Transform Your Story: How to Shift Your Subconscious Mind

the princess and the b May 02, 2022

Wanna know what gets me fired up? What lights a fire under my butt and brings forth the full enneagram 8w7 to the stage?


I hate it. I hate it when I see it within myself. I hate it when I see it in the world. 

Blame is what I get riled up in righteous anger.


Blame belittles your greatness.

When you blame someone else, you give someone else your power for as long as you continue to blame them for who you are, where you are, and what you believe?

Wanna transform your story and start manifesting what you want into your reality? You can’t do it if you’re busy giving away your power to blame. 


In this podcast, I share with you the stories and strategies to serve you in transforming your story from the subconscious level. And, yes, I am fired upon it, so strap in for a massive shift into your most Sovereign Self.

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Transform Your Story: How to Shift Your Subconscious Mind

Remember your reign is now.

P.S. If you have a story going on in your subconscious mind about how building a business is hard, then let me show you how to shift that through podcasting, as enrollment for Communication Queens is opening this month. 

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