WARNING: Side Effects of Decision Making

the princess and the b May 10, 2022

Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING comes with side effects.

Because every decision you make, every single choice has an effect, a consequence, a result that comes from that choice.

Some side effects we love -

Like the effect of making that choice to connect with that one human who then sends you a TON of referrals - LOVE that effect.

And some side effects are heart palpitating inductions of stress - like the effect of NOT doing your client connections and thus 3 months down the road seeing no more money flowing into your bank account than when you started.

Call it Newton’s Third Law of Motion…

Or the Universal Law of Cause and Effect…

But whatever you name it…

Every action, every choice, and every decision has an equal and opposite reaction, an effect.

Every decision chooses ONE thing and then “cuts down” another choice.

Like you choosing to listen to this podcast episode cuts down the possibility of choosing to mindlessly scroll on Facebook. 😉 (Or at least I hope so.)

In this episode of The Princess and the B, we dive into the consequences of decision making, and how to use your ability to decide to create the effects you want in your life.

(#170) WARNING: Side Effects of Decision Making

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