From Postpartum Depression to Empowering Women: Chelsea Dischinger's 9-Year Journey of Healing and Growth


My word for this year has been “community.” In the past 2 years, moving countries, then moving states, amidst so much death, the value of true, meaningful, deep relationships has rooted into my value system like never before.

I used to love wolf it - I had my husband, my parents, my kids. But when we got stuck in Australia for two years, community in crisis became critical, for me, and my babies.

So when I moved to Texas, I knew how deeply I wanted to double down on building quality relationshsips with people who deeply value connection. 

Fast forward to a Facebook group search later and there it was “CONNECT,” as fast growing 2000 person community of growth minded women. 

I showed up to this woman’s house like a kid on the first day of kindergarden - hopeful to make friends, but nervous with all the egoic questions racing through my mind…


Will they like me? Will it be of value? Will I be accepted?


Two hours...

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Transforming Consciousness: Detaching with Love for Personal and Parental Growth


I'm Kimberly Spencer, your host of Crown Yourself podcast, and I'm thrilled to share with you some insights from my latest episode. This one is a deeply personal journey, a tale of transformation, love, and the profound impact of motherhood.


The Birth of a Mother: My son Declan has been a phenomenal force in my life. His arrival not only birthed him into the world but also birthed me into a deeper sense of motherhood. It's a magical bond that has the power to transmute and transform.

Love vs. Attachment: This episode delves into the difference between love and attachment. Detachment doesn't mean not loving, but rather freeing ourselves from the energy that binds us to others. It's a concept inspired by Buddha's teaching that the root of suffering is attachment.

Facing Fears and Challenges: As a new mother, I faced my share of fears and challenges, including a potential diagnosis for Declan. This journey led me to healing and growth, and I'm excited to share...

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