How to Surrender the “How”

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2021

Doing hard things is hard. And with whatever it is you are looking to accomplish…

Whether it’s…

Connecting with your 3-year old mid-tantrum...

Saving your marriage...

Reprogramming your relationship with food…

Building a multi-million dollar company…

Launching your first course…

There will be moments of hard.

Yes, “hard” is a construct of the mind.

Yes, “hard” also feels gnarly when you are in the thick of it, trying to make it work, find a way, discover a solution, see the opportunity when in the thick of a problem. 

And there comes a time when you have you f*it moment.

It’s that glorious moment of throwing your hands up in the air and SURRENDERING the how.

SURRENDERING to God, Source, the Universe, that you are maxed out and you need the big guns to take over. 

SURRENDERING to the flow, the ease, the possibility, because, quite frankly, you’ve reached your edge.

It’s the period when you REST.

I remember back in 2016 before Declan was born when we were in Berlin and in the middle of our first real estate deal. 

We were buying a 30-unit apartment complex as an investment property in New Mexico...from Germany. 

Dealing with negotiations, realtors, lawyers, time zone differences, and a seller who was not as forthcoming with information, and all of it was taking a toll on our ability to enjoy ourselves. 

It was late in the evening, both Spike and I were up late working to make this and other projects we had up in the air work - and we were both, quite frankly MAXED OUT. 

There was a phrase, something I’d heard a pastor on Youtube say a few months ago, that just kept haunting me, repeating over and over in my head. 

“When you rest, God gets to work.” 

Neither my husband nor I were very skilled at resting back then.

But I reminded Spike of the sermon and this quote that I literally could not get out of my brain.

It was in that moment that we threw our hands up in the air and DECIDED.

We were going to rest. The REST would be up to God.

Spike and I snuggled into our dark green room and slept...hard.

We awoke to what felt like a miracle. 

We’d come to an agreement! The sellers had signed. 

You see…

Sometimes when you’re so busy trying to “make it work” you lose the dance of grace, of God, of the magnificence of miracles and magic that you ALSO have on your side. 

Surrender the control.

Surrender the how.

Heck, even surrender the outcome, and you may find that by holding on loosely, you’ll get everything you desire.

Remember, your reign is now.

P.S. Not sure how to surrender the “how”? Still working to “make your business” work? I promise you, there is an easier way...a more fun way...a way that ignites the fire of passion for your purpose in your soul again. Join me 1:1 for a High Performance Acceleration call to discover how.


How to Surrender the “How” - Crown Yourself
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How to Surrender the “How”

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