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Uncategorized Mar 28, 2020

If you’re experiencing a struggle right now in your virtual business with the dolla dolla bills flowing in - there’s no freaking excuse. A restaurant, gym, brick and mortar, or event-based business, yes, they’re getting hit hard right now. 

But if you’ve got online biz, or even a portion of your biz online and you’re not bringing in money now when MORE people are online and doing business online than ever before....then, it’s both because of what you’re doing and more importantly, it’s because you’re not BEING the dang thing consistently. 

Questioning yourself. Doubting. Delaying on doing those things. Getting mired in the spiral of “productive procrastination” - doing all the things - except for those in your genius zone.

Your Genius Zone is a magical place.

It goes against every bit of plagiarized programming you’ve got. 

It’s easy.

It’s practically effortless.

So when you suddenly see the money flow in from you just being you, doing the thing that you do so freaking well…

It scares you.

It doesn’t make logical sense. 

Maybe it defies the “hard work” paradigm that you grew up in or the story that you have to “work hard to deserve money.”

Living in that construct will keep you stuck and stagnant behind your computer, plodding away for 10 hours a day, feeling completely zapped of joy or love for both your business and for what you do. 

Having coached business leaders for three years now, I’ve seen a direct correlation to the amount of money a client is bringing in in their business and the amount of time they spend in their zone of genius. And as we work together to tap you back into your zone of genius, the bonus - aside from more money flowing in - is joy! Like a total 180 degree, shift into feeling vibrant, joyful and standing out more because of it. 



Like”oh-my-god” I cannot believe people don’t think/act/be/do like this. Like in a, “doesn’t everybody think/act/live/do/feel this way?” Kind of moment. 

…And no, they don’t. That’s what makes it YOUR genius zone, not someone else’s.


For some, it’s that moment they get off stage…

Or when they get out of a creative brainstorm session throwing wild, visionary ideas around like mad…

Or after a powerful perspective-shifting conversation…

Or hang up the phone on a sales call...

Or after organizing all the data into the most perfectly curated spreadsheet…

It’s different for every single human. 

But you will know it by how you feel AFTER you #micdrop and leave your genius zone…of course, having dazzled, wowed and awed everyone who was able to witness the miracle that is your genius. 


While more introverted, I loved telling stories. I loved stories of female heroes, princesses normally who transformed either their world or the people around them. I would wrangle all the neighborhood children into a backyard show that I would, of course direct, produce, style, write, choreograph and star in. It would have dance and musical numbers, glitter, sequins - it was a spectacle. It would also challenge - my other genius - the audience to think differently, to transform their perceptions of the world and what was possible for a woman. 

All of that, I do today in my business - glitter, crowns, challenging, shifting people’s stories and transforming them into the Queens and Kings that you were born to be. 

Maybe you were really bold and outspoken as a kid. Maybe you got in trouble for playing your music too loud. Maybe you were always starting businesses with your friends.

And more than likely, when you were a child, there were people who, back then, squashed the possibility of you being in your genius zone (a reflection that they weren’t fully in theirs). But you didn’t know better at the time. 

So when they said to “good girls speak when spoken to” you listened.

When they said, “Music was a waste of time, and you tone it down” you listened.

When they said, “That’s nice, honey!” To your business idea, but then followed it with, “But, that’s too risky. You should go to college and get a real job.” And you listened. 

It dimmed the truth of who you ARE at your core. But, really, if we’re honest here, it’s never really felt true. 

Maybe through the lens of fear and doubt, shame and guilt, or the bevy of all the other negative emotions, it’s felt somewhat real that you “shouldn’t” or “couldn’t” live in your zone of genius. 

Strip those emotions away and …

Deep down in your soul, in your heart, you’ve known as you know your own name that you were born to be different. You were born to stand out in your special way.

Because it is your “genius zone” that is your mission - it’s your purpose. It’s the thing that makes you who you are and shines a light on all the souls whose sparkle has been dimmed by their own plagiarized programming.

It’s a bold move to dare to defy the programming, conditioning, and excuses of the world. 

Remember who you are, and the money, which is just a form of energy, will flow to support you. 

For then, you will be serving others with your genius. 

That is the HIGHEST form of service.

Your reign is now.


P.S. This is what I dive into deeper in the Naturally Happy and Prosperous Woman Summit. Totally FREE. All online. And a great place to “skill up” during social distancing. Use this time to remember who you are - shining vibrant AF in your genius...and makin’ ze money because of it!

P.P.S I would love to serve + support you through my genius - challenging + transforming any limiting beliefs or stories so you make more money (and gave more happiness, vibrancy and, sweet, sweet, FREEDOM baby!) - in a 90-minute consult. Click here to book your spot.


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