From Postpartum Depression to Empowering Women: Chelsea Dischinger's 9-Year Journey of Healing and Growth


My word for this year has been “community.” In the past 2 years, moving countries, then moving states, amidst so much death, the value of true, meaningful, deep relationships has rooted into my value system like never before.

I used to love wolf it - I had my husband, my parents, my kids. But when we got stuck in Australia for two years, community in crisis became critical, for me, and my babies.

So when I moved to Texas, I knew how deeply I wanted to double down on building quality relationshsips with people who deeply value connection. 

Fast forward to a Facebook group search later and there it was “CONNECT,” as fast growing 2000 person community of growth minded women. 

I showed up to this woman’s house like a kid on the first day of kindergarden - hopeful to make friends, but nervous with all the egoic questions racing through my mind…


Will they like me? Will it be of value? Will I be accepted?


Two hours...

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