Deep Breath. You Got This.

Uncategorized Apr 03, 2021

This used to drive me CRAZY in the personal development space. I would hear my coaches and mentors say, “All you have to do is DECIDE.”

DECIDE to be successful.

DECIDE to be unavailable for anything less than profit and prosperity.

DECIDE to make sh*tons of money.

DECIDE to have a business and life that freaking rocks your socks off!

And for me, back in 2017, I wanted to punch my head through a wall, because I had decided. I had gone all in...and I still wasn’t seeing results as fast or as bountiful as I had wanted. Frustrating, right?

I had to ask...

What does it mean to DECIDE?

It was then that I stumbled upon the book, “Conscious Language: The Logos of Now” and I got a crash course in the nitty-gritty of language and ALL the subconscious meanings that into the words we use.

If we were going to get down and dirty in the nitty-gritty of what it means to decide quite literally is this:

The English prefix de-, means “off” or “from”

The suffix, -cide- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning "kill; cut down''.

So quite literally “to decide” means...



A decision is a RESULT.

Most people think a decision is the CAUSE.

But what I came to realize is that it’s actually the EFFECT too.

It is in the action of DECIDING that we “cut down” any other results EXCEPT the ones that we are available for.

It is by making a DECISION that we “kill” any other course of action EXCEPT that which we are moving forward from.

A decision is a jumping-off point.

From there, you + the universe get to work on creating NEW RESULTS.

To decide has movement.

It’s like a little word warrior that leaps forward onto the shores of new possibility and BURNS THE BOATS behind her.

There is no going back.

Most people don’t DECIDE. They live in the land of “would like” or “wanting” or “it’d be nice if…”

That is not DECIDING.

Of course, it would be nice to have a million dollars.

Of course, you would like to have more impact.

But those still linger with the possibility of staying where you are, making how much you’re making, living in the grey area of mediocre vacillation not being NOT available for it to happen, but also being rather hem-haw about if it does happen…

It would be nice, right? 

To DECIDE mean you’ve killed off the possibility of that NOT happening.

You have become quite literally UNAVAILABLE for anything else. 

And if you haven’t achieved it yet, that’s fine! You’re on the path because there is no other option for you. 

Deciding means IT IS DONE and there are NO OTHER OPTIONS but the one you have chosen.

Take the decision to have children, for example. 

There comes a certain point in your pregnancy where there is NO GOING BACK. 

It is done. 

You’re going to become a parent.

There is a level of commitment of DECISION in having a child where there is no going back.

You’re in. 

No take-backs. 

Vacillating. Wavering. “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” or “not being sure” or “i don’t know” no longer works.

Baby’s coming.

And that is how LIFE is birthed into reality. Ready for it or not.

You don’t have to be READY to decide.

You don’t even have to be on the same vibe or maintain the “acting as if” status.

You can have anything you desire. 

You just have to DECIDE. 

You are either available for anything else than what you want, or you are ONLY available for what you desire.

You decide.

Remember, your reign is now. 

P.S. Making decisions faster is one of the KEY factors I have seen that contributes to someone’s success. Wanna speed up your ability to make more decisions FASTER, trusting that you will ALWAYS make the right one? Book a High-Performance Acceleration call with me.

Let’s speed up your ability to DECIDE NOW that you are ONLY available for profit and prosperity.


 Deep Breath. You Got This. Kimberly Spencer Quote - Crown Yourself Deep Breath. You Got This. - Crown Yourself

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