How to Promote Your Business in Tough Times

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2020

Right now with everything going on with the greatest civil rights movement in the history of the US - 50 states standing for justice FOR black lives matter - it feels wrong to promote anything - my business included.


Do I still believe it is your social responsibility to keep selling? 💯  percent.


Do I still believe that it’s essential to our economy to keep our businesses going and growing right now if you have an online-based business? ….Especially now. 10000% yes.


Do I still believe that by growing your business you will be able to make MORE of a difference by being able to donate more to causes to support people of color? Absolutely.


Do I still believe that by growing your business, you will be able to make MORE of a difference by creating an extraordinary, diverse, anti-racist company culture, that teaches, preaches, and lives it’s company’s values of diversity, discovery, and acceptance? YAS! YAS! YAS!


Do I still believe that by growing your business, you can HIRE more people of color? 100% YAAAAAAS QUEEN.


But does it still feel wrong at this moment to talk about anything other than that black lives matter? 


For me, yes. 


So what do you do when your values and vision for what you are creating with your business and the current immediate climate of crisis and civil action crash?


You check your values.


And, for me, that means honoring my commitment to own all of my choices as a leader, which include promoting my friend Amanda Dillion’s Summit at this time, this weekend.


One of our company values at Crown Yourself is Ownership. Period…as well as being Warriors for Possibility, to name a couple (We have 8.)


It is through my company and personal core value of ownership, that it is on me to honor my commitment as a leader to share this summit AND I do it because I am a warrior for possibility. 


I don’t have all the answers or, really any answers, for the state of racial affairs in my country right now. 


But what I do have are some kickass tools and tactics to be able to make more money, have less hustle, and create a business and life of your dreams no matter what color or race you are.


If I can use my tools, knowledge, and resources to serve more people of color to stand out gloriously and to make more money so they can make more change in this world…


Then I see that as a win-win-win-win-win. 


Because, if just ONE of the tools or strategies I share helps just one black life make more money so she makes more of an impact in her community so that she can donate more, so she can hire more people of color, so she can be an example for her community for what is possible….


Then that is a win-win-win-win-win with an endless ripple effect. 


And that feels right.


So join me + Amanda Dillon on her More Money, Less Hustle show:


For when you check your commitment to the work that you do in this world, to your purpose, and to your values, with your daily commitments to doing what it is you say you’re going to do…THAT is your North Star.


It’s up to you as the leader of your life and business to navigate what feels right for you. Only you know your truth. 


Remember, your reign is now.


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