Time to face the shadows

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2020

When I was a kid, I would have nightmares - horrible dreams that someone was chasing me with the intent to hurt me. After weeks of experiencing the same dream over, and over, my mom told me, “Turn and face it. Whatever it is that you’re running from, turn and face it?”

Maybe it’s grief.

Maybe it’s fear.

Maybe it’s anger.

Maybe it’s shame.

Maybe it’s guilt.

Maybe it’s a combination of all of them.

Your subconscious mind represses negative memories until it’s ready to process them. It does it because it loves you. It does it to keep you safe, to protect you. It does it because it loves you. 

In times of crisis, sometimes this repressed, hidden, shadow side comes out. It gets triggered. The sleeping giant awakens. 

You fear it’s too big. Too powerful. Too strong to face. 

You’re David and it feels like a mother-fucking behemoth, roided-out version of Goliath.


It doesn’t take much to face the shadows. But it does take courage…and maybe one good stone. 

What emotion (or emotions) have you been ignoring? What emotions is this global crisis triggering within you?

I’m not a fan of the self-help “think positive,” pretend like it doesn’t exist and just “be positive” when you feel like shit type of coaching.

It’s consciousness 101 that the FIRST step is to be self-aware enough to ADMIT your experience of what IS.

Not what you’ve liked it to be.

Not what it “should” be.

Not what it “would” be if this, that, and therefore had happened.

But what IS.

No one says you have to change a thing! 

Just tell it like it IS.

You feel anger. Great! Own that.

You feel fear. Awesome! Own that too.

You feel shame. Rock on sista! Own that too. 

The acknowledgment of the shadow is the stone.

Take ownership that you have the stone.


Turn and face the monster.

Take down the giant. 


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