A Deep Dive into Healing, Self-Discovery, and the Power of Inner Work with Anna Rose

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In this episode of the Crown Yourself podcast, guest Anna Rose, Founder and CEO of Self-Love School, shares her journey of living authentically and embracing radical self-love. She discusses overcoming fears, such as becoming a solo skydiver, and the importance of setting firm boundaries, especially online. Anna opens up about her traumatic past and the transformative realization that self-love is the antidote to self-hate. Host Kimberly Spencer also shares her experiences with visibility and boundaries. Together, they explore the significance of self-care, healing, and bodywork in personal empowerment, offering valuable insights for listeners seeking to live more authentic and empowered lives.

What you will learn from this episode…

  • Living authentically and facing fears
  • Setting boundaries and embracing visibility
  • Overcoming trauma and self-hatred
  • Prioritizing self-love and self-care
  • Healing and setting boundaries after experiencing domestic violence
  • The power of inner work, bodywork, and self-care practices
  • Morning and nightly routines for success
  • Defining queendom as living in true sovereign authentic power


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We good? Great. Let's get to the goods.


Anna Rose (00:00:00) - For me, the meaning of my queendom is just a woman living in her true, sovereign, authentic power and living life so radically, authentically, and truthfully. And as a woman who knows herself, trusts herself, backed herself, and lost herself.

Kimberly Spencer (00:00:23) - Welcome to the Crown Yourself podcast, where together we build your empire and transform your subconscious stories about what's possible for your business, body and life. I'm your host, Kimberly Spencer, founder of Crown Yourself. Com and I'm a master mindset coach, bestselling author, TEDx speaker known to my clients as a game changer. Each week you get the conscious leadership strategies you need to help you reign with courage, clarity, and confidence so that you too, can make the income and impact you deserve. Imagine this podcast as your royal invitation to step into your full potential and reign in your divine purpose. Your sovereignty starts here and your reign is now. Anna, it is such an honor to have you on the Crown Yourself podcast, and I just want to dive in because you have faced.

Kimberly Spencer (00:01:12) - So much of what people fear rejection on a massive macro level with the entire Australian media. you leap out of planes and you've been nearly killed by your ex-boyfriend. So what do you fear now?

Anna Rose (00:01:31) - Oh, that is such a good question. And honestly, nothing. I feared it. What made me jump out of the plane become a solo skydiver was that was actually the next level for me. So I would love to. You know, I'm not the gal that can sit here and say, I'm completely fearless and I, you know, I'm that badass. I was absolutely terrified of hot steel. There was an element of that always in my life, but I knew that the woman that I needed to become in this era of my life and iteration of self, was never going to get there as who she was. And so to become her, I was like, I need to just go so big and face such like an enormous fire. And I couldn't think of a more audacious, wild thing to do then go and become a solo skydiver.

Anna Rose (00:02:21) - So I booked it and I did it, but so I but now. So that really changed my life. Becoming I forgot I did that. Like, people don't really talk about it. I don't really talk about it. But yeah, it's always gonna but doing that last May and getting the amount of jumps under my belt I have now and continuing to do nothing scares me. It really does. Money. I mean, businesses could file my extra breaches. They are, you know, anything can happen and it's like nothing will compare at 15,000ft to an airplane door. I don't think I can truly, I don't even think they're going, like above 200km an hour. The sound of the winds. You've got a backpack with some fabric and string on your back and you leap. And yeah, so it really did change my life doing that. And now I do live honestly pretty fearless, if not completely fearless.

Kimberly Spencer (00:03:15) - And you're so open with sharing so much of your life and with building all four of your four of your businesses now.

Kimberly Spencer (00:03:23) - Sheesh. What was the muse to be able to share all of it and to be so transparent and open.

Anna Rose (00:03:31) - It was so nice. This is such a beautiful conversation, by the way. I'm like, I'm never gonna do not like bang bang. I'm like, no one's ever really brought this out of me before. And I love to have honest conversation, so, hey. Yeah. Thank you. What is space? But a beautiful space. I it really was a night. I'd love to say there was this moment or this news or this strike of inspiration, but I started honestly, it was almost an accident. I started online on Instagram. I think it was like 12 years ago now, 13 years ago. and I thought it was a photo editing app. And so I was posting, I was posting thanking God I don't like any kind of gal because even then I was like in my early 20s, so could have been, but I honestly thought it was a photo editing app. This is like 14 years ago, 13 years ago.

Anna Rose (00:04:23) - And so I was just putting snapshots of my life up, at that time. And then one day I got a comment somewhere and I'm like, what is this comment coming from? And, you know, went online. It was Instagram. I'm like, oh my God, people can see your photos. Like, holy shit. And then yeah, and then I thought, well, that's cool. And at the time I was just about to fly to Europe with my now ex-husband. And I've just always been a natural storyteller. And so I started to tell the story of our troubles essentially at that time and the honesty of it. I've just I have always lived with radical honesty and radical truth in a sense. And I think that that news comes from, you know, almost having a fight. All my life since I was young, like there's always been something I've come up. I just think that was my soul's contract. And so naturally began to tell the story of my life. And I have done that ever since, through pictures and words and podcasts and companies.

Anna Rose (00:05:24) - And yeah, I just think it's it is honestly very natural for me. I don't people at the moment like it's kind of a buzz thing in Australia and anyway and I love it. People are going, you know, I'm gonna pull what do they keep saying? Like, I'm gonna pull the veil down of my life and I'm going to show you more. And I'm like, what the fuck have you been doing for. Them like, so I just find for me, not everyone has to do it. And I say when I speak, take the fish, lead the bones. Like take what lands and resonate. But for me I do. No, I don't believe I know how. I have had success across all different industries with three companies and you know, a business. So for businesses is because I live with that truth and I share the story of my life and I don't hide anything. And even, you know, you know, my ex almost killed me because I have unfortunately told that story recently, and that is a part of my life.

Anna Rose (00:06:19) - And we don't we can very we don't have to go here. But, you know, even to that extent as a as a powerful woman that's very well known here in Australia that, you know, I fell for a narcissist and I. Even, you know, escaped that. And there was violence in the end. But to stand in the truth of that even was important to me, because that was a part of my life. And then it became part of my story, not my identity. And there's a very big difference that I politically agree. Became part of my story and it's the truth. And I think our stories heal one another. And when we can, you know, own our story and love ourselves through that process. It's a Brené Brown quote. It's the bravest thing any of us can ever do. And so my commitment in my life is to continuously own my story and love myself through that process, and to share that online is just the natural gift and the next step for me ultimately.

Anna Rose (00:07:12) - So I think, yeah, that's it's it's natural. Like I said, it's just it's always a bit of medicine to me as well, to be honest. Like, yeah, I get it. Well, because I think a lot of shame like we live I think in all women as well. I work with not only women, but I know with women we hold so much shame relentlessly in our bodies. And for me, not I. I'm like, I do all the work all the time, but I feel like with women there is that should an aspect they they don't say what they mean, they don't mean what they say. They're not always telling the truth with a firm no or a fuck yes or whatever that is for them in their life. And I think when you just show up, warts and all, like chaos and all truth and all whatever that reality is for you, whether it's I love to, you know, I'm dancing one day, I'm a bad bitch, the next in my company is the next.

Anna Rose (00:08:05) - I might be throwing myself out of a plane. The next I might be, you know, talking about the love of my life. The next I might be sharing, you know, the vulnerable truth of, you know, the the chaos of my narcissistic ex. But it's it's all a part of my story. And there's no shame for me because I'm not trying to hide any part of me. And I always say, because I am pursued, I am right. When you live with this much audacity. Media have pursued me in the past, hating me. And I laugh to my partner now, my beautiful king. I always say he's like, no one can come at you because you they get the truth from you. And I'm like, yeah. So that's I think that's that shame piece for me. It's not hiding behind anything. It's not feeling like I can't show a certain aspect of myself. Like the sensual side. There's many CEOs. For example, you know, I founded three and being global companies now, and I love to get down and grind on the dance floor in heels essentially every single week.

Anna Rose (00:09:04) - And I love to share that part of me. And there's no shame in that. And I think as a woman, I love to be the pillar of possibility in all that. So I hold no shame. I'm not ashamed that, yeah, I run companies and I also put my fishnets on and go and grind, and I dance like that and I'll share it like yes and both and yes and all. So that's the shame piece for me.

Kimberly Spencer (00:09:26) - I love it. I just was at a podcast conference the other the other month and, and put on my patent leather Spanx and was Posh Spice because it was 90s themed and was totally rocking it out on the dance floor. And I had some people come up to me, they're like. Your husband's not here. Like, what's going on? And I was like, my husband fully trusts me in and loves me being fully expressed. And he knows my boundaries. And so there is no worries there for him or for me, because I also have some pretty strong boundaries around how I allow people to treat me.

Kimberly Spencer (00:10:05) - And I think that that's such a beautiful thing. I love how you set those boundaries. I'm curious, especially as, as a mother who I do share a lot of my life on the interwebs. But there are certain things, especially with my kids, that I am much more protective of our privacy because as far as you know, I know you've had experience with haters coming after you and having to move multiple times that that experience of of basically doxing, right?

Anna Rose (00:10:32) - Yeah, that doxed me and yeah, I am just there's criminal like if people are listening and they're like, holy shit. And we can go in there. But I have I've let them go to the extent now where I've got enough evidence to like, I'm going to make an example of my particular haters nationally in Australia. because that's not okay. Like, you know, knocks and things like that. But yeah, that's absolutely nothing in my life. It's wild and that's a boundary. But that like just, you know, that's a boundary.

Anna Rose (00:10:59) - I'm now I've that happened. And people you know this is what I want to say. And like around this conversation and boundaries number one I love that you said you know, with my kids, I have made it so clear that I do share all of my life and I plan on having babies, but my babies won't be on my social media for sure. And I respect my best friends. All their kids are. So there's no there's never any judgement in the cells in my body. So I love every woman's decision and why she makes it, as long as she knows why she is making it. And for me, I when I choose to have my babies and I've spoken to my beautiful partner about this, who I'm probably planning on, he's the one I'm planning on, or we are. He's like, I respect that and I love that. But I had to have that conversation because I said, look, you know, I do share a lot of my life and I do put myself out there a lot, and there is a lot of eyes on my stuff every single day.

Anna Rose (00:11:48) - And I, because of the darker side of the internet, and I don't give it any, you know, I'm very conscious of my thoughts and what we, you know, our words become a world and all of that. But also there is an insidious side to life, of course, and that's my boundary on it. So I will choose at that point to not share my children. And they can decide when they're older what they wish to do. But then yeah, with haters as well. Like if anyone's coming under criticism or fire like I have. So unbelievably, I always say so many people will give you opinions like just leave it, don't give it attention. And I never do ever online. But I've now quietly behind the scenes, you know, begun criminal proceedings essentially. And other people in my life have said, oh, but isn't this giving it energy? And I'm like, no, this is me now making putting up such a firm boundary that hopefully, and I trust them, it absolutely will be, will be an example for our nation.

Anna Rose (00:12:49) - So there's, you know, there's that dark and light to life that that dark and light to love. There's a dark and light to live in, like all the things. And I think as long as we live within our boundaries then and we know our boundaries and we hold our boundaries, then we can live a beautiful life.

Kimberly Spencer (00:13:05) - I think the hard part about boundaries is sometimes you don't know where they are until someone bumps up against them and you're like, oh, that's that's the boundary. Which one was the hardest boundary that you bumped up against that you realise was your boundary?

Anna Rose (00:13:18) - Oh, only this one fundamentally this one really like allow like and I'll try and make it relative. I think the reliability I can give to listeners. So when I say this one, it is to do with the, the relentless, attention and stalking almost pretty much on my life. And it sounds very wild. It's like, how is she this. But I didn't speak out for a nation for two years and got so much media attention.

Anna Rose (00:13:44) - That has is where it has come from. but it just it has continued. But it was to know that it was to say, well, do I because I live and breathe by, you know, think like you love yourself, speak like you love yourself. So for me, holding that that space in that boundary of all the love, all the possibility of hope, of like absolute, just divinity and power on your life. But then that is that side of my life at the moment where I could not give it attention and I don't. But it got to the point where I was like, actually, I could make this isn't there bumping now? Like they're bumping and I have to make the decision of if I say Namaste or fuck you and it's a fuck you from me. So I think we the relatable it can be a combination.

Kimberly Spencer (00:14:31) - Of both too. In a way. It's it's like a loving parents saying, you know, no, you're not getting ice cream and time out. Like we're putting you into a civil a criminal court timeout.

Anna Rose (00:14:44) - I was just like, man, it's such a beautiful, sweet, calm. Like one can like savage one. But I would always say for women. And I was talking, I was coaching on this last night in my container of self-love school. We were laughing about mother in law. Now, if you've got a phenomenal one, I'm like, so happy for you. But I was talking about boundaries and things. And then someone said, like, what about a mother in law? And I'm like, oh no, no, you like, you hold that boundary like you don't have to will that into anything. Like if that's if there's anyone. So where I'm making it relatable to the listener is if the boundaries for me and knowing that mom was like, when does it become enough that someone that is toxic or, you know, not wanting the highest good for you is if that actually affecting your life? And are you going to continue to allow that to happen? And it could be a friend, it could be a partner, could be a mother, it could be a mother in law.

Anna Rose (00:15:36) - It's like you get to hold the boundary and say enough and no harm.

Kimberly Spencer (00:15:40) - I know a lot of our listeners struggle with the desire for visibility and the conflicting. Does that fear of the experiences like you've had? So how have you been able to expand your container to receive more visibility or energetic container in a way, to receive more visibility, to have more eyes on you and to withstand the dark to the light? Yeah.

Anna Rose (00:16:08) - This is probably fundamentally the core idea and piece to every single human on Earth's breakthrough. I really believe it. I think everyone deserves to be seen. I think we're all we chose this time in history to come back to Earth, right? So it's such a finite amount of time and it's so worth it. And we're here for significance and not insignificance and all of these things that I could riff on for hours itself. And yet with terrified of what people will think about us and we're terrified of what someone will say, and I get to be that literal light, big example of what it's like, what that possibility looks like when you are seen in such an enormous capacity and you have the capacity to hold it all.

Anna Rose (00:16:57) - And what I say to that is always two things. Number one, as a man, woman, alien, unicorn, whatever, whatever. You have to know yourself innately, like, know who the fuck you are. I don't know, I never said like, can we swear, but I don't.

Kimberly Spencer (00:17:13) - Oh yeah. Yeah.

Anna Rose (00:17:14) - I'm partial to it. You're good. You have to know yourself. You fundamentally have to know yourself, right? Number two, you have to trust yourself. Number three, you have to back yourself. You don't wait for anyone. Permission from anyone. No governments, no society. Not best friends, not parents, not partners. No one. You back yourself. And number four, you have to radically love yourself. And when those things occur, know yourself, trust yourself. Back yourself. Love yourself. When those four pillars click and that takes work. That's just that. That's the that's the divinity. That's why you hear the divinity of why. But when those four things click, that's when you become you hold the capacity to be seen more and you will attract more light and dark 100%.

Anna Rose (00:17:59) - However, at that point, and this is like the the most key fundamental aspect to how I live, you cannot become addicted to applause or crippled by the booze. And that's that's the equilibrium. That's the balance. And so many people I feel, are actually not as so crippled by the booze. If they actually looked at it, they're more addicted to the applause. And they're hiding behind accidentally, subconsciously. This belief of like, I'm actually just scared to be seen because, like, what if Sally from down the road says something? No, I think it's almost like, what if Sally doesn't love what I say and doesn't like it right? Or doesn't give me that that instant gratification validation of a lack or a share or whatever else. Whereas for me, it's like, share your art and share your divinity and share your power and share your truth for the sake of sharing your power and divinity and truth that just that's it. You just get to show up. And that's that's the art of storytelling in a sense to me.

Anna Rose (00:18:59) - And when you can step into that place and you will step into that place when you know yourself like trust yourself, back yourself, and love yourself. But when it stops being about this addiction to applause and it's crippling by the booze, you become unstoppable. And I and I and I mean that because that's that is how I live. So it's that pace. It's like your capacity to hold being sane law without that fear of rejection or hate or whatever else, you can hold that because you you're not scared of not being liked. You're not scared of being hated. You know who you are. You trust who you are. You back yourself in that, and you love yourself radically along the way. And I always say, I do that through, you know, stinking, eating, speaking, moving and in fucking and self caring like, I love myself and that's that, the pillar of, of life for me. And then that's how you step into that place. And then that's when you become like, it's it's humbling when people are like, I love it.

Anna Rose (00:19:59) - I'm so thank you. And you're incredible. And that is humbling. And I, I always receive everything because I always say like, if I reject, oh no, no, no, you know, well then I'm rejecting myself. But ultimately it doesn't affect who I am and it doesn't inspire me to like, oh, okay. They liked that. I'm going to say more of that. It's not about that for me. It's like, I love that landed. And you know, what did I say at the start? Take, you know, eat the fish, leave the bones. I'm always like, I don't care. Like, if you like me, I like myself, I don't care and hate me. I like myself, I love myself, but I like myself and I know myself and I trust myself and I'm back myself. And at that point, it is that it is. That's the capacity to be seen. And that's why people see you. That is the magnetism. That is the radiance.

Anna Rose (00:20:49) - Because people feel that you can't fake that. I can't.

Kimberly Spencer (00:20:53) - Fake it.

Anna Rose (00:20:54) - Yeah, you can say what you want. You can beat the algorithm, you can do whatever. You can use the AI, you can do what you want. But people feel energy. So.

Kimberly Spencer (00:21:03) - And I love what you said about the, the applause because I think the people at the hearing of the boos, I think that's an illusion that people like that people feel. I think they actually fear silence. Yeah. They fear apathy. Yeah. Of, of just oh it got nobody even engaged. Like there's no engagement, there's no applause, there's no participation trophy. So the ability to actually just do you love the art that you're creating with your life. And I love how you explain how how each part of your life is so deeply intertwined with artistry. Was that always the case, or when did that shift if it wasn't?

Anna Rose (00:21:47) - No. I mean, like, how much time do we have? No, no, no, it definitely wasn't.

Anna Rose (00:21:52) - And I, I mean, that's kind of my story, right? That's I think that's why I'm here on Earth is because that was absolutely not always the case. I was raised like many, if not most, with a level of trauma. You know, a mother that loved us wildly, but a father that used a stepfather that used his face like I was raised in sexual abuse, violence. All the things, like any abuse that you can have was directed upon me as a little girl, unfortunately and sadly. But little girls grow up into wounded women. And that was I. And I spent a life hating myself, absolutely hating myself. And at 22 was when I hit rock bottom. This is like a whole piece and podcast unto itself. But but yeah, it's powerful because people will hear all the words I'm saying and think, oh, I can't be that, or this has happened in my life, or I'm so, you know, overcome and overwhelmed with fear and trauma. Still, I can't move through that.

Anna Rose (00:22:46) - Yes, you fucking can. You absolutely can. I believe in you. So for me, yeah, I hit rock bottom at 22 because I just had spent two decades hating myself and making decisions from that place. So being promiscuous, you know, abusing my body with drugs, abusing my body with alcohol, abusing my body with self-hate, abusing my just all of it hit rock bottom at 22. So just I was diagnosed with a debilitating anxiety condition, drugged to my eyeballs on pharmaceuticals, which I just I hated. And the night of my rock bottom, it was like two doors at the hospital. It was like, you can go through there, which was the mental health which I respect and love and I'm grateful for. But they said it was like, you know, we're concerned about you. There were scars on my arm, all the things, you're not well. So you can go through there and we can look after you for a hot little minute, you know, and get you better and still send you home on drugs.

Anna Rose (00:23:37) - Or you can basically go home with someone that will sign you out, like the we can trust, and go on the drugs still. And we'll check back in with you in like 4 to 6 weeks. Make sure that they're working, which is like, make sure you're a zombie and we'll go from there. And I was like the latter, please. Like, I would like to get out of here at this point. And yeah, that night I sat sobbing on my bed, rocking myself back and forth, and I was saying to him, it was my now amazing. He's an incredible man, just not my man. Ex-husband. You know, I said to him, I know why I'm like this. Like I took 100% responsibility for my life in that moment, and it changed my life. And I said, I fucking hate myself. Like I hate myself. I hate who I am. I make these decisions because I hate myself. And I said, so the cure all to this is love.

Anna Rose (00:24:29) - Like it's just a mix. That it's like the opposite of self-hate is self-love. And I truly believe I wouldn't change a second of my life, not even recently. Like all the things that happen because it consistently triggers me into my next greatest iteration of self. But back then, I'm so grateful for everything that happened. Because now I look back and I coach hundreds of thousands of women ultimately like me, my my social media, but thousands, tens of thousands in in my containers with on self-love because that was my journey. And so from that place of self-hatred, I asked the question, what would love like loving myself look like instead? What would love choose? And the next day, that's where my whole catch cry of like you love yourself came from, because the hate morgz bless him, was like, well, what are you going to do? Like, what does that look like? You know, we were clueless. This is 14 years ago now. Officially. And it sounds so silly, but it was so potent in its importance of saving my life.

Anna Rose (00:25:27) - I said, well, people that exercise, they'll copy, right? And it was true. Turns out it was very true and like, so true. And I'm so grateful for my naivete because it saved my life. And so the next day I said, I'm going to I'm going to get up and move like I love myself. And so I began moving like I love myself, you know? And from that, obviously, then eating like I love myself, thinking like I love myself, speaking like I love myself and then I get up and self, etc. and little by little by little, I healed my life. I changed my life, and I saved my life. And you know, the woman that you're hearing speak today is that's that woman on that journey 14 years later. And, you know, from those decisions, I've now launched that that global activewear brand that, you know, the mission is to inspire millions of women around the world like they love themselves. And it's just, you know, and all all of those pieces in my life have happened because of what did happen to me.

Anna Rose (00:26:21) - And so, yeah, conviction and convenience. Lisa Nichols says it will never live on the same street. So it was that I'm going to have conviction for my life. I'm going to have conviction to change it. I'm going to have conviction to love myself, know myself, trust myself and back myself and go for this. Like my life depends on it. Because all of our stuff.

Kimberly Spencer (00:26:39) - So my my journey to self-love also started through a movement when I found Pilates when I was 19 and I was severely bulimic. A lot of similar experiences growing up as well. And the just love of just like, oh my gosh, like, I actually feel good in my body after like it was, it was like night and day and just the ability to move. And I think we in such a sedentary society where like so much is done on a computer or on a phone, like it's very easy to confine yourself to a chair. And as you grown, I know you have a commitment of moving like you love yourself every day.

Kimberly Spencer (00:27:24) - What does that look like? As your life has gotten busier and more complex and more businesses? Has it changed and evolved since how you were before? It absolutely.

Anna Rose (00:27:36) - Hasn't. God, like I know it's not going to go. No, it absolutely hasn't. And I do speak about this all the time because I'm asked that all the time as people watch beautifully. And I love it. Like people watch my life expand and myself expand. And they ask that question around how you hold, like, how are you holding the space to everything in your life, but still doing your runs in the morning and your weight session and your ocean swimming and whatever else I'd choose to do. I've done two half hour mounds and triathlons and everything, and for me, it's simple because I'm like, without that, that there is no point to me like to move and to think and to speak and to earn and to fuck and to self-care and to eat like I love myself is at the beginning, in the middle and the end.

Anna Rose (00:28:26) - And that becomes my highest priority every single day. Non-negotiable. Before I try to pour myself out to the world like I have to pour into myself. And already I'm having the conversations because, you know. Babies will be. Not soon, but like they're coming. I'm not a topic conversation. I'm not a mother yet. And that's important to say because I know women here and they're like, how is she doing all this? I'm not a mother. So my companies are my babies. But I have already begun the conversations with Ryan around, you know, maybe when we have babies, my commitment to self still will be number one priority because I cannot be. I just know I've watched thousands of women, like, lose themselves in the identity of motherhood and getting all of themselves to that child, which we keep them alive. I honor that so wildly, but then wake up six months, 12 months, 18 months, three years, three years later, in my containers, burnt out, exhausted, in a masculine energy, broken.

Anna Rose (00:29:29) - And I'm putting the pieces back together again with moving, thinking, eating, speaking, earning, fucking self, caring like they love themselves to find themselves again, to become that best mother. So for me, no matter. And I'm using this example because, you know, 90% of of us that listen to podcasts and mothers. But the work never ends in this. And the importance of it only expands the bigger our life expands. And that could be with businesses, that could be with babies, that could be with our bank accounts. But, you know, the other week when I had the biggest like, I mean, everything was due. I had every deadline literally on earth. I was launching Self-love school, which was the biggest I've ever done. I was launching my second collection for my my company. You know, we're at the beginning of a bull run. I have a crypto company as well. And I was like, this is a lot. And I was like, I wrote up to do list, which was three pages long of literally like enormous task.

Anna Rose (00:30:26) - Like it wasn't like, I don't know, send that email. It was like, get that entire backend system process set up, like, yeah. And instead of I looked at it and I was like, this is perfect. I had like two weeks to do it. And I was like, so I'm gonna take a day off. I'm gonna go date myself because I know the woman that needs to come at this next two weeks needs to have the capacity and space to do it. And now did I have time? This is like this, this switch up that I always said, did I have time to do that? ABS to fucking lutely not. And like, people around me were like, you are insane. And I was like, no, because do I not have time or is it not a priority? Am I not a priority for myself? I am the greatest priority to myself and for myself. So I was like, no, I absolutely have time because I have the priority to do it.

Anna Rose (00:31:12) - So I went and did a date day and it was the best. I took a massage, I went to soak bath house, I had a magnesium bath, I took myself on a solo champagne date and then lo and behold, I, you know, went into the very next day and worked two weeks almost straight, launched the biggest self-love square. They have launched this almost sold out collection. You know, life is just beautiful because I honor and prioritize myself and that capacity to still move like I love myself and instead of and eat like myself and think about myself, you know, all the things. And instead of saying, I just don't have the time, like so many of us, I say it's just absolutely a priority for me. And when it's a priority that you find the time. And I use that with mums all the time because I'm like, what's the priority? You're like, oh, my kid's incredible. So if your kid call you now, I was sick at school and you were at work and you had a zillion things to do, would you go and could you go and pick them up? Of course I would.

Anna Rose (00:32:08) - Like, I'd drop everything. I'm like, so why the fuck are you not doing that for yourself? Like that's the level of of commitment to self that you need to house kids or not kids in my opinion.

Kimberly Spencer (00:32:19) - I completely agree. As a mother of two of a six and a two year old, so completely agree on that. And I would add to the list. Sleep like your love. Like you love yourself as well.

Anna Rose (00:32:30) - And you like you love.

Kimberly Spencer (00:32:31) - Yourself and he'll he'll is a huge one, especially post giving birth and all that. Like being able to take the time and have the support network around. Like I have such respect and mad respect for single mothers who who deal without a partner because my husband is the greatest partner that I could imagine. And when I met him, I was like baby daddy written all over him. Yeah. Oh, yes.

Anna Rose (00:32:54) - He's so male that often it.

Kimberly Spencer (00:32:56) - Just smell it. And I was like, oh, I just knew, I knew. And since he was older, I said, well, you have to want kids if you're going to be with me.

Kimberly Spencer (00:33:03) - And he was like, yeah, I could see having kids with you. It's a great we're going to name them. Yo, Donna.

Anna Rose (00:33:09) - This is literally yeah, my story drive, which I love.

Kimberly Spencer (00:33:12) - Yeah, yeah. And it's it's that decisiveness. And I think that's one of the things that mostly women I've seen in just in my own coaching experience, having a coaching business for nine years, women struggle with decisiveness and assertiveness. And how do you borderline on assertive versus being bitchy?

Anna Rose (00:33:31) - Oh, that's a good question. Honest. And I'm like, I always say it comes back to when you know yourself and it's always the intention behind it. There's not there's not a cell in my body that is bitchy or that judges or would make that decision, like hold her boundary from a, you know, quote unquote bitchy perspective. I love that word because we always use it, but I love it in the sense of like the power of activation in a woman, but it's knowing the intention behind it.

Anna Rose (00:33:59) - Like, I know my boundaries and I have to hold my boundaries. And so when I do that, it is assertion and it comes from that powerful, held masculine energy of of decisiveness, of structures, of systems, of boundaries, of leadership. And my intention behind all that is love and power and pace of for myself, for my companies, for my life, for my love. And so I think really not again, it's just knowing who you are, but absolutely understanding the intention behind the know, the intention behind the yes, the intention behind, you know, the decision making and decisiveness of which really, honestly, I always say realistically is just boundaries all of the time. Anything, comes from that. What is the intention behind it?

Kimberly Spencer (00:34:48) - So as someone was such firm boundaries and was such a beautiful combination of like masculine divine masculine boundaries. Heeled feminine. I think a lot of times women who have been in domestic violence situations and I know you have, I have like those experiences where it's shocking, like you as a strong, empowered, beautiful, successful woman had that happen, like, how does that how did you navigate that?

Anna Rose (00:35:20) - How does that happen?

Kimberly Spencer (00:35:21) - First of all, how does that happen?

Anna Rose (00:35:24) - And I wonder how I always say like I never planned.

Anna Rose (00:35:28) - Obviously I'm not an ambassador of anything. And so, you know, still not DV, but but I will always, forever use my voice when it pertains to anything of extreme importance. And that is Dubai. So I love that you have asked this because I do think we end domestic violence when we shine a spotlight on it. And statistically speaking, there are women right now that are listening to this podcast that are that are in DV, which is just amazing. And so when we talk as well, when you're so beautifully asking me the questions, Kimberly, this was only back in 2022. And we're recording this in 2024. And this is again, you can get me on and we can go because it's a whole other podcast and not about DV but actually about wounds. And so what has happened? Obviously you just heard my back end story. I hit my rock bottom, you know, change my whole life. I thought I did all of the things I healed, all of the events that occurred in my life.

Anna Rose (00:36:25) - Forgiveness, therapy. I did all the things right, the right things without ever recognizing, understanding, or realizing I had never gone back to the core wound as a woman like so. The cool wound that I carried, which was then I had continued to carry my entire life up until I killed it back in 2022. It was the core wound. And so what happened for me? You know, what happened is as a child, and it wasn't my whole childhood, there are certain things that happen to us as little girls that crack our love timeline. And so for me, it was like certain big events. And again, it wasn't, you know, for me it wasn't like the abuse from the abuser. It was a moment for me where I remember I was in a chair. I'll go this day. This is probably like, wow, this is not honestly it. But I remember I had severe chronic childhood asthma and my abuser was from the church, so he always got access to me that way.

Anna Rose (00:37:26) - And then, you know, my would ask me on school holidays and things like that and I would be given over. So but I missed church on this Sunday. Obviously my body was trying to keep me safe. I had one of the worst panic attacks. I would have been like six. And so I didn't have to go to church so I didn't have to sing, which was like the best thing in earth. And I remember being in hospital thinking, as a little girl, if I could just have a panic attack or a asthma attack, sorry, every Sunday, like I don't have to go to church. This will fix everything. And I'll never forget. Anyway, I got taken home after I was in the hospital, came home and my stepdad and had brought all the other kids home as siblings and in walked my abuser. His name is Adrian, in walked Adrian, my abuser with Bob, and I was like six years old and I was in a prison and I'm like, what is going on? And he came up and he prayed over me.

Anna Rose (00:38:15) - This was the moment. So it wasn't actual abuse itself. He prayed over me, you know, saying it's the devil and like the asthma. And I just remember and this I identified this, you know, 18 months ago and some breathwork, this, this core memory became unlocked. I remember looking up and my mom was there. He was there, and my stepdad looking up at the adults in my life who were meant to protect me. And they weren't. And I remember, like, just in that moment, I don't even mean, again, with the abuse in that moment of like, he's in the home praying over me and I just avoided him, but he's still here. And I remember thinking, I am never going to be safe. I am unsafe. Back cold. So for me is that a young woman and a woman who then continued to heal her life and move and eat and think and speak, and they heal the events of my life. What I had never gone back to do is take that in a little girl that was still inside of me, that's six years old, and take her by the hand and remind her and tell her and heal her and say, actually, honey, love is safe and you are safe.

Anna Rose (00:39:21) - And it's okay to be loved now. Fully, completely, wholly healed. And I'd never done that and I'd never heard of this work. This is I'm like in the work, Queen. Like I am everywhere in the work. Speak on stages. I do the things. But no one had ever. No, it's no one's responsibility. I had never come across this work, this call wounds work. So that came in my sleep because to cut through Deedee and how it happened and why it happened. I left my, you know, incredible ex-husband of 16 years. We've been married 16 years, but he was still around me. I had still absolutely attracted, held and continued in that relationship, fully wounded. And we loved each other and best mates. And it was great. Like we had a phenomenal marriage and traveled the world on, you know. But he he didn't work, but he just I was in I was the masculine, I was the provider, the protector. And that was my love is unsafe.

Anna Rose (00:40:17) - That was the wound. Love is unsafe. So I can't rely on the masculine to provide and protect me. And so that was what I was doing right with him. And then it cut through. I was like, I knew I was misaligned because I'd done so much work and I was like, ended the marriage went into a cocoon of healing. Still never identified acknowledging or understanding this this work around the core wound and then cured the narcissist. And again, I take I attracted him, right? Ultimately I allowed it because now, oh my God, love is so safe. I would I knew the red flags, but I was ignoring every single one because love is unsafe. And so that was my wound. I am unlovable and love is unsafe. And so I attracted him from that wound. And then, because that was what was safe for my nervous system and then, you know, and ended in the night of DV, there was so many red, red flags along the way. And yeah, when I, I knew that something was wrong, I was like, I'm such a high performer, I'd accept nothing left less than excellent in every area of my life.

Anna Rose (00:41:22) - Why am I allowing myself to date this? Quite frankly and unapologetically fuckhead. And I got a coach. I went in like, right. Power of proximity. Have coaches in your life? I want to go to coach who specialize in psych trauma work as well. And that was a conversation I had just being honest. I jumped on zoom and I'm like, yo, like I'm a high performer. Da da da da da. And she was like, oh, honey, you've just got wounds. I'm like, no, I don't know what I will do.

Kimberly Spencer (00:41:51) - What are you talking about?

Anna Rose (00:41:52) - Okay. And she went actually through it because what happened. And I went through my trauma and stuff and she goes, no, you are, you are, you are actually very much you've got no charge and no electricity in your body when it pertains to any event that's occurred in your life, you are healed, but you've actually never dealt with regulating your nervous system of that inner child from when the crack happened.

Anna Rose (00:42:13) - And I was like, well, blow me down. And so healed it got to work on like the breathwork and lady like to be honest, it is still, it's a lot of body work. It's like identifying where the trauma is held, releasing it and changing the thing. So for me, I went from subconsciously believing in my little girl that love is unsafe and I am unlovable to consciously, as the owner at 36, going back within, finding my little girl, my inner child, and she was honestly huddled in the corner in like systematically scrubbing, terrified. And I don't know what I found her in a like in a child meditation. And you can literally just find these on Spotify. I wept, I like God, I really wept on my bed. And I was like, I am so fucking sorry. Like I have left you behind. I have abandoned you my whole life and it's based my love like you are safe now. It's safe like you are loved and worthy and accepted.

Anna Rose (00:43:13) - And come on like I gotta catch you up this like Diana today. And so I went on that journey. I did some breathwork sessions, a lot of body work, and I just changed the story and I then I consciously changed my story to I am lovable and love is safe. And I put that on my mirrors and I got to work on that. But what happened along the way was I started to absolutely detract and pull back and break up from the narcissist, because you can never hold a man like that, a wounded man like that. When you do become the hidden feminine. And I was repulsed by him and but he was very psychopathic like. And unfortunately, the night that I was like, get out and ladies, if you're in it still like learn from this as well. Like this. The most dangerous time for a woman is when she's trying to leave. And that was my story. I became part of the statistic. I literally packed his stuff, put it out, locked him outside, and then he got back in.

Anna Rose (00:44:13) - I went to bed. I was like, brute force. He'd smashed my phone. I was stuck in the house. I woke up, he was just on a tear. He knew he'd lost control. He'd lost control and power because I was done. And he obviously could sense that. And yes, smashed my face and split my lip open and strangled me. And then I had to play the game. Ultimately, I am going to record a podcast on this. There's an active I've got a violence restraining order against him, so I'm safe to speak and all the things and I would anyway. It's my story and my truth. So like I said, we we we end domestic violence when we shine a spotlight on it. And again, I hold no shame. Right. And I want women to hear this. Like, if this becomes the most pertinent part of the podcast for someone, even if one other woman you know has gone through this and has actually been hiding because she's ashamed of she attracted a man like that, or that happened to her, and she's just so ashamed of it.

Anna Rose (00:45:04) - Don't be like it happened to me too. But there's no shame in that, and there's no blame in that, and there's no guilt in that. And so, yeah, I got out, I healed. And now it's like, that's that's the real one that you see today. This like who I really am in the last 18 months is like healing those wounds, becoming that, throwing myself out of a plane. That was another big reason. I was like, oh, if I can survive that, I can survive throwing myself out of a plane. And that was a big part of my healing as well. So yeah, when to, you know, circle back. So what do I fear? Nothing.

Kimberly Spencer (00:45:42) - Because I love that. Yeah. Nothing. I bungee jumped out for my ex.

Anna Rose (00:45:46) - So I think, you know. Yeah. Get it.

Kimberly Spencer (00:45:50) - Get it. I will do myself off. I was like, I don't feel like, you know, completely skydiving, but if the cords attached to me and there's a string like, and it's going to pop me up.

Kimberly Spencer (00:46:00) - Most liberating experience of my life. I have it recorded on some like Palm Pilot, so.

Anna Rose (00:46:05) - I love that. How about you prefer skydiving?

Kimberly Spencer (00:46:08) - Really? 100%. Yeah. What? What's the difference in the I mean, 15 is it 15,000 35,000ft that you're jumping from.

Anna Rose (00:46:18) - Now that you're jumping out of a plane? Because I said, by the way, because I'm now like, I can't go on a plane without a parachute. I feel so safe when I have my parachute now. And I said this to an instructor when I did my last jump, I'm like, it's such a shame you can't, like, take a parachute on a big plane just in case it goes down. Like I'll survive. And he was like, no, if you open the door at 30,000ft, you would. You're minced. Because of the speed and the height and everything. Oh, that makes sense. But no, why? I prefer skydiving is I did it for me. And it's not this. You know, you don't need to go do this to experience this.

Anna Rose (00:46:52) - But for me, nothing has ever felt like throwing myself out of a 15,000ft of just total liberation. And to survive, you have to actually be in your body. So, you know, the first jumps, the first nine jumps, you do you by us like you jump solo. I'm not you're not strapped to anyone but two instructors. Well, actually two and then one for like I think two jump in Australia anyway for like the first four and then it becomes one. So you've got someone in the sky sort of like tracking you until you pull your chute and you're on your own again. But for me, you have to be embodied and I, I think there's no greater divinity on earth than that. True, authentic power of just being completely embodied in your body. And so, yeah, I just love I love meeting my edge up there, and I just love pushing it further.

Kimberly Spencer (00:47:51) - So with business, what's your edge now that you're pushing?

Anna Rose (00:47:55) - Just total industry disruption. I know eyes are on.

Anna Rose (00:48:00) - I just I've created a new business model that's never been done in the world with crypto. And so Web3 and Web2 and sharing 50% of profits from my global activewear company with holders of my, like the crypto company, the NFT that's never been done in the world. And so to have the audacity to firstly dream that up and secondly, pull that off, I'm just like the first airdrop of profit is coming. It will be this year. So that's my end. And I have I still have that like it's gotta get done right and there's going to be like, I've got a there's still work to do, but it's the edge is meeting myself where I said that I would and I was so terrified to enter to do this. I knew how big the dream was when I got placed on my heart. And I'm like 95% there now. And so my edge is.

Kimberly Spencer (00:48:54) - Just looking.

Anna Rose (00:48:55) - At completing it. And then.

Kimberly Spencer (00:48:57) - Like.

Anna Rose (00:48:58) - Honestly.

Kimberly Spencer (00:48:58) - The like, the.

Anna Rose (00:48:59) - Sky's not even my limit.

Kimberly Spencer (00:49:02) - Of course, we've already surpassed this guy.

Anna Rose (00:49:04) - Yeah.

Kimberly Spencer (00:49:05) - So that's amazing. I am so excited to watch you shine and go forth and conquer and just dominate and be such the example that you are, and I've loved and enjoyed following your stories and following you throughout my time in Australia. When I stumbled upon you thanks to the Katrina ruse, for referring me to you.

Anna Rose (00:49:31) - I get out of town, I love that.

Kimberly Spencer (00:49:34) - Yeah, yeah. Queen support queens. So like, I, I love your audacity and the dreams that you just you back herself so fully, regardless of circumstances and the healing of those wounds, I, I know that there is a woman who is listening to this who may feel like she has all the things solved and all the events. I want to backtrack to who you were at 22, and what was the first personal development or growth or mindset shifting book that you read that like Game Changer changed your life? And then fast forward to healing the core wound peace and going into that level of depth. What was the key transformational piece for that?

Anna Rose (00:50:20) - Yeah.

Anna Rose (00:50:21) - Easy, easy answer 22. Part of my story was I picked up one of my first personal development books, which I don't I don't know if I could read it now. I have picked it back up and I'm like, it's just too basic for me. But then it changed the absolute trajectory of my life, which was Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within. And I always say it wasn't necessarily the book it was, but it was the actions that I took at the end of every single chapter. So I was like, I treated that book and the exercises in it like my life depended on it, because it did kind of did. So I yeah, that was the book that set the trajectory off. Cut to you know, 14 years of work and and you got to remember in that time as well. So when this event occurred with my ex and I attracted the narcissist within that relationship, that was all of 20, 21.5 of 2022. So it was like 16, 15 months all recently.

Anna Rose (00:51:17) - And at that point when I realized it was the taking 100% responsibility, as I always do in all my life. and then it was hiring a coach. Like I always say, get a good coach, whatever is available to you in whatever capacity that you are at. but ultimately, the thing that that healed me fundamentally was that that inner child work. But I accessed that through breathwork. So I always say I'm an advocate of all modalities, including talk therapy. But sitting on a couch and talking about my problems for me was never going to heal me, right? It was never going to work. I had to access. We all do the trauma trapped in my tissues. You know, the memories trapped in my like muscles. I had to go back and find her. That little girl, at that moment in time when her love timeline cracked, which is when I was like six. Take her by the hand. Find her within me. Because we've all got her and all of us when we're reacting and responding.

Anna Rose (00:52:17) - And it feels not us like hysterical or upset away. I don't ever say triggered. I say activated when we're activated in that way, it's not us. It's not the 36, 42, 54, 21 year old that's responding. It's the little girl. It's the inner child that is feeling abandoned and feeling and feeling scared and feeling unworthy and feeling unloved. And she's not feeling listened to, and she's not feeling well and she's not feeling worthy. That's that's the little one that we have to heal. And so that was done for me through breathwork. And I just found I've done breathwork with a range of different practitioners. I don't ever recommend one necessarily. I always say to everyone, go and find the most local one in your area. because breath is life and made sense to me. I hadn't done it before then either. I'd like watched friends do it. I'd watched a friend launch one of the biggest archery breathwork like in the world. She's like her and her partner, some of the biggest breath practitioners in the world, and I still never did it.

Anna Rose (00:53:17) - And then it was the breathwork. So it wasn't a book is what I want to say in a podcast. It wasn't a book at that stage and that was the greatest, most transformational, deepest, most important healing of my life 2022. So and that was body work in the end. It wasn't a book. It was body work. And I think that's the piece that most of us I know, especially for me, was missing, was I was doing all the things, but I hadn't gone back. Found that little girl within taking her by the hand, literally, like in a meditation. Found her, take her by the hand, see her. And I keep my baby photos like I keep little six year old Anna at the front of all my diaries. Now remind me all the time she's loved and safe. And I tell her that consistently.

Kimberly Spencer (00:54:05) - I love that and I can attest to the power of body work. Because when I was pregnant with my second child in Australia, that was when I was getting my breathwork certification for trauma healing, and it was game changer.

Kimberly Spencer (00:54:16) - Like, yeah, it was amazing. It was just and it's something that I've incorporated into my coaching. So it's not just top down. Like, I love what you say about it's it's the body. And one of the things that healed me when I was 19, 20, 21, it was cranial sacral therapy, and it was having body work done on me and through me where I was actually feeling. I could feel the removal of the hands from my body that were still trapped in my tissue. I could feel like the burning of certain parts of me that like, had burned. Like I found it through a client of mine. But I felt it heal. And I went to the doctor the next day. You're not going to have a scar because it physically healed the tissue. So it's it's there is such power in the body that just can be unlocked.

Anna Rose (00:55:08) - I just like head to toe. I just got covered in goosebumps because that's that's I mean, there's so much science that's catching up and it's always it's not always been there.

Anna Rose (00:55:17) - It's been there for a long time. But the science that's catching up now around the body just follows the brain, right. But ultimately, all of our traumas and all of our memories are trapped in our muscles and tissues. And so if we are not feeling it, we are not healing it. And so that's that's our work. That's our greatest work. And it life's going to happen. Life is life is still going to happen to me. There'll be moments and traumas and things that pop up come up. I go through, I go through, and I it's that commitment though now to, you know, always making sure my inner little girl is loved and safe and she knows that. And then always feeling what's coming up for me to heal it, to move up and out of my body 100% so it's not trapped.

Kimberly Spencer (00:55:58) - and I have loved our conversation, and I would love to shift gears into a little bit of rapid fire to wrap this up.

Anna Rose (00:56:05) - Let's do it. Let's do it.

Kimberly Spencer (00:56:07) - Okay, so who was your favorite female character in a book or a movie?

Anna Rose (00:56:10) - And why are Lulu Dallas from The Fifth Element? 100%? It's like my favorite movie of all time, but I just she is the she is the literal, physical, spiritual embodiment of love and I believe is the feminine.

Anna Rose (00:56:24) - We all here to become love, be love, receive love and give love.

Kimberly Spencer (00:56:28) - So damn what you could do in the world.

Anna Rose (00:56:33) - You save the world through being love. Like come on.

Kimberly Spencer (00:56:38) - So that amazing what woman alive or alive in her time would you want to trade places with just for a day to be in her body? See how she experienced the world in her time.

Anna Rose (00:56:51) - I think the first woman that landed who I love is obviously Maya Angelou, but I just think. For me. I know it might sound corny or cliché or just I don't know, but for me I'm like, there is honestly no one else that I would rather be in the entire world but myself. And even if it was.

Kimberly Spencer (00:57:07) - Just for a day.

Anna Rose (00:57:09) - No, I think maybe, like, I would probably love to trade places with a man just to see what it's like to have a dick. Like, more than anything, let's be real. I'm like, if it's rapid fire, like, that's probably what I would not do.

Anna Rose (00:57:22) - But yeah, I mean, Maya Angelou I think was such I would love to feel the genius of her poetry, and I would love to understand like the depth of where that came from. But I also love the secrecy and magic of that.

Kimberly Spencer (00:57:36) - So what's your morning routine to set you up for success?

Anna Rose (00:57:40) - I wake up, I always say I eat, think, move, speak, fuck and self-care like I love myself. So for me, it's always it's an embodied practice of movement first and foremost, non-negotiable. No matter what. Even it might be a quick run. It could be a stretch. Whatever feels good. I always only follow what feels good and then my gratitudes some journaling and I read my compelling life vision statement. So the last that I am manifesting, calling for living in true is the very first thing that I read every single morning and then start my day.

Kimberly Spencer (00:58:12) - Yes. What's your nightly routine to set you up for a successful morning?

Anna Rose (00:58:17) - Always, always. Classical music as I shower by candlelight.

Anna Rose (00:58:21) - It's just the most beautiful, like nervous system unwinding regulation and then reading. And it's super simple. I just sometimes if I'm really wound up, I will always like put magnesium spray on the bottom of my feet, like just just beautiful things. But I'm also very sensual. So I'm big into I've got a beautiful self sensuality or, or coupled sensuality. I'm very into like cuddles and touching and I just think it's so stunning for our nervous system. So in a healthy, healed relationship, let me say that. Yes. But yeah. So sensuality of a night and a morning and always, yeah, always. Classical music with a candle like shower by candlelight. No lights in the house. So always only by like salt lamp or candle or lamp.

Kimberly Spencer (00:59:11) - That sounds amazing. I'm going to give that a try. That sounds awesome. What do you define to be your queendom?

Anna Rose (00:59:18) - For me, the meaning of my queendom is just a woman living in her true, sovereign, authentic power and living life so radically, authentically, and truthfully.

Anna Rose (00:59:29) - And as a woman who knows herself, trusts herself, backed herself, and lost herself. And from that, my entire life springs forth and I am creating an empire. So that is my kingdom.

Kimberly Spencer (00:59:43) - I have a feeling I'm going to know the answer to. I already know the answer to this question, but tickle my fancy. And how do you crown yourself?

Anna Rose (00:59:53) - Well, I crown myself through my self-love every single day and every single way. And I like, I like, I really do. It's like an anointment of self through myself. Practices of moving like I love myself, thinking like I love myself, speaking like I love myself, eating like I don't miss any fucking self-care. And I love myself. And every day that it's just that firm crowning of self pouring into myself, loving myself, knowing myself, trusting myself back in myself. And then from that, the world goes my own.

Kimberly Spencer (01:00:22) - Phenomenal. Phenomenal. I had a feeling that was.

Anna Rose (01:00:24) - What I was gonna be. I couldn't believe that.

Kimberly Spencer (01:00:27) - Surprised me. Like jumped out of a plane.

Anna Rose (01:00:29) - It's like, yeah.

Kimberly Spencer (01:00:31) - It has been such a pleasure having you on the podcast. And where can we find you? How can we work with you? How can we be a part and contribute to the empire that you're building?

Anna Rose (01:00:42) - I'm fly over and I'm just an Instagram gal, so come and play. I've got a website, I've got all the things, but it's all on my Instagram. So I run separate Instagrams for all of the companies. So if you're into crypto, it's it's all linked in my, my personal bio. So just come find me and then you'll find everything else but at the real underscore and arrows.

Kimberly Spencer (01:01:01) - Amazing. Thank you so much for being on the show and as always, own your throne. Mind your business because your reign is now.

Kimberly Spencer (01:01:09) - Thank you so much for tuning in today. If what you heard resonated with you, be sure to subscribe and start creating a bigger impact now by sharing this with a friend. Just by doing that one simple act of kindness, you are creating a royal ripple to support more people in their sovereignty.

Kimberly Spencer (01:01:24) - And if you're not already following on social media, connect with me everywhere at Crown Yourself Now for more inspiration. I am so excited to connect with you in the next episode, and in the meantime, go out there and create a body, business, and life that rules because today you crown yourself.

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