3 Podcast Interview Tips I WISH Podcasters Knew as a GUEST!

queen tv Apr 01, 2022

3 Podcast Interview Tips I WISH Podcasters Knew as a GUEST!

Podcast Interview Tips I WISH Podcasters Knew as a Guest // Learn how to profit from podcasting. Get on the waitlist for Communication Queens: https://crownyourselfcoaching.com/communication-queens-waitlist 

Preparing for a podcast isn’t just about asking the best interview questions. It, like every relationship, is about the entirety of the experience that you give your guests who come onto your podcast to do an interview. 

Just like with a first date, there are a whole lot of other engagements and interactions with a guest coming onto your show BEFORE they even get to the podcast interview (aka the “first date.”)

In this video, I break down the systems that a podcaster can have set up to do an interview-style podcast, including how to do a podcast interview on zoom, how to use calendly to schedule podcast interviews, podcast automation, and interview preparation tips, so that your podcast guests leave your interview LOVING the experience…and wanting to come back for more!

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0:00 - What to Expect…

1:35 - What is Form Fumbles?

3:18 - Why do you need to streamline your pre-production process?

4:42 - How can you ask better questions?

8:15 - What is Communication Queens?




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