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Uncategorized Jun 10, 2020

This isn’t just happening in America. This is a Civil Rights movement around the world. 


We popped up to Brisbane this weekend to visit our friends for wine-tasting and light tourism. (COVID restrictions have significantly been lifting in Australia - no one wears masks, nor have they ever, and now, you can eat at restaurants with less than 10 people, as well as host gatherings in your home with ten or fewer people. Only 100 deaths in the total country of 24 million people. They’re doing something right!)


As we were on the train, I heard three kids (I say kids, but they were in their twenties), talking about supporting the protest.


“Protest,” I thought. And that’s when I heard them say they were going to support black lives matter. When we arrived in Brisbane I cannot tell you how pleased I was to experience the vibes of people awakening and standing for black lives matter together. We walked down streets holding the Aboriginal flag, with signs declaring “Black Lives Matter” and “Freedom and Equality for ALL” 




I am so excited and honored that my son gets to see this - people standing up for black lives and people of color! 


For people uniting FOR justice, FOR love, FOR equality. 


This is a revolutionary and wonderful time to be alive. 


And, yes, it is not without its sacrifices and pain and challenge. 


Change always comes with pain. Even when it’s good change...and perhaps, especially when it’s good change.


In so many ways, though, our world is awakening - for real - to equality, to community, to rising together, to support each other, to collaboration over competition. 


We shut our whole world down for other people’s health. 


Whether you agree or disagree with that action as it relates to the government’s involvement - from the people’s perspective, I have seen more people take greater care and consideration FOR other people’s health than they ever have collectively. 


And now, people are standing more FOR equality in the greatest civil rights movement in history.  


As George Floyd’s daughter shouted, “Daddy changed the world.”


This. This. Now. Is an awakening of people realizing that...




United FOR health.

United FOR equal rights.

United FOR justice.

United FOR love.


I am so excited for Declan’s generation, for what will a world that is focused on greater unity, collaboration, awareness, compassion, empathy, and equal rights be like?


I don’t know. But I have massive hope and am excited to imagine what this world will look like as the feminine energy of collaboration, community, empathy, and honoring our emotions flows forth into this world. 


I am excited to see old, outdated, inapplicable systems be transformed to suit the new world we are creating.


I am excited to see multi-cultural studies, stories of diversity, acceptance, emotional intelligence, empathy, and personal development be taught in elementary and preschool.


I am excited to see communities wanting to take more ownership of their community and protect and look out for each other together. 


I am excited to see systematic reforms in the police, government, to education, to keep fully engaged, servant leaders in positions of servant leadership.


I am excited for a world where you can be WHO YOU ARE, authentically, 💯 percent and be accepted because of the content of your character, not the color of your skin. 


Martin Luther King has a dream. And that dream of that world poured into the subconscious minds of a nation, and we are slowly waking up to how we can MAKE THAT DREAM A REALITY.


Because enough is enough.


P.S. And, because I deeply believe we are stronger together, I am inviting some extraordinary and diverse guests onto The Princess and the B Podcast to hold space for the conversations that are changing the world. so make sure you subscribe + stay tuned for the months ahead.


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