My $70K Lead Generation System (Using Podcasts as a Marketing Tool!)

queen tv Jan 03, 2022


My $70K Lead Generation System (Using Podcasts as a Marketing Tool!)

Want to use podcasts as a marketing tool? Most business owners make the mistake of starting their own podcast FIRST as a marketing tool. And then wonder why it’s not generating any new leads?

I did too! In 2019, I started my own podcast, The Princess and the B. And while it did well at building the know-like-trust factor in my community, it wasn’t generating as many NEW business leads. Our primary source of lead generation marketing at Crown Yourself Enterprises LLC has always been live events. But, when 2020 hit, we had to pivot our lead generation

That’s when I discovered how to get booked on other people’s podcasts! In less than 50 interviews in 9 months we generated over $70,000 in new business.

In this video I show you how becoming a podcast guest can be the MOST powerful marketing tool for business growth to build your brand and your customer base, without all the heavy lifting that goes into starting and maintaining your own podcast.

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