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the princess and the b Jun 18, 2022

Don’t have enough time?

One of the biggest excuses - ahem, I mean, challenges - I see entrepreneurs make is that they “don’t have the time” to build their business.

They have kids.
A job.

Other responsibilities that just…somehow…get in the way.

Look, first and foremost, you make time for what is a priority.

But, if you already are making time for your business, and it seems like that to-do list keeps getting longer and the amount of hours you have is getting shorter and shorter…

Then, most likely it’s WHAT you’re doing in those precious business-building hours that is where the gold is.

Because if you know WHAT to do, then you can actually build your business, even IF you only have 1-hour a day.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Cat, Stancik, mother of 3 and founder of the Action Incubator, made 1 hour a day work for her to build a multi-6-figure coaching business. Cat, also known as The LEAD Boss, specializes in helping time-crunched expert professional service providers create a process to predictably fill their pipeline without fancy funnels or complicated techs so they can free up their time and predictably hit their revenue targets.

Why? Because she was, and you’ll hear all about her story of how she grew to thrive in her business and exactly WHAT she did to do so, in this week’s episode of The Princess and the B.

Click here to listen to the episode:
Get Clients Online in Only 1 HOUR A DAY!
with Lead Boss, Cat Stancik

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Remember, your reign is now.

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