Meet Yourself When You Sell

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2020

I was working with my client who was struggling with people canceling their membership to his programs. 

“You know, Kim with the economy being what it is, I don’t blame them. I mean, I’ve been hunkering down, looking at my finances and looking where I can shave off a few dollars as well.”

“Hmmm…” I said. He must have noticed my pause. 

“What do you mean…’hmm’?” He asked me.

“Well, it’s just interesting. As my mentor, Eben Pagan says, ‘‘When you sell you meet yourself.’”

“Hmmm, that is interesting,” he said. I could see his wheels spinning.

First, let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with managing your expenses, being fiscally responsible, being aware of where your money is going, honoring the dollars you spend and the dollars that are given to you in your business. Period.

It’s about ENERGY.

Isn’t it always, right?

Everything is energy and the energy of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs around money manifest as your reality. 

It’s not about HOW you spend your dollar, or HOW you maintain fiscal responsibility, whatever that means for you.

And it IS. 


It’s not about HOW, how you think it’s about the HOW, like where you’re spending and what you’re spending money on.

It’s about the ENERGY of the HOW. 

HOW is your ENERGY BEFORE you do that money thing? 

Is it from an energy of love and receptivity, of abundance? 

Or is it from an energy of scarcity?

My client was seeing his ENERGY reflected in his customers. His energy of fear, his energy of lack, his energy of scarcity. 

And that’s exactly what he was attracting into his business.

People who would say they wanted to work with him, but back out when it came to the money because of finances.

And so when he was selling his services, that’s exactly what he was attracting into his business - customers who really loved him and what he could do for them, but who were in an energy of “hunkering down” on their spending. 

What does this mean for you?


How are you showing up for yourself? For your business? For your money? Are you showing up as a LEADER making conscious, innovative, forward-thinking decisions? 

Or are you being REACTIVE?

You can tell when Fear is sitting on your throne because it looks like a lot of REACTION rather than RECEPTION. 

This can manifest in a myriad of different ways…

You can REACT by spending more on stuff you don’t hoards of toilet paper. 

You can REACT by hunkering down and beans and ricing it, counting every penny.

You can REACT by spending more on programs and services looking for that “thing” that “missing link” that will radically change EVERYTHING in your business (HINT: Nothing outside of you ever will)

You can REACT by stopping the flow of sales with excuses like “People don’t have the money right now.” 

REACTING comes in all shapes and sizes, but the base energy of it all is FEAR.

When you are RECEPTIVE that is taking ownership of the information you’re given, checking your energy, and then operating from a grounded place, taking the NEXT aligned action.

It’s not from a place of fear.

RECEPTION is from a place of presence, power, and, sometimes, patience. 

Because sometimes the next aligned action step doesn’t come right away.

You receive the input and you OWN your response. 

Just like with reacting, responding from a place of receiving takes a myriad of forms...

Your RESPONSE can be to pause. 

Your RESPONSE can be to hustle and push and go into the grind.

Your RESPONSE can be to listen and learn.

Your RESPONSE can be to double down on your grit and resilience and determination to make it work (if it’s from a place of alignment.)

So if when you sell you meet yourself…

Look at whether you are RESPONDING or REACTING to the actions of the world, of your customers, of your business.

Observe how you are RESPONDING to the money flowing in (or not if it’s not). Is it from a place of fear and reaction? 

Or is it from a place of receptivity, noticing the funky event and then consciously, from a present place making a choice to shift and change?

Everything in life is just FEEDBACK. 

Listen to how life, money, your business, your customers, are responding to you, and then...having received that information, RESPOND accordingly.

If you don’t like the results you’re getting, RESPOND differently. 

And take the next aligned action.

Remember, your reign is now.

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