Most EPIC podcasting mistake.

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2022

There’s no perfect handbook anywhere for starting, running, growing your empire. This isn’t taught in schools - in fact, you’re kind of conditioned to fail at it. (But that’s another story for a different day.)

This is why, like a princess on her rise to rule and lead a country, you, as a business owner, MUST surround yourself with wise counsel.

Meaning, people who have done the thing before.
Mentors who have gone before you.
Coaches who can guide you.
Friends and colleagues who are going for the same big dreams.

Think about it, from the moment a princess or prince is born, they are being trained and groomed to rule by mentors, guides, coaches, in every area of their life.

Typically, the current monarch shares and shows them the mistakes, pitfalls, and possibilities for err along the way to train her for when she finally takes the throne.

So where’s your counsel?

The greatest gift you can give yourself as an entrepreneur is to learn from other entrepreneurs' mistakes.

Because the road to building, paving, creating, and reinforcing your empire is bumpy.

Having coached entrepreneurs and business leaders for the past 5 years, this is ONE of the BIGGEST MISTAKES I’ve seen new business owners make:

Starting your own podcast.

Now, you may find this hypocritical as I have my own podcast. But hear me out and I assure you all will make sense in time.

In starting your own podcast, you are in essence creating another job and unless you do it with the right strategy and systems in place to support you, you could end up with heaps and heaps more work that isn’t paying you to be in your Zone of Genius.

Between the production, distribution, marketing, recording, and all the things, there is A LOT that goes into starting your own podcast and having it be a successful podcast marketing strategy for your business.

That’s why, in this week’s episode of Queen TV, I’m sharing with you all the things you DO NEED before starting your own podcast in order to ensure that your podcast is a powerful asset instead of an energy suck.

HINE: It’s not about having the right microphone or sound booth set up EITHER.

Watch this video to learn from both my own and my clients’ mistakes, from when they started their podcasts at the WRONG time given where they were in their business. And let me know your biggest takeaway in the comments!

>>> DON'T Start Your Own Podcast Until You Do THIS!!! <<<

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