A Pattern Interrupt for Humanity

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2020

I wish I could say that I had the words these past few weeks. A shift has been needed in the world and in ourselves.


COVID gave us an opportunity to reflect on what’s most important to us. For some, it gave us a chance to align and reconnect with our families. For others, it brought into stark contrast our own escapist tactics and feelings that have been repressed or suppressed, waiting to be released “when the kids graduate.” 


For some, it gave us a swift kick in the pants to pivot, realign our businesses, shift into miraculous overdrive with our productivity and creativity. And my revolutionaries - Meredith, Stuart, Kala - holy moly how proud I am of you for how you have pivoted and adapted your businesses and entire industries!!!


For others, it realigned TF out of us, to what we want, and to what the future holds for us and our industries. Is it even a business you want to be in? Is it even an industry that’s going to be around in five to ten years?

For myself, these past two months have connected me deeper into my spirituality and my relationship with God. It’s made my life a miracle - living in a land surrounded by surf and butterflies. It’s also brought into a crude light some darker patterns that needed to heal for me.


Since 2010, May and June have had a pattern of aligning and realigning TF out of me...and that’s without a pandemic or racial crisis.


What I’ve realized is that life leaves clues and patterns repeat until a rude awakening is realized...


2010 - I left my boyfriend and started dating the man whom I would elope with 3 months later.

2011 - Husband returns from deployment and we began our dissolution (aka divorce)

2012 - Boyfriend from 2010 robbed my family of nearly $100,000...oh, and I was raped.

2014 - Legal proceedings begin with my ex-business partner...buyout signed 3 months later.

2016 - We buy our first 30-unit Apartment complex...to discover it was a pretty rough place, and spend the next 4 years repositioning and repurposing to serve as a safe place for the community 

2017 - Pregnant and slightly panicking - first-time baby, turning pro in my coaching business. And a lot of new and new hormones are going down. 

2018 - Closed my Pilates studio and stopped coaching out of a location to take my business 1000% virtual and travel the world.

2020 - WTF world?!?!

I share this with you, not for pity, but simply that, at least for me, May and June have neurological hardwiring for PTSD, for which I am seeking out new tools and therapies to help me heal that.


Not that all those experiences were bad. But all of those experiences were a MASSIVE alignment check to allow me to notice other patterns like businesses, bad boyfriends, and buyouts that were no longer serving me.


Now that I’m aware of my own funky May/June pattern I have the power to shift it.



Sometimes a pattern interrupt is pausing to reflect, educate, and to question your own belief systems.

Sometimes a pattern interrupt is changing your daily pattern of “busy-ness” to be intentional and present with your family.


Sometimes a pattern interrupt is a pandemic. 


Sometimes a pattern interrupt is just the fact that that pattern has repeated and repeated and repeated enough times for us to finally stand and say, enough is enough, is enough. 


You cannot change a pattern until you’re aware that there is a pattern in the first place. 


Which brings me to this…

We have had in America a pattern for hundreds of years of repressing and suppressing people of color. 


We have 400 years of this pattern from slavery to Jim Crow to George Floyd. 


This pattern HAS.TO.STOP. 


And, I think more and more people now are aware of that and understand that. 


But how? 


How do we unravel a pattern that has been 400 years in the making and rewire the neurology of a colonial bias toward white people being in power? 


I wouldn’t even dare to pretend to have all the answers, or any really. 


But, as a coach, I do know this...there is POWER in asking new questions.


How can you love and empower people of color more?

How can you lift your sisters and brothers in Life up? 

How can you unite the parts of you and bring more wholeness into your own life? 

How can you bring more compassion to your community? 




We have an opportunity NOW, to rewire and create some new patterns, within us, so we can change what’s around us, and THAT is the ripple effect across our country and around the world. 


And at first, yeah, there are many who will want to throw around the “I don’t know what to do” excuse, which only causes the pattern to perpetuate and repeat.

But, what if...this time…


You just sat with a new question.

What if you made it okay to not KNOW the answer right this very moment...but to allow, trust, and collaborate in LOVE to allow the answer to unfold? 


What if you focused only on finding a solution and made yourself unavailable to stop until you have found a solution or five? 

What if you gave yourself permission to make mistakes and then only learn and grow from them?


Check-in with yourself about what new question could unlock some new TRUTH inside of you that could serve humanity.


Change starts first when we are aware of our own patterns and then take action to shift. 


I have massive hope for this massive PATTERN INTERRUPT in the world for there is an awakening of a New Earth unfolding now. 


Decide what it is you want that to look like. 


For me, it’s beautiful, colorful, joyous, accepting, and empowering.


Now, go forth and make it so. 

Remember, your reign is now.

P.S. Next week inside of our FREE  Crown Yourself community, I am having an open, loving conversation with my dear friend Lia Valencia Key (aka the most joyous, loving human I have ever met in my life) on unity, peace, and sparkling in times of strife. I’m also a proud customer and I literally wear her earrings every day...see above pic.


She was recently on The Princess and the B, sharing her experience as a black woman going from homeless to in 150 million homes on QVC. If you need a spark of joy right now, THAT podcast will ignite your soul.


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