What Manifestation Stage are You In?

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2020

Feeling the feels of scarcity these past few weeks? I have. 

We’ve been going for a BIG goal, like a massive leap goal and in the thick of it, I feel like...I...just...keep...miss-ing. The. be-at. 

It feels like frustration, anger, impatience, annoyance.

And I’ve realized that I need to give myself permission to just freaking be in it. Like REALLY in it.

Still working. But also fully surrendering. 

The week before I manifested my husband, I scribbled prolifically in my journal prayers to the high heavens of “SHOW ME” + “GIVE ME A SIGN.”

And the sign was just effing surrender. 

Stop trying to control and go back to your values.

When I was driving to this networking event, everything in the two hours prior had said, “Nah, just skip it.”

My friend bailed on coming with me.

I was fresh out of the Pilates studio and had to take a whore’s bath to spruce up and look halfway decent.

I would be driving across town in rush hour LA traffic at 7PM. 

I was annoyed, frustrated, angry that I had made this commitment to someone from the crew of my film to be there...but fine, we were celebrating our film getting picked up by Lionsgate...sure, whatever.

It was on the drive and I remember the moment so clearly, dear God, all I want to do is be honest and authentic. I want to stop hiding (back then I was doing a lot of hiding and “chameleoning” in my relationships). “I am so done with that bullshit,” I thought.

And I surrendered in a pact between me and God - 100% me, authentic AF, showing up with all parts of me (and I thought those was only for my romantic relationships)

So two hours later this guy, wildly attractive, confident AF, with long piratey hair swaggers up to me.

That’s when it hits me. The voice. That knowing “Tell the truth, Kim.”

So I start telling him - things that back then my closest friends didn’t know: a failed marriage, bulimia, marathon running, my repulsion for 80’s pop, and my unabashed didn’t unwavering ambition (that usually intimidated TF out of weaker men) - and we’d just met! 

He loved my honesty, and more importantly my candor + authenticity. He loved my ambition. He loved my fire.

8 years later my hubs and my baby’s daddy, and still my best friend with swagger and a look of Knowing my soul that can make me melt - no hiding, no faking it, no bullshit, 💯 percent honest and authentic.

So how is achieving a next-level monetary monthly goal any different?

It’s not.

I just know what part of the story I’m in - Contraction. 

And I know what’s on the other side of it.

Surrender and letting go and trusting wholly completely, and confidently so as the right soul-aligned people show up, I know - unleash it all, candidly, courageously, and most importantly valuing myself for being ALL of me.

Because if they can’t accept me for ALL of me then they aren’t the right person for me.

And good for them, there’s someone amazing out there for them too!

But for me…

I know in my heart and soul that not only is this goal going to happen for me, it is going to happen with the most astounding, rock-my-world, bold, fearless humans who value ownership, growth, and showing up authentic AF to your values and who are no longer willing to sacrifice their soul to drag their feet into work again.

My husband awoke something in me - a fire 🔥 that was always there, needing some grounding and kindling.

My son awoke something in me - a fire 🔥 that was always there, engulfing my own plagiarized programming in an inferno to reveal the full me...again.

My business awoke something in me - a fire 🔥 that was always there but needed to burn away the dross of doubts and people’s plagiarized programming before it could burn as brightly as it is destined to - which is fucking luminescent.

So I both honor the stage I am in for I know the spark is lit and it’s moving from brush to bark as it starts to ignite the sky.

Everyone has their own creation and manifestation process. 

It’s a relationship between you and the Universe/God/Source and you trust and surrender that you will be caught.

It feels like bungee jumping on the plunge down as you pray that the bungee is going to catch you by the feet.

And when it does, you soar.

The frustration, the irritants, the fears, the doubts, those are the contractions.

Your dream, your goal is still working toward you to venture forth into the world.

Resist the contractions, fear them, and it will take a lot longer.

Trust me, after 24 hours of natural labor, I learned the hard way.

Life has its same contractions. 

Your vision, the goal has already been inseminated and growing in the womb of the universe and it is coming...just like a baby.

The contractions are a part of the process of birthing anything, any dream into reality.

So allow them. 

Breathe through them

Ask for guidance. 

Get support.




Most importantly, surrender.


Still to the work.

Still be in it...like fully freaking engaged in it.

And then trust, she is coming.

It is coming.

X amount of $ a month is coming.

It’s a part of the process.

Honor the labor to bring that fire forth into the world.

For when you do, you become luminescent.

Remember your reign is now.

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Honor it. Honor yourself.

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