The Power of Love Languages in Relationships with Charise Freeman


No rule book says you can't be your child's friend. Why is this still a debate? You must create an environment where your child can share and talk to you. Nobody is free to speak up in an unfriendly environment, which is the same with kids.


In today's society, with our awareness about traumas, mental health, and its triggers, I say yes to being your child's friend, yes to being a parent! They are not two separate things; they are one! If you practice gentle parenting that comes with tender loving care, you realize that you are already friends with your child. 


In this episode of The Princess and the B, Charise Freeman, an Air Force veteran and abuse survivor who left the Air Force to build a stronger relationship with her daughter and is now helping parents create healthy relationships with their children, shares tips for growing a healthy relationship with your kids. You get the subconscious strategies to shift to living in alignment so that you show up...

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