Unveiling the Hidden Secrets of Hormonal Balance with Lauren Rice


Wanna know how to heal yourself? Free yourself from hormonal imbalance with epigenetic nutritional treatment.

I am sure you are wondering, epi... What?... Google will define it, but this episode will show you how to use epigenetics to balance your hormones.

Approach healing through nutritional therapy and cure the body from the inside out, combining various awareness techniques using food as a healing tool.

Claim Your Power

When you decide to claim your body, your health, and your power, taking the bold step to choose self-care and embrace good energy and nutritional therapy, you give yourself the power to heal.

Wanna transform your hormones and start manifesting what you want into your reality? You can't do it if you're busy giving less attention and care to your body.

In this podcast, Lauren Rice shares with you the stories and strategies to serve you in transforming your hormones, owning your health, and healing your body.

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