your reign is now.

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