Live Truthfully Under Imaginary Circumstances: The Parallel of Money and Acting

Uncategorized Jun 28, 2020

This whole “money mindset” was never a thing that I had to focus on. When I wanted to make $1500 a week teaching Pilates, I made $1500 a week. I set the intention, did the work, achieved the result.

It never occurred to me that there was a whole mindset around money. I never started thinking about my “money mindset” until I was $40,000 in debt with a fledgling hobbyist “business,” with one client at $100/month and no notion of a sales process back in 2016.

I didn’t make the connection between what had made me successful before in past businesses, sales, and money. 

So I made it all about money. I thought about money all the time. I thought about all the ways I could make money. I journaled about money goals. I made it all about money. I counted every penny. I was vigilant with my spending. 

But still, no sales. No business. And I was still stuck on the struggle bus. 

The problem was I made it about MONEY.

Money was never been, has never been, and will never be the reason I have ever made money...ever. Period.

When I made my whole business around making money again in 2018, my monthly income went from $10K to $1K. 

You know how you have to relearn lessons until you REEEEEAAALLY get them. 

And that’s when it hit me. 

The funky parallel, the strange paradox about making more money.

Money is the goal AND it’s not.

You set a monetary goal.

And then let it go.

In acting, this is like learning your lines, understanding the character of the version of you who is making that next big lump sum.

You live into your imagination, dreaming up all the things that living with that money would do for you and make you feel on a daily basis.

You journal out your understandings of your Future Self, this elusive character you’re designing.

You imagine how that Future Self lives and responds and acts. 

You design the beliefs of that Future Self in rehearsal, as you practice daily for that moment that you just BECOME the character. 

And then action, you’re living in. You have to ACT as if those imaginary circumstances are real.

But it’s not about the lines. Just like it’s not about the money. 

It’s about BEING the character. 

It’s about what the lines “do” to you, about what they make you feel.

It’s about what money does for you, for the people you care about, for your impact, for your family, for your community, for your soul.

It’s about how money makes you feel. 

It’s about BEING that next level-money-making version of you. 

Fully operating and BEING the character. 

Not just faking it.

This was what got me into trouble...and $40,000 of debt.  

Acting is NOT faking it. It’s living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

Faking it is when you don’t 💯 percent believe the beliefs, thoughts, and feelings of your future self and thus your acting falls short of a Razzie. 

Most manifestors get into trouble when they start believing their own bullshit about their role. 

They don’t trust the moment.

They prepare and control their reaction based on what they THINK will be the Universe’s answer. Not what actually is the response. 

Because they are in their head, their manifestation falls flat and you must drag them off stage with a cane. 

They don’t BE. 

They fake it.

And they try to control so they can control the next moment.

Which means they are totally missing the present and what ACTUALLY is, and SURRENDERING to the present moment. 

Instead of holding fast, trying to control what you want it to be.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t do your work and your research and your imagining…

Like all the great actors, you must prepare for your role, to take the stage.

No.1 - Write + Learn Your Lines

These are knowing the money goals that you aspire to reach. Then, imagining all the different ways you can reach them. 

Your “lines” are the goals and the experiences that money will do for you. 

In the story of your life, you are both the scriptwriter and the actor. You create the lines you want to say.

As Gwyneth Paltrow said in Shakespeare in Love, “Write me well.”

Write your story well. Write the amazing lines you will say when you achieve your money goals. Write the money goals themselves. Write the lines of poetry and prose that you say when you celebrate with your lover or your family.

No.2 - Rehearse. Rehearse. Rehearse.

This is where your imagination comes in. Imagine living the life of your next X money goal. Imagine all the feelings, experiences, moments that will be happening in this life you design and imagine.

Look at the “lines” of your present-day and visualize, imagine, how can they go well?

Imagine today how many ways can you generate____ amount of money? 

Imagine today, all the sales activities you can do, acting as your Future Self.

Rehearsal takes place in the present moment until that day that you are on stage actually living the life you imagined. 

No.3 - Live Truthfully Under Imaginary Circumstances

Now, this doesn’t mean going out and buying the Bugatti. What it does mean is the feelings that you believe having that amount of money will bring you, live into those,

Maybe it’s freedom. What does that feel like? How do you wake up feeling free? What does it feel like in your body? How do you do your day with more freedom?

Maybe you’re less reactionary to other people’s demands. Maybe you’re more innovative and proactive in tackling customer issues.  Maybe you’re more patient with your kids...or your partner...or yourself.

Maybe the feeling that you need to live truthfully with is joy. And that manifests in your body as celebrating the little wins. Or perhaps you take a walk outside without being glued to your phone. Or maybe you take yourself out for a couple of hours to sit and create at your favorite coffee shop without a side order of guilt for leaving the kids with the hubby while you do your genius work. 

What are the feelings you can choose to live truthfully through? For it is in that state that you can manifest magic, people, clients, possibility to you. 

Dream bigger. Imagine more. And visualize your success is happening now.

Remember, your reign is now.

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Live Truthfully Under Imaginary Circumstances: The Parallel of Money and Acting Kimberly Spencer Quote - Crown Yourself Live Truthfully Under Imaginary Circumstances: The Parallel of Money and Acting  - Crown Yourself

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