When Love and Leadership Make a Business Baby

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2021

Ever wonder why so many people fall out of love with their business? Or their job? Or their career? 

I mean, you studied for it. 

You trained for it. 

You probably achieved so much in it already.

So what gives?

Typically, having coached high-achieving multi-passionate leaders for the past 5 years, I’ve found that it’s not the job or the business or the career that grows weary.

It’s their motivation strategy.

You start a business or job or a career to move you AWAY from pain.

You DON’T want to feel constrained by a job anymore...so you start a business!

You DON’T want to be broke...so you start a career or a new job!

You started something because of something you DIDN’T want. But eventually, that motivation will only go so far.

Think of it like this…

You can hit the gas running while looking in the rearview mirror shaking the dust of what you DON’T want for only so long. 

You can’t drive forward for the long term while looking in the rearview mirror.

You’ll crash.

And so many do.

From burnout.



Eventually, at some point, you have to shift your motivation strategy to look ahead - at the vision to where you’re going.

And, ideally…

What you are driving toward. 

Living FOR something instead of just living AGAINST something else. 

This is where love, hope, vision, pleasure, possibility, and your potential await.

You just have to know how to affix your gaze as a leader, in the right direction.

Are you facing TOWARD what you want? 

Or are you driving forward, looking in the rearview mirror, at what you DON’T want?

You decide.

One is motivated by fear, anger, rage, guilt, shame.

All of those can be POWERFUL motivators. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with them.

But they are short-term. And short-lived.

The other is from joy, happiness, acceptance, love, peace, and pleasure. 

In order to have longevity and sustainability in your business or career, you MUST be able to shift your gaze to the vision, to what makes YOU happy, to what brings YOU pleasure...and then serve from there.

And there’s no better way to tap into what brings you pleasure than to discover pleasure in your body.

That’s why I’ve brought in my dear friend, mother of 4, mindset and sexual empowerment coach, Luci Lampe TODAY as our guest instructor for our Mindful Movement Masterclass inside of Mindful Monarchs to teach on…

“The 3 Pleasure Principles of Leadership”


Plus when you join you’ll also get access to Holly Vaugn’s Masterclass “Why Does This Hurt?” as well as 35+ other masterclasses on-demand, meditations, hypnoses, weekly journal prompts, and monthly LIVE coaching from moi!

That’s over $3,629 in value EVERY MONTH!!!

...All for just $22.

That’s a pretty pleasurable deal to jump in bed with. 😉 (I couldn’t help myself.)

I look forward to seeing you LIVE today, as we shift our gaze to the long-term strategy of using pleasure and s*xual energy to manifest and create a beautiful new world!

Remember, your reign is now.

P.S. If you can’t make it LIVE today to Luci’s class, no worries. As a Mindful Monarch Member, you can watch this class on-demand at any time on your Membership site. And you get access to the NEW guest instructors that are coming up THIS month including…


Kundalini Yoga!

Yes, you get access to ALL the ways to tap into your greatest leadership ASS-et 😉 (your body). And how to use this magnificent tool as a resource to steer you forward into greater momentum + alignment in your life, body, and business!

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 When Love and Leadership Make a Business Baby - Crown Yourself Kimberly Spencer Quote - Crown Yourself When Love and Leadership Make a Business Baby

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