How to Stay Motivated to Achieve Your 2024 New Years Goals

Please enjoy this transcript of the Crown Yourself Podcast, with your host, transformational story coach, Kimberly Spencer (@Kimberly.Spencer)

How to stay motivated to achieve your goals beyond the New Year? If you're feeling like 2024 is your goal-smashing year, how can you stay motivated beyond the resolution? In this episode, Kimberly Spencer, founder of, shares how to stay motivated to achieve your 2024 New Year's goals and beyond. She stresses the necessity of rest, discipline, integrity, and alignment for sustaining motivation in goal attainment. Kimberly underscores the value of self-acceptance and the power of surrounding oneself with positive influences to transform the subconscious mind. She also points out the crucial role of harmonizing one's internal state with their external surroundings to foster goal achievement.

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